Arthas93 #crackpot #sexist

RE: [Serious] Most of women are socially retarded and would be incels if they were men

Foids can't even deal with other foids. It's like psychopaths talking with each other. No social skill, they just lie and fake everything and wait for their pussy pass to solve the situation in their favor.

Foids say they hate talking to foids for this reason. They can't pull out the pussy card on them.

Strange really. They, sometimes, help each other. For example, if an ugly men is falsely accused of sexual harassment. All the foids will join forces and lie, just to fuck with his life. But when their interests come into conflict, they will fight. Often using beta cucks and normies as pawns.

Their eyes would "scan" the other persons face first, Isolate the Expression and then mimic it.

You are on point. High IQ. I have seen that behavior in person, it's disturbing. They look at the face of whoever is dominant in a talk and try to mimic it. Not only the facial expression, but they pretty much try to emulate the entire behavior, gestures, etc. They don't even try to play it cool, they just copy the person like a bad actor or a robot. Back in the day mentalcels would whine about how hard it is for them to fit together with the normies. And how they often try and mimic Chad/celebrity behavior because normies kept telling them to "have Confidence™". I guess it's something like that. Foids try to emulate humans because it's their chance at fitting in within the normies. But I don't know how that work between the foids themselves. Can't they tell when the other foid is mimicking them, or they don't care?



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