TJ #fundie

I called C.A.I.R...the council on American-Islamic Relations...
I left a message wondering why these muslims could not pray quietly, in their day the planes and airports are gonna hear the "muslim call to prayer" go out over loudspeakers and everybody is suppossed to drop to their prayer mat , face mecca and pray to allah...HOGWASH>..they'll have to behead me first....We've already got a former catholic turned muslim elected to congress...the final quest....A MUSLIM FLAG FLYING FROM THE WHITEHOUSE......Europe is nearly there !!!!

These guys were properly checked out and kudos to the ALERT WOMANj who noticed this insanity!! Pairing off....going to other seats..OH YEAH...BIG RED FLAG....staty alert, AMerica...another 9-11 is just waiting to happen!!



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