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Here are some clever questions to ask atheists who believe in evolution. You can ask these questions to the YouTube atheists such as Thunderf00t and AronRa, and you can just copy and paste these questions on an atheist chatboard. When they fail to come up with an explanation to these questions, always reference them to John 3:16 and the Truth about The Creation from the Genesis Account (The best selling book about our origins and science in America)! Also be sure to tell them that Jesus loves them, and spread tell them about the Gospels. The atheists will soon come into the light and the blood of Christ.

1. If Evolution is true, then why do scientists call it a theory?

2. If evolution is true, then why can’t I evolve wings when I want to?

3. Have you heard of the man prints that have been found with dinosaur tracks in Texas?

4. If the T.rex was a meat eater, then why do its teeth look as if they were created for crushing coconuts and raking leaves?

5. Why has Richard Dawkins become afraid to challenge Ray Comfort and other Christians in debates?

6. Should we stop going to church, steal, rape, go to strip bars, and do other sins if it is true that we came from monkeys?

7. Why are there still monkeys today if we came from monkeys?

8. Why can’t we see monkeys give birth to humans in the zoos?

9. Did you know that the Piltdown Man was a hoax?

10. If the birds came from dinosaurs, then why have we not seen any fossils that prove that Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and T.rex flew? After all, how could the T.rex take off to the air with those tiny arms?

11. Why was Richard Dawkins stumped by creationists when he was asked a simple question?

10. How did the Grand Canyon form?

11. Have you seen a pocketwatch, a painting, an airplane, or a soda can spontaneously form by itself from a junkyard?

12. Are you aware that there are gaps in the fossil record?

13. How could a dog-like creature that was swimming all of a sudden turn into a whale?

14. If the scientific community agrees with everyone about evolution, then why are they divided? For example, many scientists claim we came from monkeys, but people like Lawrence Krauss and Carl Sagan claim we came from star stuff.

15. How can evolution be true if Ray Comfort demonstrated it to be false with a banana?

16. How did some fish all of a sudden decide to walk on land?

17. If evolution is true, then how can it explain our human emotions, gravity, angular momentum, sunsets, or other phenomena we see everyday?

18. Did you know that Communism and Nazism were inspired by evolution?

19. Why has there been no “Missing Link” found by the scientific community for human evolution, bird evolution, whale evolution, or any other evolution claim?

20. Why are there no transitional fossils found if evolution is true?

21. Why is the Coelocanth considered a living fossil and proven to not have changed over these millions of years if evolution is true?

22. How did something complex like the eye or a leaf form?

23. Did you know racism started after Darwin published his Origin of Species?

24. Why do we see no half-human half-monkeys, crocoducks, or fronkeys today if evolution is true?

25. How can we come to understand Christ if we believe in evolution?

26. Did you know that believing in evolution is responsible for racism, pornography, lies, sins, homosexuality, and other sins?

27. Does God matter if we should believe in evolution?

28. How did the planets and stars all of a sudden form by the Big Bang explosion?

29. Why should we consider rape to be wrong if we should believe in evolution?

30. If mutations for evolution are good, then why are they bad for us, such as sickle cell anemia?

31. If evolution is true, why is it not mentioned in the bible?

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Martin Baker and Jim Solouki #fundie creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

Michael Jackson in Hell!

Dear friends,

Did you know that Michael Jackson is burning in Hell right now and that he is Satan’s favorite plaything? That’s right, the “King of Pop” or “King of Rock n’ Roll”, is now the King of HELL. He used his music to corrupt the young generation into sin, and he is now paying for it.

Michael Jackson used to be a follower of the Mormon Church, and he believed in the cult idea of going from black to white to be cleansed of sin. Besides following the cult’s abominable ideas, he also worshiped Darwinism. As you can see, he continuously bleached his skin to make himself appear white. He believed that he was evolving into a white male as he bleached his skin and continued to follow the Mormon Church and Darwinism.

What else did Michale Jackson do to glorify Darwin? He transformed his God-given looks by using plastic surgery and removed part of his nose to make himself look like a monkey. Charles Darwin would have used Jackson’s transformation as evidence of the “Missing Link”!

