Various Incels #sexist

RE: RAGEFUEL for anyone who wants it

Do you think men can be incels? r/AskTruFemcels

(your personality)

Pretty sure this is just trolling

Didn’t read, fuck fem"cels”


considering how most men are completely invisible to women, im not surprised they'd think like this..and for every one cherrypicked example they can come up with, there's 10 equivalent examples with the genders reversed. also, women can't make up for having bad looks? they don't need to. even the ugliest of women can find a boyfriend.

P E R S O N A L I T Y Status? what status :feelshaha: also bitch i dont have money, im fucking unemployed

i like how the foid admits that they're attracted to money. goes to show what they think of men. (walking wallets). fucking whores.

IQ lower than temperature of Pluto. Statusmaxxing is cope. All it'll get you is 40 year old used up women looking to settle. Chads don't want her anymore so she'll settle for a betabuxxer for money and stability. She's not attracted to him so she'll cheat and divorce rape him whenever possible. Women are the choosers, as a result, women will only go for chad and ignore everyone else. To them, sub-8 men don't even exist. This is what creates so-called "femcels". "Femcels" are simply chadsexuals. This also means 90% of men get almost no female attention. For sub-5 men, either cope or go ER. No amount of statusmaxxing will make you a chad.

Only read 1 line and it proves Foids have no value to this world other than there holes. Delusional whore. I sincerely hope the foid that wrote this gets gangraped by fellow subhumans and left in a trash can outside a homeless shelter (in Minecraft).



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