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Dont these SJW know that normalizing pedophilia is whats next on the agenda? You might wanna go check Vox, CNN, and Huffington Post. How else are they going to learn to live with the muslims in Europe?

Anyway Marie could pass for under 18, its why everyone likes her, its why she is on the cover of the game, its why she was voted number 1. Why dont you go buy your worthless asses some plane tickets to the UK and protest in Rotherham if you give such a f*** about children and stop crying about a video game produced by the cleanest society on earth when you all live among the most vile.

I'm not sure I'd call Japan the cleanest society, especially when, in the case of the Pokémon Anime, they did definitely depict the female characters as sex objects even when they were canonically 10 years old, and besides which, Japan is actually one of the biggest distributers of child porn: http://www.conservapedia.com/Atheistic_Japan_and_child_pornography

However, you are right about one thing: legalizing child porn is next on the SJW's radar whether they know it or not

True pedophiles would, you know, be attracted to people who were literally underage, like, I don't know, those people who actually hit it on with May or Dawn or Serena from Pokémon (who are quite explicitly 10 years old). In fact, Masamitsu Hidaka would qualify as a pedophile since his interview made it VERY clear that he views the girls in Pokémon, all of whom are 10 or younger, as just being sexualized meat for the audience, and with May and Serena, it's extremely obvious due to their having massive breasts.

'all keep waving around MR's manufactured age as if that's proof of non-pedophilia. When at best, it's proof of law-abiding pedophilia.

You're attracted to a character who:
- Looks like a child
- Dresses like a child
- Sounds like a child
- Speaks like a child
- Acts like a child
Etc. The overwhelming number of people meeting these characteristics are children. In fact, these characteristics are what separate children from adults. You're attracted to the things that make children "children." That makes you a pedophile.

*However*, you slam on the brakes if the potential object of your attraction is under age. 14-year-old looking and acting like MR: No go. Exact same person with an earlier birthday: Full steam ahead. That proves you understand and respect the law. Which is really all we can ask of people.

My primary concern is if they are literally children, ie, even their age is indeed 10. I would consider those who hit it off to May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, heck, even Misty from the Pokémon Anime when they are explicitly 10 years old to be pedophiles, NOT those who crush on Marie Rose, who at least is 18 years of age.

At most, Marie Rose would qualify as a manchild, which still doesn't make those who crush on her pedophiles. It's like saying girls who crush on, say, Kefka Palazzo must automatically be pedophiles just because he acts like a child and speaks like a child (literally in this case, since in the Japanese version, he uses the pronoun "boku-chin" which is generally appropriate only for very young children). And bear in mind, Kefka's in his thirties, and it's extremely obvious in Dissidia Final Fantasy that he isn't even close to a child anyway (though since he is somewhat diminutive in Final Fantasy VI, he could look like a child in the latter game).

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Evolution has been disproven. Look up Michael Behe's idea of irreducible complexity. Of course no one in this topic is familiar with this as you all likely went to secular institutions and were sheltered from anything that might be evidence against evolution.

the_hedonist #fundie gamefaqs.com

It's a weird thing - society wanting to have consequence-free sex. Yes, sex isn't just for procreation, but it is for procreation. No one should be surprised when you put some flour, eggs, sugar, and butter into an oven and out comes a cake. You can do other things with ovens, sure, but don't act like a cake isn't a possibility.

To me, love is looking out for the good of the other. In romantic relationships, physical intimacy is an expression of love and the natural result of love is bringing more into this world to express such love. To say that this child is unwanted is a perversion of what sex is for. It's a sad state of affairs in our society when we haven't been able to teach people how to love.

Polish_Crusader #fundie gamefaqs.com

[Re: Say good things about other beliefs]

Buddhism- I think they are nice people. I used to day a buddhist who I almost converted but she ended up not because of my horrible actions. This was before i turned into the awesomness I am now. I think they will get the least punishment in hell cuz of their nice deeds.

Sikhs, asian religions- ditto, just like buddhims

Islam- There are a lot of nice muslims. But I think they will burn in hell pretty bad. Sorry thats negative. Im just saying. There own book attacks jews and christians! What do u expect!

Atheists- Atheist try to act smarter than thou and so evolved and intelligent, but end up sounding stupid and wicked. They are fools just like the bible says- only a fool says there is no god. Atheists will be burned more than crispy critters in the pit of hell. This is negative i know. But its the truth!

Catholics- Truly the craziest sect of christianity. Apart from the smaller cult like versions- like jehovahs witnesses and mormons. Im not entirely sure of their salvation. But I think there are alot of nice catholics.

