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[From "Modernity's Ship of Fools, Including Emmanuel Macron"]

One can see clearly that Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s reaffirmation of hardened sinners in their lives of perdition is one of the many reasons that he[…]praises Martin Luther so much.

The French Revolution[…]was an open and undisguised revolution against God and all preexisting social order, resulting in the triumph of “Man” and his supposed “rights,”[…]the “reconciliation” celebrated by the “restorer of tradition,” Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI,[…]was nothing other than a reconciliation between Christ and Belial.
[…]Believing Mohammedans take the precepts of their false religion quite seriously, and those precepts teach them to kill to avenge their false “prophet.” Far too many Catholics in the world[…]enjoy blasphemous attacks on[…]everything to do with the Holy Faith.
The hubris of the French, so very certain that the tragedies that keep befalling their nation have nothing do with the direct consequence of the War on Christ the King that was begun on July 14, 1789[…], is astounding.
I want to do a few moments of your good Catholic time to part company with those of my fellow Catholics[…]who accept the fact of the papal vacancy since October 9, 1958, who do not believe that ordinary Catholics in the conciliar structures are members of the Catholic Church and thus do not merit to go to Heaven.[…]The victims of the Mohammedan terrorist attack in Nice[…]had a desire to practice that Holy Faith to the best of their ability[…].They were targeted for their Faith by the Mohammedan from Tunisia.
A Catholic king in France would have sought to convert the Mohammedans.[…]The contraception and abortion of the Holy Faith in this once great Catholic kingdom led French Catholics to practice contraception and to have abortions to such an extent that a need for non-French workers[…]arose.



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