nonpenishaver #sexist

Female blackpill vs male blackpill

Female blackpill: realizing you are completely surrounded by people who have zero empathy for you, will never see you as a human, who at best want to use you as a disposable fleshlight, at worst get off to causing actual physical harm to you. realizing women will never have power in this world because of biology and there's zero you can do about it. misogynistic incel religions like Islam will eventually take over the world as backlash against women gaining rights.

Male blackpill: attractive men get to have more sex than unattractive men! 😱😱 MAJOR BLACKPILL! Western civilization is headed for COLLAPSE because I don't get Tinder matches! I'm a DOOMER because I'm almost out of highschool and didn't get to fuck the hottest girls in school. It's OVER.



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