Robert T. Lee #racist

Why do the Jews see Hitler as the greater monster when the Nazi regime did what it did in time of war, while America's murders exceed the Nazi in numbers and heinousness in time of peace?

All of the murdered persons in their embryonic and fetus stages are far more innocent than any one of the adult Jews who were put to death by Hitler. In fact, many of those Jews were high criminals. Why do the Jews not vent any anger towards and seek the punishment or death of legislators, leaders, the people who are members of abortion special interest groups and etc. who have been instrumental in having abortion legalized? Why do they not seek the punishment of abortion doctors and other who have and are participating in a Holocaust more heinous than that which took place by the hands of the Germans?[...]

If the Jews are God's favorite people, why are the vast majority of Jews in hell who have died? If they are god's favorite people and ninety-nine percent of all who have died are in hell, doesn't that indicate that satan was the god that favored them?



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