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Promoting the sexualisation, gender confusion and ABUSE OF CHILDREN.

Let’s keep making tranny gay drag kids fashionable so other kids can join in with the confusion and abuse for ATTENTION.

What could possibly go wrong???

Cancel Discovery, children shouldn’t discover such things that need to be kept private and dealt with privately until such a time as the child is a grown adult that has the COGNITIVE MATURITY to know what he or she is and wants.

There’s nothing even remotely loving or caring about supporting the LGBTQ movement. It hurts children and it hurts women. If you support it, that’s what you support, regardless of what you say.

The fear from these shows from my perspective is the glamorisation of being “different”. It’s one thing to encorage parents to love and support their kids no matter who they are, its another for the media to saturate kids with these shows so that is seems to promote “different” as better.
We know how it goes by now. Its better to be a woman than a man, its better to be black than white and now media is telling our kids its better to be gay than straight.

🌴 Obama in his term as President got in bed with these people & put into law approval of gay/lgbtq marriage.. he also established the mandate of the “hate crime” bill specifically aimed at anyone denouncing this perverted immoral, unnatural sexual relationships.
This is the results of a warped, perverted pedophilia transgender society attacking our children and families!!!
Obama also deliberately escalated racial divisions in our nation & continues his racist war!!
*Obama along with his other “Anti American” corrupt puppet master’s is in charge of our White House occupiers!!
**But their Time Is Coming To An End!!!
We Are Seeing God’s Army Rising Up & Strategically Exposing The Enemy & All Their Criminal Corruption!!
Their Defeat Is Eminent & Soon💪🏽🇺🇸



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