Jehovahs witnesses, mormons, various wannabe christian cults- BURN, BURN, BURN, i hope these guys bring plenty of sunblock and water in the pit of hell cuz their false beliefs will get the screaming in torture. That sounds horrible. But im being blunt honest, im tired give me a break.

Oh well,... yawn... goodnight eveyrone! AND DONT BURN IN HELL!

C_Mat #fundie gamefaqs.com

Let me ask you guys a question. Let's say there was a large building about to be demolished or burned down. There may or may not be 55 million innocent people inside this building. You ask the demolition crew if they've checked to see whether there are any people in this building, and they respond with "It's difficult to decide," or "I don't care much" or "I have mixed feelings on it." The logical thing to do is withhold destroying the building until you know with absolute certainty that no lives would be lost because of your actions.

The point is, only a morally bankrupt person would support the possible extermination of 55 million lives. I don't care if it's in the name of bodily autonomy or choice or whatever, nothing is more sacred and important and worthy of protecting than innocent human life. If the demolition chief even said, "I am 99% sure there is no human life in that building," even that would never be considered acceptable. Someone would be considered a fool to risk 55 million lives on a 99% chance. And not just a fool, a deranged, morally bankrupt lunatic. That's what I see when I hear people say they're pro-choice but have mixed feelings on abortion.


MooreCoffee #fundie gamefaqs.com

[A user inquires about trying to start a Christian clan for the recent video game Destiny. Jokes ensue, but TC tries to calm it down until...]

Actually, TC, you should grow a pair and refute non believers. Jesus called out liars and flipped tables when he had to. I'm flippin this board. An Atheist refusing to read a bible is the same as a child refusing to eat a new vegetable. You're the hypocrite. I don't pretend to be jerk for fun, I am one. You have absolutely no foundation for your life, or those of your children. Look around you, is a world of overmedicated kids and school suicides your "proof" of god's abscence? What is it? That's called FREE WILL, not the abscence of god. The good news is that when you do decide to let go of your personal problems, Jesus will carry em for you. Is that so bad to you? What is so wrong about a man who only ever wanted to help people? Oh, that guy you knew, that person you loved was a jerk claiming christianity, so there is no god? Keep on sayin' it, but are you certain? Is anything worth your soul? Might be deaf ears in hear, but it's never too late.

Polish_Crusader #fundie gamefaqs.com

I dont wonder why for anything. I know why you guys disbelieve and hate the teachings of God. Its all the same thing over and over again- Self Worship and Rebellion.

Some of what you said is true- i think most atheist reasons are really stupid for not believing the bible- "I prayed to God in this relationship with my ex and things didnt work and didnt see anything", or heres another one i heard from a former business partner "my wifes parents kicked her out because she was sleeping around because of their christian values". So the girl used to be a whore and she blames her parents for responding the way they did.

It really does blow my mind the brainless excuses people have for not beleiving in God.

But anyway, your other point was way off, i dont wonder or have any confusion about it, i know exactly why i get the resistance i get. The same reason Jesus got resistance when he preached and performed miracles infront of people.

Atalalama #fundie gamefaqs.com

Too true. I mean, take my niece for instance. She loves to play JRPG's & chick-fighters on my TV on the floor, usually only when it's just the two of us and when she's wearing a micro-skirt and tight panties or spats. I admire the view, she enjoys being naughty in a safe environment, we're both creepy and voyeuristic as heck and I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Hey, Pervy Uncle Atala? What do you think I should play, Grandia II or Neptunia 2?


GoemonFan471986 #fundie gamefaqs.com


Before the Civil Rights era, a popular form of entertainment (among white audiences) was the minstrel show, where white actors would paint their faces (blackface) and act outrageous to perpetuate racial stereotypes and hatred. Today that sad legacy lives on in the form of "comedians" like Stephen Colbert who practice "conservativeface." On his TV show, Colbert pretends to be a conservative and says outrageous things to make conservatives look bad. I find this behavior reprehensible. I find it despicable that anyone who pretend to espouse conservative views just to make conservatives look bad. It's perpetuating intolerance for differing opinions.

I'm hoping to start an online petition to get CBS to change their minds about Colbert. Does anyone here have experience with online petition sites? I know about Petition Online and The Petition Site. Which is better? Are there any superior alternatives to these two?

kabutokouji #fundie gamefaqs.com

well, I have faith, and you can not convince me to believe that "A MAGICAL EXPLOSION CREATED LIFE ON EARTH" is just incredible how if someone just because he says that a magical explosion created life, all those morons believe it, remember the big bang is a THEORY, needs facts to be proven, which NO ONE has ever supplied proof.

