lithiumgirl #wingnut

The democrats need to do at minimum at least a 180, and start working with TRUMP.

In between the red and the blue side is a grey area of work to be done that serves BOTH SIDES.

And the Democrats better start focusing less on hating TRUMP and MORE on the American people.

All this talk of Oh no he said coat hanger abortion ... Its a bad joke we've all at sometime laughed at.

Yes .. you and you and you, we have so.

Abortion might be restricted a little bit ... women are going to be expected to MORE RESPONSIBLE with their lives and bodies.

and feminists want to complain about it ... fucking pigs.

Like if the President sees that A 13 year old, can have an abortion with out her parents consent, and knows that this wrong,

trust me if I tell you that he's looking at a way bigger picture than ABORTION.

So just shut up and let him fix all of this shit that is wrong ... like let the guy have a fucking nap ... he's going to CHICAGO !!!

With Kanye .. ambassador to the Ghetto !!!

DIAFplease said:
Yeah, I don't know shit but you support trump! HAHAHAHA!

Are you staunch @Buffettgirl

I'm not staunch ... the first Canadian Candidate that puts the death penalty on the table .. I'm voting for him. No gas chambers ... No chair.

Cyanide, firing squad ... hanging !!!! Otherwise I'm mostly conservative.

DIAFplease said:
Don't believe what? Cunt? That I go to rallies? Here, lemme get you a fucking picture, crusty.

You and @Buffettgirl have the filthiest mouths ... its true, you do.



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