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StIlL NoT As BaD As ThE CaPiToL RiOtS

I mean what did they expect? When you attack the government even a minor amount, did they expect the government to forgive, forget, and not care? Of course the government would be out for a vengeance, every fucking government out there is like that.

yet nobody talks about the BLM "peaceful protests" that caused literally BILLIONS of dollars in damages

it's funny. BLM riots literallybtook multiple government and municipal buildings hostage and killed something like 25-30 people, including a handful of legit assassinations, meanwhile the iNsUrReCtIoN resulted in the absolute slaughter of only 1 PROTESTER and a couple accidental deaths of people climbing the walls or some shit. By this I mean BLM killed other people, and the MAGA crowd only posed a serious danger to themselves...

You don't see Congress having hearings over the BLM riots, do you? Why do you suppose that is? Nobody is saying that the BLM riots is an excuse for the Capitol riots but why is no one being charged in the BLM riots? Why did politicians actually raise bail money for the BLM rioters? Where is the accountability on the left? There is none. Most right leaning people I know want the Capitol rioters punished for their stupidity. Can you show me anyone on the left that's pushing for the BLM people to be punished? " To the left there is no such thing as "Equality under the law" which is ironic since all you hear from the left is screeching about equality.

Calling this a coup is ridiculous. I wouldn't call Juan Guaido standing with 5 deserted soldiers by his side a coup, and that was a gazillion times more serious than a few clowns strolling into a parliament. There was a successful coup in Ukraine in 2014. That's what coups look like, not a few suburban moms taking selfies after the cops let them into a parliament during non-visit hours.

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You will regret helping and eventually shelter [refugees from Afghanistan]. Once they feel comfortable, they will start being the pieces of shitty people they are. Guarateed

[In response to someone defending them] Good. Let them know your address and tell us how did it go in one year. You just talking but don't know how shitty these people are.

Once they start feeling safe and comfortable, they will demand you to adapt to their life style, but in a violent primitive way. These people are equal to pest. We must realize, accept and act on it.

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Last year in Dec 2017 I reached a point where even fapping didn't give me any pleasure. I was over it. Nothing could really satisfy me in this mean life. But then something happened. This may sound weird to you but it's real to me. I cried out to God. In a glimpse, the love of God consumed me, filled my voids, I felt as if I am not alone. The presence of God was so much in my room that everything that fell apart was brought together. I felt loved by the one who died on the cross for me and rose again.
This is not any achievement. But it's the greatest battle I've every won in my lifetime. And you can too.

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Attractive bodies are not permanent. Lust is a sin. And with every single other picture, trying to satisfy your sin, you are falling deeper, and deeper into devils throat, away from Fathers sight. How long does it take to be in complete darkness, and, how will you find the light? Look at yourself, look at your naked soul, tangled in your own decisions, in your own will. Who are you going to blame, before the Fathers eye? Parents, sad life? No dear, you can blame only yourself and your decisions. There's no more corners to hide, no more shoulders to cry on. Face it. Face it and change your behaviour. You still have a time.

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i disagree though, Literally, Religion indeed made by Human, BUT the Concept is NOT from Human, When God taughts his Prophets and Messengers it' not called a "Religion", but it was a way of Life/ How to become a Good Human, taught them Technology, without Prophets or Messengers, Human will stay in Cave by now. There is no Fucking way that Human can Develop Technology until now except by the Hand of God(Prophets, Messengers, Intelectuals, Scientist).

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No matter what you believe in op its clear, "every knee will bow, every tongue shall confess He is king"
That's can be a very fearful thought translating into anger , resentment, or any kind if disbelief towards Him.
Or it can be satisfying, especially for His followers, the ones that obey His command. I can't wait for that day. Not because "I'm perfect" far from it. But that's why our 'ticket to heaven' isn't granted to us by good works, but by obedience.
Questioning God is like a piece of pottery questioning the creator of the pottery. What right does it have? The creator has every right to do whatever it so chooses.
& instead of thanking the creator, it blames him for everything wrong