Glenn88 #fundie

Your ignorance is showing, since you don't consider Fox a legitimate source of news. A typical leftie response. It's not legitimate because it doesn't espouse your point of view. That would make the Wall St. Journal non-legit as well, I suppose. Oh wait. You don't read that rag because it's only about evil, capitalist business, which of course it is not. As regards white supremacists. People can support whomever they choose. Why no comment on black racists and Muslim anti-Zionists supporting Hillary? Who exactly are the "many sensible people" you mention? Roger Waters? Vanessa Redgrave? Stephen Hawking? Putting a little meat on your plate won't change the fact that you are wrong, but at least it could validate why you feel the way you do. When you hear news you don't like you ignore it.



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