banevaderqqq #racist

I will argue that secularists are the one to blame for abolishing the Institution of slavery and the slave trade. The notion of all races being practical equals is not found in any religion,nay,it is fought there,so its of secular origin The feeble arguments against holding slaves are all humanistic,from the enlighent. In USA,the abolitionists unknowingly drank from the fountain of atheism while attacking slave holders. Race based chattel slavery was in particular vilified.

It is atheists who are to blame for the end of the rights of some men to hold others slave.

OldWolf2642: What? Are you attributing a negative connotation to the end of slavery?
Perhaps English is not your first language? Some other reason you chose that particular word? Maybe it is I who am reading it wrong. Surely you cannot be suggesting that ending that abhorrent practice was bad.

banevaderqqq: i AM atrributing a negative connotation to it. Slavery is a natural institiution which grow up with humans all along until certain thinkers tried to skrew things up for slave holders. Look at Haiti,once a prosperous land,ruined when slavery ended and now a third world wreackage.



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