Besides worshiping Darwin, Michael Jackson also hosted pajama sleepover parties with nine year old boys in his mansion. That’s right, just like the very best of the Catholic Church, he traumatized them for his own homosexual acts. Michael Jackson was also good at luring the boys with his own theme-park called “Neverland”. Instead of being promised all the riches and candy from the park, the boys were all Jackson’s playthings to satisfy his sexual favors.

While being a billionaire, Jackson was clever to use all his money to save himself from being incarcerated by the Justice System. It is well known that he was raping the children, but he had very crooked lawyers and corrupt judges to cheat the Justice System. Michael Jackson could walk in the courtroom, dressed in pajamas, and enjoy cheating the system.

As the “King of Pop”, Jackson corrupted the youth with songs of vulgar content that easily offend God. His song titled “Beat it” supported ungodly masturbation, “I’m Bad” is about being a sinner, and his song “Thriller” supported paganistic rituals. Heck, he even glorified the ungodly rituals in a music video.

Being lead astray from God and worshipping all the money, darwinism, homosexual acts, and fame as his own god, Michael Jackson knew his time was coming up and that Hell was unavoidable. He knew everyday that the time was getting closer and closer and that he could have been saved, but he pretended that he could still get away with this and that Satan was his true god. On the day that he used his recreational drugs as a mockery to God, he passed away and was dragged to the depths of Hell. Being rich could not have saved his life as Jesus made it clear that a rich man can never enter the gates of Heaven. Instead of doing the Christian thing by feeding the needy, he fed the greedy and is burning in Hell for it!

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Jim Solouki #conspiracy creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

it funny how the Muslim Obama looks almost like Osama? In fact, their names are only one letter apart. Not only that, both have set out to destroy America. Under the Obama presidency, we saw bin Laden “killed” by the US Military, only to find out that no photographs of his body were released and that no proof of his death is anywhere to be found. Wake up sheeple. Obama and Osama are the same person,

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Jim Solouki and Martin Baker #fundie creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

Did you know that God is punishing Malaysia still for their tolerance of prostitution, homosexuality, and heathenism? The first time God took down a Malaysian airline plane, the world watched in horror. The plane still hasn’t been found and probably never will be. God has sent the plane to the bottom of the ocean as a way to punish the sinners in Malaysia. The Malaysians did not listen, and now God has allowed a second Malaysian airlines plane to crash.

How many times do I have to warn you, Malaysia, that you have invited the wrath of God? How many more Malaysians must die before you repent? How many more examples does God have to make before you reject sin and embrace Jesus? I suggest that we all join in prayer, a prayer for Malaysian repentance. It is only by rejecting sin and heathen beliefs and by embracing Jesus that Malaysia will escape further destruction.

Don’t cry for the families of the “victims” either. They need this example so that they might be brought closer to Jesus the Christ. If their family members died as Christians, they are in heaven as we speak. If they did not, then they’re burning in Hell. It is a choice that they made in this life that will have profound effects on them in the next. Let the families take the deaths of their loved ones as a reminder that life is fleeting and that we need Jesus NOW!

While the loss of lives is a tragedy, perhaps this is the example that Malaysia needs to finally break their dependence on heathen beliefs and lead them closer to Jesus. Let us lead Malaysia away from heathen ungodly beliefs! Let us take back Malaysia for Christ!

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Jim #fundie creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

Africa: The Cursed Continent

Did you know that the continent of Africa, and its people, bear the curse of its historical past? The Africa of today is a colonial wasteland, covered by poor black people killing poor black people in a post-slavery world. If God loves us, then why are so many Africans starving or victims of violence? The answer is a simple one. Africa is cursed.

Do not forget that Egypt is located in Africa. What happened in Egypt? Pharoah enslaved GOD’s people. God’s people were kept in bondage in Egypt against their and God’s will, and the plagues of Egypt have since expanded to cover the entire continent. 10 plagues and a historical curse.

Slavery in Africa was God’s punishment for the Egyptian enslavement of the Hebrew people. Want to enslave God’s people? Fine. Just expect your people to be enslaved as compensation at a later historical date. I would guess that many of the money handlers surrounding the African slave trade were, in fact, Jews. This suggests a form of reparation divinely instituted by God. And isn’t it funny that African slaves were brought to America, a nation built on Biblical beliefs? The system itself reflects God’s benevolent way.

