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It’s been on my mind for quite some time, yet I’m baffled as to how we humans still have confidence in ourselves when we’ve been played by the Jews, the very victims who were killed at the hands of the Nazis, have screwed the world over. What’s worse is that whoever tries to tell them after discovering this, they’ll get dismissed.

This gaves off a sinister implication the majority are not aware of:

The Jews have a subversive influence in The United States and the rest of the world. The worst part is that most people are being kept ignorant of this through the education system. It’s ambiguous that the Jews themselves have set up the entire event with the Nazis just to get more influence; I don’t have evidence to confirm this, but my hunch is that the Jews have involved themselves and set up past conflicts in human history. In fact, there are of this namely:

What is described above about the education system.
Jews getting the largest amount of lobbying from the US.
They seem to have financially suffer the least out all the racial communities.
Crimes committed by them have been seldomly covered in the media to present the illusion of equality. In addition, the sentences in court tend to less severe towards Jew as opposed to everyone else.
For those who are hopeful of the idea that that there are good Jews around this world, I’ll ask you this: Have they faked their goodness at some point just to obtain resources from you? If this is the case, that is most unfortunate for you and me. Even if those Jews behaved well in public, it’s only to mask a more sinister ulterior motive, whatever that may be. If there is good and evil in everyone, what is stopping the Jews from feigning concern for our fellow humans? An audience? As a certain Italian diplomat once said in a book:

Everyone sees what you appear to be. Few experience what you really are.
Eyes can be deceiving, especially when Jews are involved, as they have been known to commit usury in the past. Worse still is that Donald Trump, the current President of the US, has more Jews voting for him than anyone else. I’m relieved I didn’t participate in the election, as voting for Hillary, like some would prefer, would not make the difference they seek anyway.

I will be blunt: Letting the Jews into our countries was a huge mistake, as they’ll play a big role in the destruction and ruin of the economy of not just the US, but a unknown amount of countries as well. The fact that the Jews, who suffered at the hands of the Nazis, have made fools of the most confident professionals in the world in the 20Th century, and yet humanity still shows faith that they can change despite their past deceptions. Just why are having so patience for something just to prove some lofty philsophy? We’ve given them so many chances, all of which they’ve blown. If this is about believing in Karma or a superstition from India or another country known for it’s philosophy, or some sort of ‘universal backlash’,

In the words of a certain caped crusader: “Criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot.” I’m inclined to add this to the statement “And so are heroes, cowardice notwithstanding.”



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