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RE: According to The Guardian, it is now suspicious to show how almost 100% kids in your country look like...


They do realize politics is often like a pendulum so the more they crank the rhetoric about race one way the more it may swing the other if there is ever countermovememt. And if they know even the slightest thing about Europe they should know that prodding at racial tensions will end in massive bloodshed.

That level of foresight would first require that they pull their heads out of their asses, and since that would subject them to all of those icky opinions of people who are obviously wrong, they won't do it.

But supposing for a moment that they could do that, look ahead and see the prospective consequences of their extreme ideology? They wouldn't care. Because it would mean that all their incessant claims about white supremacy being everywhere would be validated

News-flash, not EVERY nation on the entire planet is a "melting pot". Many countries will have people who all look the same.

Yeah, it's funny how they never seem to complain about Asian countries, or Arab countries having people who look similar.

Yet you won't ever hear them complaining about the shocking lack diversity in Nigeria or Japan or India.

Its like taking a trip to India, and complaining about all the 'foreigners'.

Actually you hear a lot about the lack of diversity in Japan.

You'll never hear them complaining about the shocking lack of diversity and shithole countries but they will always complain about the lack of diversity in nice developed countries with working utilities.


This is the face of the numpty who wrote that.

I find it really sad that some white people are developing self hatred to the point of irrationality. Imagine hating yourself so much you complain about there being too many whites in Poland while you're giving live updates on a soccer game.



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