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[Blackpill] Singapore is becoming gigacucked

It seems like a nice place to move to for work since everyone speaks English and its not a shithole.

As you know Singapore is already cucked because it forced all its men to do mandatory military service and waste two years of their time. Meanwhile they get all these white expats to get the actual good jobs. The foids get 2 year advantage in building their careers while fucking the white expats on the side.

However I read up on article that now Singapore wishes it could be like the good old days where it got cucked by white guys.

Now its getting cucked by curries instead. Not even by locally born curries. But by mainland curries.

What is happening is Singapore issues a lot of foreign visa to get curries from India to come to Singapore to work because they think their local talent cannot do these jobs. The problem is you end up having cases like DBS bank where the boss is a curry who isn't even a local Singaporean. And naturally they will favour their own and import more curries from India to work instead of local singaporeans.

Basically this is another H1B visa issue like you see in America. Except its much worse coz curries aren't here to do shitty code monkey work. They're gonna become your boss even though they never stepped one foot in Singapore before.

The government will try to deny it. But there's a reason ethnic tensions are building there. Singaporeans are getting cucked out of the job market by Curries who aren't even born on local soil.

So if you see Singaporean posters here who seem very pissed off, you have to understand they have a good reason to be. Feminism has already cucked them and now they're about to be cucked again. And to those who think everything is fine, whats the point of living in denial? You're defending a country that treats you like a slave, let the foids overpower you and now are surrendering the power to foreigners.



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