RUreallyInclusive #fundie

Exactly. The WaPo actually had a writer/Mom take her kid on college tours a few years back. They visited a very "exclusive" college (most expensive US college usually). The student tour guide was asked about diversity. She replied, "There is none, In thought." The same groupthink echo chamber, but the real issue is the suppression of faculty speech, to be nearly uniformly pro-Democratic and liberal. Private colleges, as in private business, do not enjoy 1st Amendment privileges in their employment. The faculty can be as openly biased as they choose. It seems to be at a tipping point. I can't help but blame the Obama DOJ and DOE for many egregious actions to swiftly attack any dissenters in these environs. It elected Trump in part. Interesting. The current trend of judicial activism is paralleled by policy at schools. It's far easier to strike down a "ban" than it is to address the myriad of "guidelines" and speech monitors (a formal group at many campuses). It doesn't just take WikiLeaks to reveal Dem efforts to carry out social engineering through court appointments, but in claims on "safety." Trigger warnings, "safe" spaces that exclude whites, groups marching in libraries (of all places) cornering white students and forcing them to chant "Black Lives Matter." It's outrageous behavior, but safely conducted because faculty and administration do not punish the doers, and often create "sanctuaries" for them and their leaders. Of course, in the name of 'safety.'



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