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Y'all may notice I quote a lot of movies, or reference them. This is because I watch a LOT of movies. For this very reason. Movies and television are more like research to me than anything else. Even if it is fiction, they almost ALWAYS contain messages, communications, and programming that the conscious mind will almost always miss. But this is fine, because when it comes to karma clearing and predictive programming - those doing the programming don’t need your conscious mind to understand. All that is required is that the subconscious has accepted the information.
Karma Clearing is the process of divulging your intentions to the unaware in order to receive the “blessings”, or energy from the dark entity you wish to please through way of lies, deception and darkness. One of [their] favorite ways to do this is through television and movies, as it can always be passed off as “fiction”, ya know - “Oh you’re crazy! That was only a movie!”.

What’s important here is that in order for [them] to facilitate the demented plans they’ve been carrying out on society for eons, they need to tell us what they are going to do. They need to “clear their karma”, or energy, so that what they are doing is already known, whether it be conscious or subconscious isn’t relevant. All that matters is that in some form; [they] tell us what they are gonna do. And I promise - ya bring up any major habbening for the past 50 years, and I’ll show you an example of karma clearing.

To add on, (and this statement may be the most vital in this whole article), however - it DOES NOT MATTER if you believe this. What matters is that [they] believe it.



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