What about blackness? Why are Africans black? Simple. The curse of Ham. Don’t know what the curse of Ham is? Then you’re not a true Christian. Read the Bible more closely, and pay special attention to the story of Noah and his family. THings will soon make sense to you.

So why is Africa destitute? The answer is simple: because God wants it to be. Ever notice that the areas in the world (Africa, Indonesia, Iran, etc) with the fewest civil rights are all MUSLIM in faith? Islam is also an affront to God, and God is justly punishing its practitioners by taking away their rights. God is all powerful and all knowing, but He is also all-loving. He loves us all, and must punish us when necessary to lead us back to Him.

So do not pray for Africans to be fed. Pray for them to open their hearts to God. Once they accept Jesus as their true Savior, then their problems will be solved.

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Martin Baker and Jim Solouki #fundie creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God is punishing the West Coast of the United States? Many have died in landslides in Washington state. There are Earthquakes in California. God is unleashing his wrath through natural disasters God is unleashing his wrath upon the sinful United States, and the wicked will suffer. How do we know that these disasters are a punishment from God? The truth is clear.

Everyone knows that God punishes His enemies with death. The Egyptians were punished with plagues when they refused to let God’s people go. God punished Texas with school shootings and drought after the state said that the Institute for Creation Research could not have an accredited high school. God punished the Philippines with Haiyan, and the ungodly Indonesians and Chinese with the Malaysia Air plane crash. God punished New York City, one of Satan’s favorite playgrounds, with the September 11th attacks. If you have offended God, He will punish you!

The foolish geologists believe that landslides can only happen in certain areas. Well folks, that’s just stupid. What causes a landslide? Landslides aren’t caused by any physical process, but rather by the direct wrath of God. Much like God flooded the Earth at the time of Noah’s Flood, God can create landslides to punish sinners and unbelievers. It’s simple boys and girls. God created the universe, and he can control it in any way He sees fit. The only logical way to argue against this truth is to believe that you somehow came from a pile of goo that turned into an animal in the zoo and finally into you. That evil Darwinist dogma is just stupid folks. Heck, the scientists can’t even come up with good natural explanations for natural disasters. If the universe wasn’t made imperfect by the death caused by Eve’s transgression, then we wouldn’t have landslides to begin with!

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Jim Solouki #fundie creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

The Palestinians are not only ungodly enemies of Christianity and Israel, but they are also terrorists! Did you know that the Palestinians are members of a terrorist group called Hamas? Maybe they chose that name to scare the Jews in Israel since Jews are afraid to eat pork.

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Jim Solouki #fundie creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

Save a Soul, Fix a Faggot

Dear Good Christian Friends,

Please help me in my quest to save homosexuals and bring them to Christ. I suggest a new strategy for curing faggots. It is a simple yet effective approach. First, we fit all homosexual males in America with chastity belts. We lock said males in these belts to keep them from engaging in sodomy. Then we take young strong men who are also faggots in chastity belts and parade them in front of these males. The will become sexually aroused, and the chastity belt will cause them pain. Eventually, form the steady influx of pain from their chastity belts, they will be cured of their homosexuality. Negative reinforcement at its finest.

If you are interested in helping to fund this Good Christian Plan, or have suggestions to make it more effective, please leave a comment.

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Jim Solouki #fundie creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

Did you know that God is punishing the Philippines for their tolerance of homosexuality, prostitution, Catholicism, and other sins? The Philippines are about to feel God’s wrath in the powerful form of a cyclone so great that the world has never experienced one of this intensity. If those of you in the Philippines had repented, you would not need to be punished. But you tolerate prostitution, homosexuality, and adultery, and God will make an example of you, much like he has with Haiti.

Pay heed to this coming disaster, True Christians. God can and will punish the wicked. After all, he killed everyone on Earth besides Noah and his family with the Flood. God detests wickedness and hates sin. God will, when He feels like it, bring about the death of sinners by His hand to quickly toss them into Hell. God hates the wicked, and the wicked will die by His hand so that they may be punished eternally in Hell.

The True Faithful in the Philippines will survive this trial. However, sinners will continue to perish unabatedly by God’s hand through this super-typhoon named Haiyan. God has killed at least 1200 heathens with Haiyan, and there may be more to come! Join with me, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray that God’s plan of retribution against the heathens and sinners will be complete. God will bring complete devastation upon the Philippines, and they will be wiped clean.