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[About speaking other languages in public]

In America while away from your own home, regardless of where you are, people are talking loud enough to hear the conversation. How am I supposed to know that they are not making fun of me, plotting a crime, or whatever ,when all I hear is a language I do no understand. First requirement for a citizen should be learn the language or leave. I am very uncomfortable in this situation. to be aware of what is going on around you is to keep safe, the Wal mart here in my home town in Iowa is full of foriegn speaking people all the time. Should WM hire 20 or 30 different language speaking people just to even this out? I don't think so, my neice in Calif was told to learn Spanish or her teaching position would be taken from her, she had 15 years at that school. this is America, and we are losing our identity. if I could do it , I would refuse to let a dollar of my taxes be spent in second language courses, unless they were the elective ones.



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