Guy McClung #fundie

OK-Let's go with "common sense restrictions" on a constitutional right. Makes sense, right? Who could be against "common sense"? No commonsensical person could object to "common sense" restrictions on personal liberty, could they? Nope - unless it is a sacred "right" that the left, the liberals, the democrats, and martxists and the communists say is, drum roll please, ABSOLUTE. And the written 2nd Amendment personal right o bear arms is NOT an Absolute right. But for the liberals, democrats, etc, there is an ABSOLUTE right-the court-created "right" to abortion. Common sense for everything else, but no common sense re efforts to common sensically protect women undegoing abortions. Oh, yes, the Gun Ban Set, want to "make sense": they simply want "common sense" restrictions on a fundamental right expressly listed in the Bill Of Rights from the founding of the country - a right that makes it possible for individuals to get together and get rid of a tyrant [it is NOT the right to hunt and protect one's home, although that is included]. And it was this 2nd Amendment right to bear arms that made it possible in the south post-civil war for blacks to have guns to protect them from the KKK. But what happens when we ask for commons sense restrictions on the court-created "right to abortion?" Oh no, that right is sacrosanct and absolute-tell parents that their 14 year old daughter is being taken by a Planned Parenthood thug for a secret abortion via "judicial bypass" - No way! Have the usual laws and regulations in place which common sense demands for the protection of a mother during an abortion just like any other surgical procedure? No way! Have all statutory rapes reported, including those of which Planned Parenthood becomes aware every day? No way, my body, my self. Have Planned Parenthood businesses save the evidence of the statutory rapes-the DNA of the babies-DNA which could later lead to the fathers rather than the state having to pay for the abortions and/or for child support if there are further rapes? No way! And the Democrat party - which tugs at our heartstrings for "common sense" re guns? Their platform makes it clear - they will "oppose" any and all restrictions on the absolute right to abortion. Common sense for the goose is not common sense for the gander. The KKK has morphed into the DDD [democrat death dealers] and Margaret Sanger is laughing in hell that there have been only about 4500 lynchings in all US history, but Planned Parenthood and its cohorts are killing about 12,000 minority babies a week in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. And Hillary who celebrates abortion says under her regime there will be no restrictions of this ABSOLUTE right. Guy McClung, San Antonio



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