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What plagues or torments you? Family? Economy? Uncertainty? Crime and chaos in the streets? Political conditions?

When considering why they're most tormented, most people think in these general terms. Rarely do we consider going beyond the "general" to delve into the depths of the essential criteria; the foundations of our eternal being; the condition of our immortal soul and its relative torment.
In the soul, grotesque imaginations, unbelievable levels of heartbreak and insatiably demanding aggrievements are just some of the highly emotional manipulations that can take root. Our foe manipulates it all to torment us. But fundamentally, he seeks to exalt and cement a permanent structure dedicated to himself in our souls; that structure is the totem of unforgiveness!

Satan fully understands the eternal and unequivocal demand God has declared: We must forgive to receive His forgiveness. Dire eternal consequences result from our unforgiveness, and foremost is we will not receive God's forgiveness!
Critical race theory (CRT), liberation theology and Black liberation theology all share a fundamental diabolical characteristic; that characteristic is the tormenting plague: unforgiveness! Ask yourself: If you could rely on God's overflowing grace to truly forgive others for all of the purported aggrievements and pain due to "slavery in 1800's," "white supremacy," "systemic racism," cries of "white nationalism," "white privilege," "victim/oppressor paradigms" and resentment toward the Western world and religion, then could you still concurrently embrace CRT and liberation theology?

If you are sincere, the answer is no! Those idea movements thrive on aggrievement and resentment; they cannot exist without embracing and committing to unforgiveness. These neo-cultural movements are not merely a direct attack on our family, community, national sovereignty and religious foundations (by driving divisiveness and hate). They, more importantly, attack our very souls directly.



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