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1996 my beloved wife cast out her first demon. It was on the eve of the beginning of their final exams. She was summoned to the library because one the Scripture Union members had gone mad.

As the chairperson of the group the school held her responsible for what was happening. It was a dicey situation as the group meetings risked being banned by the authorities.

The mad boy was causing a scene running all over the school premises, beating up students in a feat of uncontrollable demonic rage. Somehow the S.U members managed to subdue him and drag him to an empty room amidst screams, kicks, and blows.

Everyone then turned and looked at my wife since she was the chairperson of the group. In retrospect she says she had no choice on what to do since she was the leader of the group. She acted in spite of her fears and declared, “Come out in the name of Jesus!”

Taking a cue from their courageous leader the other students also joined in the battle. She wrestled with lunatic spirits until the young man was delivered.

The boy wrote his exams, went to university and eventually graduated with flying colours.

Let’s draw a few lessons from this encounter:

Lesson # 1: The devil’s aim will always be destruction
It’s instructive that the demons manifested on the eve of final exams; they wanted to destroy the boy’s future. They clearly didn’t want him to write his exams. They didn’t want him to be a productive citizen. Demons are anti-progress forces. Their mandate has always been to steal, kill, and destroy.

Lesson # 2: The devil is a weak and defeated foe indeed
Note that the first demon that my wife ever cast in her life was a demon of madness! Now think about that for a second. This girl had never driven out an evil spirit before but she started with a fairly big fish. Don’t be scared of the devil and his demons; they were long defeated by the cross of Christ.

Lesson # 3: Deliverance ministry is for the courageous
My warrior wife (how’s that for bragging?) acted fearlessly in a very dangerous situation. Courage is not the absence of fear but acting in the presence of fear. She trusted God and His word without wavering hence she attained victory. Deliverance ministry is not for cowards and the fearful.

Lesson # 4: Deliverance ministry is not a spectator sport
Note that the whole S.U group got involved in the deliverance of their fellow member. Some helped to catch him when he was running amok while some restrained him when he was receiving ministry. Some joined in ordering the demons out.

After tasting the sweetness of victory over dark forces my wife has moved on and cast many more evil spirits thereafter. I have also been doing my bit for over twenty years helping countless people out of the clutches of the enemy. How about you? When are you going to claim your first demon scalp for the Lord? How many scalps do you have under your belt? How many people have you helped free from the evil and merciless torment of Satan? What is stopping you from getting involved in freedom ministry?
I love you with bondage-breaking love!



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