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[When you claim that vaccines cause autism,
despite countless studies that point to the contrary.]

According to who exactly? Oh, that's right, the same people who are SELLING THE PRODUCT. Couldn't possibly be true that a trillion-dollar industry is lying, right? Nor could it possibly be true that the CDC is lying either, hey?

It's not like the CDC hasn't been exposed as corrupt already, and run by crooks.

It came out in a USA Congressional Hearing that the CDC was lying about the MMR vaccine, that they destroyed the evidence even when their own studies showed that the MMR was linked to Autism!

Most of what the public is told about vaccines is unscientific, science-denying propaganda. (Dr. Toni Bark vs low information

The scientific reality is that there no studies that refute the link between Autism and vaccines. It's just claimed to be lots of them, but in reality there are none.

Not one study exists which actually clears vaccines of any link with Autism nor any other form of neurological injury that has been linked to vaccines. I have seen misrepresented studies aplenty. I have seen attempts to mislead. I have seen the CDC and various pharma lobby types trying to pretend that a study totally clears vaccines, and I have seen that every time so far, none of those studies so presented really show what the pro-vaccine industry folks claim that they do.

I have seen studies and fools claiming that because they found no link between MMR and Autism, that "all" vaccines are not connected to Autism. This lie of theirs *FAILS LOGIC!*

I have seen studies and fools claiming that because they found no link between Thimerosal in vaccines and Autism, - while ignoring that the Thimerosal was replaced by another experimentally proven neurotoxin (Aluminium) - that all vaccines are not connected to Autism. Yet again, this lie of theirs *FAILS LOGIC!*

Then there are studies that pretend it's only the MMR and/or Thimerosal, again ignoring the Aluminium. You just got another big dead elephant in the living room.

Thimerosal still is used in some vaccines, it was removed from 'most' vaccines, but not 'all' vaccines. Aluminium salts are neuro-toxic as well, and are now widely used in vaccines. So, your line ["When you claim that preservatives which have not been used in almost any vaccine since before you were born have damaged your child,"] is not sticking with the truth. I can cite plentiful peer reviewed studies showing how dangerous these are. The CDC lies and pretends that Thimerosal is safe despite admitting to the FDA that there was too much mercury in the shots. Which is why it was removed from most of the vaccines in the 1990s, then replaced with the aluminium. Both are neuro-toxic, so replacing one with the other doesn't make vaccines safer at all. There's a common furphy among pro-vax nutters claiming you can get more aluminium from food, it's utterly stupid to claim and a lie; only 0.3% of the aluminium in food will get into your bloodstream through the digestion system. Pro-vax websites are often pushing propaganda instead of science. Can't let that trillion dollar industry suffer any loss in profits, can we?

The pro-vaccine industry folks will argue that correlation doesn't equal causation when it shows vaccines are harmful, but claim correlation does equal causation when they want to claim vaccines reduced disease. Can't have it both ways, make up your bloody minds!

The devastating truth is that there is not even one peer reviewed scientific study with randomised double-blind testing with control groups of totally unvaccinated versus vaccinated that shows vaccines work at all.

You’re all just running on faith in the advertising. You believe in "authority" without verifying the authority's claims. Your "authority" is often corrupt. There's too much MONEY involved.

By the way, there's a huge difference between "Intelligent Design" and "Creationism". You wrongly conflate the two as if everyone who questions the mainstream is only a Christian and no other beliefs or scientific views exist. That's just plain ignorant. The logic of claiming that disease proves people weren't created by something or someone doesn't work either. The Zoroastrians believe that the world was created for evil purposes, for example. It could also be argued that an "intelligent designer" was trying their best, but wasn't perfect or perhaps not aiming at perfection. The argument is flawed.



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