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A picture of two crudely drawn guys.

One, wearing black, scrawny, frowning, and labeled “Virgin Incel”:

* calls anyone with the slightest romantic/sexual experience 'normies', is basically running a cult

* likes aspects of modern degenerate society other than not getting laid himself

* makes bizarre and phantasmagorical theories on what society should do, like blinding newborn females, never does anything about it irl

* most violent act against women is throwing coffee at one and trying to infect the other with the flu virus

* rarely and vaguely talks about feminism, and obsesses with looks, thus missing the real issue

* remove all the women from their communities, even ones that agree with him on some issues and have experience and education, simply because they are women

* turns every Incel platform he visits into a cesspool

* hates all women everywhere and at any time period because he lacks any knowledge of the world

* calls other cucks for allowing women to post and not being in a cult but has the same opinions on age of consent and rape as mainstream society

The other, labeled “chad caamib”, is visible muscular, has a big crotch bulge, wears bright red, and seems happy:

* Allows noncels and even married people to post on his Incel platforms, knowing their experience, knowledge, and wisdom are often greater than 19-year-old NEET virgins

* Bans people who equate Incel to merely a lack of sex, always accentuates the importance of finding a good wife

* Was interviewed for several newspapers and scientific magazines throughout the years

* Saw a lot of attempted outright defamation, simply gave the trolls someone else's info and was never harmed in any way or removed any of his writings

* Proudly and openly calls for the killing of feminists and leftists, knowing that there is no real improvement without this

* Blackmailed women for sex by calling their home handlines, impregnated a schizophrenic woman with his baby, raped several women he didn't even know and proud of all of this

* Deservedly hates modern Western women for being scum but knows that female behavior is influenced by culture and that there are good women in strictly patriarchal societies

* Openly claims all modern Western females of any age should be raped, would proudly sleep with any girl 12 or older