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I am writing you to give you a short summary of what the actual legal status of Germany is in fact, there is no Germany, there is an area of land formerly know as Federal Republic of Germany and this area is part of a bigger area formerly known as the German Empire. And because of very recently published leaked discussions of Officers of the Bundeswehr, der German army, the Russians have now the legal right to simply quit and cancel the so called 4+2 contract, in which the end of the Russian occupation was decided and the so called Federal Republic of Germany then, so the general public was told, would grow a little by adding the area of the formerly know German Democratic Republic (DDR).
well… in the German Grundgesetz, the Basic Law (NOT a constitution!!), it is very clearly written: “the planning of an attack war is prohibited” so therefore, this member of German parliament openly in public and not by accident broke the law, the so called “constitution” and the 4+2-contract at the same time as it was nothing.

Therefore… the Russians could now legally (!!!) send their troops to Germany at ANY time without braking ANY international law.

On top of that, there are surely many Germans who would welcome them in order to get all the scumbags out of Berlin.
Such a basic law, a “Grundgesetz”, should therefore, as well as a constitution, determine to which area this substitution-law regulation refers, to which people and, as a result, actually regulate all that is necessary precisely for the intended purpose, namely the maintenance of public order.
So, what do we learn….

Germany is run by a small group of people of the top floors and in government there are a lot of gangsters.

The German people has suffered from those and they don’t have clue about it. They have paid literally hundreds of billions to wedontyetknowexactly.

And the german people don’t even have citizenship. Below the word “nationality” in the passport of every German there is written “German”



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