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Okay so Kanye wants to talk gang banging and prison reform .. both are problems.

Who did you think could fix this ... Chelsea Clinton ... or even anyone like her ... Ivanka ?

Like neither of them could ... they got no insight.

Nicki Minaj probably could have made a contribution ... if she wasn't still such a hood rat ... and a pig .. and loving the incest, and

child molesters ... ok never mind ... lets scratch Nicki.

How come OBAMA didn't do this ... like so what jay and bey showed up at the ball ... but did they get anything done ?

NOPE ... typical Democrats !!!!!!

A long time ago a Priest, who is really intelligent and who has a doctorate in theology told me not to wonder if God or the Devil existed, but to

KNOW that good and evil does, and that I should know the difference and pick a side.

KANYE FOR PRESIDENT 2024 ... Jesus Walks !

Kim and Melania are going to be best friends ... Weed is going to be legal all over the USA ... Its really going to open things up!

Everyone is going to have the big smiles, and everything is fine !!!

Angry women out here calling me a RACIST ... well look who showed her true colours all GOB SMACKED. And loving it.

Everyone else is just going to shake their head, and listen to Kanye all day long. Yes they are.

lithiumgirl #wingnut dreamindemon.com

The democrats need to do at minimum at least a 180, and start working with TRUMP.

In between the red and the blue side is a grey area of work to be done that serves BOTH SIDES.

And the Democrats better start focusing less on hating TRUMP and MORE on the American people.

All this talk of Oh no he said coat hanger abortion ... Its a bad joke we've all at sometime laughed at.

Yes .. you and you and you, we have so.

Abortion might be restricted a little bit ... women are going to be expected to MORE RESPONSIBLE with their lives and bodies.

and feminists want to complain about it ... fucking pigs.

Like if the President sees that A 13 year old, can have an abortion with out her parents consent, and knows that this wrong,

trust me if I tell you that he's looking at a way bigger picture than ABORTION.

So just shut up and let him fix all of this shit that is wrong ... like let the guy have a fucking nap ... he's going to CHICAGO !!!

With Kanye .. ambassador to the Ghetto !!!

DIAFplease said:
Yeah, I don't know shit but you support trump! HAHAHAHA!

Are you staunch @Buffettgirl

I'm not staunch ... the first Canadian Candidate that puts the death penalty on the table .. I'm voting for him. No gas chambers ... No chair.

Cyanide, firing squad ... hanging !!!! Otherwise I'm mostly conservative.

DIAFplease said:
Don't believe what? Cunt? That I go to rallies? Here, lemme get you a fucking picture, crusty.

You and @Buffettgirl have the filthiest mouths ... its true, you do.

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Its true @Nell ... that is why people like him. He is confident ... I'm not even american, but as a Canadian I can tell you what I appreciate.

He's warm hearted, he makes people feel like he's with them, not trying to sell them something, he's accountable, he is on fire with twitter,

everyone knows where they stand with him on any given day and at at any given moment, he is ACCESSIBLE. And transparent.

He hugged that kid, but not too much and not half ass but a real hug.

He's persistent, He's funny !!!! He's open with his disdain, he's open about progress, he celebrates every little

thing on twitter, we did this .. we did that .. .we're doing this next .. .he's enthusiastic. He is BUSY! !!!!

He's a natural leader, he's a good father, he takes care of his wives, he took care and takes care of his children.

He's charitable, he donates his salary, he loves women, he thinks LGBT is a worthwhile movement with several achievements.

He's not a racist, true patriots don't have a colour, good Americans just are, no matter, its about substance.

he's a builder. He makes things happen.

That's what people like about him ... in a nut shell.

Lots of people ... its not just me.

Buffettgirl said:
I think so. I don't think the intent to be mean was there, more thoughtless than anything, but, well, I get to be sensitive about it. I wouldn't have said that to someone with a compromised immune system. After all the boy in the plastic bubble died at age 12...

Vitiligo is an auto immune disorder ... I think it was triggered by a heat protein, I'm not sure.

there are so many ... diabetes ... arthritis, psoriasis ... lupus.

I would only kind of hate to be house bound ... I'm an introvert.

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(Right-wingers like to talk about "fake hate crimes." Here's an actual fake hate crime they DON'T want to talk about)

DENISON, TX – The Texas teen who claimed she was abducted and gang raped by three black men is now facing felony charges after she admitted it was all a hoax.

Back in March, the fiancé of 18-year-old Breana Talbott called the Denison Police Department to report he had was looking for Talbott when he found her vehicle parked at an apartment complex with the driver’s door open, and her phone, keys and a shoe lying nearby.

Police immediately brought in all available resources to search for Talbott, but it wouldn’t be long before she walked into a church wearing only a shirt, bra and underwear with visible cuts and scratches on her body.

She told people in the church that she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted in the woods behind the church. She elaborate to responding police, telling them that three black men had pulled her into an SUV and took her into the woods where one man held her down while the other two took turns raping her.

While Talbott was taken to the hospital for examination, police searched the area where Talbott says she was taken and assaulted and found more of her personal items. What police found, in addition to a medical report that showed no injuries related to a sexual assault, led to Talbott’s story unraveling in a matter of days.

Presented with evidence that her story was a crock of shit, Talbott eventually admitted she made it all up — that the scene at the apartment and her condition when she walked into the church, were staged.

Talbott was initially arrested and charged with a misdemeanor offense of false report to a peace officer. But prosecutors didn’t feel that charge reflected the seriousness of Talbott’s actions, so now they have charged her with two counts of tampering with physical evidence and and two counts of tampering with a government record.

Three of those charges are felonies that carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

“The more we have looked at what happened in this case, and considered the harm it caused, and certainly could have caused, we believe what she did fits the elements of these higher charges,” said Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown. “What she did was very serious, and we believe it was felony conduct.”

Chief Jay Burch called Talbott’s actions “insulting to our community and especially offensive to the African-American community,” going on to explain that many only remember the reported crime and never the outcome. (which is 100 percent fact)

Good luck with those new charges, you daffy bird. I hope that whatever you were doing behind your boyfriend’s back was worth a possible 30 years behind bars.