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The best parallel [to the 2020 anti-police brutality protests] is 1938 Germany, with the police playing the role of the oppressed Jewish people, attacks on police and private property serving as Kristallnacht, and the media providing the role of propaganda amchine(sic) perpetuating the Big Lie that white policemen are the one group that blacks should fear the most (much as the German media supported violence against Jews). Anyone who deviates from said dogma will be cancelled. Other contenders: 1491 Spain and 1860 America.

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Picture this Eric,

A woman is walking through the Mt's of Colorado, talking about her childhood of worship and reading the bible.

I thought it was normal to read a bible. I try to live the bible everyday, but Barack Obama said I was clinging to my bible because I was bitter.

Christians don't call call other Christians bitter for clinging to their bible, that is unless Barack Obama is not a Christian.

Just who is Barack Hussein Obama.