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Midnight Strikes and God’s judgment is being unleashed as the most terrifying events in all of human history are now playing out on planet earth. There has never been a time like this as society breaks down and shatters itself into an unrecognizable shadow of its former self. Cataclysmic earth changes as well as unprecedented astronomic events will also overtake humanity. In the wake of this destruction is mounting evil and devastation such as the world has never seen. How can mankind cope with such overwhelming events?

With warning and preparation Midnight Strikes is a book for both Christians and Nonbelievers alike as the epic conclusion to the biblical narrative unfolds. The Church waits for the “rapture” and is unprepared for the cumulative evil and destruction that they too will have to walk through. For the Prepper, there’s not enough ammo and food storage, or a bunker deep enough to hide from the events befalling our nation and the world.

These materializing developments are dissected in detail in never before heard conversations between author Daniel Holdings and preeminent Radio Show Host Steve Quayle. In The Holdings and Quayle Interviews, Steve discusses all of the things that the Lord showed him about what would happen at the End of the Age.

With in-depth analysis affirming each point, Daniel draws the Watchman’s thoughts out as the men discuss:

– Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Celestial Catastrophes Beyond Comprehension

– World War III And The Invasion and Destruction of America

– The Mark of the Beast, False Prophet and the Antichrist

– The Economic Collapse of America and the World

– Unprecedented Persecution of Christians

– Coming Hyperinflation and Famine

– Total Surveillance of Americans

– FEMA Camps and Martial Law

– The Great Falling Away

– American Civil War 2.0

– Ancient and “alien” technologies and other mind-boggling sights will also be revealed.
Time has run out, the End of the Age is here – Midnight Strikes.