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3D Earth is in a huge mess... and has been this way for the last 12,500 years when the Galactic Federation installed the current Lunar Matrix that trapped the regressives on Earth. Prior to this event the Galactic Federation had been battling for thousands of Earth years (linear time confined to Earth consciousness) in and beyond our Solar System. This battle resulted in the destruction of life on the surface of Venus and Mars in addition, the total destruction of the planet called Taymat that some have called Meldak that is now our asteroid belt. The regressives had lured the Galactic Federation mainly the Pleiadean Defense Forces onto Taymat that was a water covered planet that would have made a perfect Headquarters and stronghold for the regressive reptilian races. The result of which the Pleiadeans detonated a nuclear device that destroyed Taymat.

Earths Gravity drew a deluge of water from Taymat onto the planet that has been referred to as The Great Flood. The regressive reptilians escaped to Earth loosing most of their technology. <...>

Meantime, the Lunar Frequency generator would prevent the reptilians escape. Up until this time Earth was lower 5D, however, once the frequency generators were powered up, Earth was locked down into a narrow frequency band the limits of which is the Van Allen Belt. The Dominant frequencies generated by the Lunar Matrix prevent Ascension back into the natural biological state of 5D. When the Lunar Matrix was installed there were many Lyrian descendants from both Atlantis and Lemeria that were also trapped on Earth inside the 3D Matrix, many of which now have reincarnated and are Starseeds.