Sinfullyvannila #fundie gamefaqs.com

[Why does Christianity frown upon magic anyway? Weren't Jesus and Moses basically wizards?]

Because it's invoking his enemies for help. It's a specific form of idolatry.

Jesus and Moses didn't practice ritual magic, they were working under God's initiative.

SMASHKING84 #fundie gamefaqs.com

One thing i will say about the whole flying spaghetti monster analogy:the idea of god is far far more likely then that.

the whole idea that because you cannot prove something exist it must not exist doesn't work either.

After all Can you prove that I'm not a figment of your imagination? not unless we meet in real life.
I can assure you i do in fact exist.

Sinfullyvanilla #fundie gamefaqs.com

Yeah, I cannot say whether or not you would have died, just that witnesses are very educated about their options.

A lot of the time though, a doctor will push a blood transfusion to get more money out of the patient, just like they will push drugs patients don't need. You may have been misinformed, or your doctor may have genuinely believed you needed blood. There is really no way to know.

[A user points out why this is not the case.]

It's been my experience that the healthcare system(in general, at least in the USA, doctors included) is extremely corrupt. And yes, it is intentionally disrespectful because I believe those specific doctors have undermined their own honor.

That part about them pushing it onto you is absolutely not representative of my religion, just my personal experience.

richard733 #fundie gamefaqs.com

Gamefaqs should like ban church and games (church and state) and this includes atheism because it is as much an organized religion as Christianity , Scientology, Mormonism and Islam.

[Umm, no. Atheism is a rejection of faith, not a faith of rejection...]

How dare you quote your scriptures at me you atheist nun

SMASHKING84 #fundie gamefaqs.com

I'm sick people acting like they think "oh being a christian means you can kill someone and get away with by asking god for forgiveness" If your really a christian you won't want to sin in the first place. The reason why god did this forgiveness thing is people kept treating religion as a ritiual people would follow the laws of god but the didn't actually have a relationship with god.

Even paul said that being a christian doesn't mean you don't do good works.
You get saved so you can do good works by your own damn logic christians who feed the hungry aren't christians. it's simple a case of you trying your best and letting grace cover the rest.
That's how i see it. Imagine if god thought like this "well this guy stole a candy bar when he was 7 now he's doomed to hell for all entirenity"

Hell even jews practice atonment by sacrificing lambs.
nobody is saying because your saved you should go on a killing spree jesus said it himself"you shall not tempt the lord your god" if your truely saved yo make an effort to do better.

As far as the works of an athesist I've met a few of them and they admit to doing things like stealing as recently as the week before. how is that works when you don't even feel remorse for it?
and if you don't know what i'm talking about i mean i have a friend who is an atheist who literally downloaded roms of games he didn't own.

JF_Alpha #fundie gamefaqs.com

[To a user who has a signature saying 'We are both atheists. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.']

Out of curiosity, where is this from, the wording implies that you believe in atheism as your God, but I might have the context wrong

GoemonFan471986 #fundie gamefaqs.com

If I were President of the United States

-Replace the federal income tax with a system where each citizen pays a set amount of taxes a year to fund the military and other essential functions.

-All other operations of the federal government would either be privatized (Medicare, Social Security), converted to support by user fees (Interstate highways), or eliminated (bloated bureaucracy like the Department of Education and the Department of Energy).

-Repeal all unconstitutional laws, particularly those that target the First Amendment freedoms of speech and religion in the name of political correctness or "nondiscrimination," those that target the Second Amendment right to bear arms in the name of "safety," and those that interfere with the rights of the states.

-Repeal Obamacare and replace with tort reform, the opening up of the sale of insurance across state lines, and encourage people to get HDHP's and HSA's.

-Step up border security and crack down on illegal immigration.

-Ban the ownership of cats and make elimination of this invasive species from the U.S. a top priority.

-Eliminate welfare. Allow private charities to help the truly needy. Those who are able to work should do so.

-Eliminate most foreign aid. It should only be used to help true democracies who are surrounded by hostile dictatorships like Israel.

-Eliminate affirmative action and other programs that discriminate based on race, sex, etc. People should be judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character.

-Introduce a "Bill of Gamers Rights" to ensure that video games are not subject to bans or censorship.

-Eliminate burdensome regulations. Trust the free market to reward good companies and punish bad companies.

-Eliminate the minimum wage. It kills jobs and causes inflation.

-Ban discrimination against conservatives in hiring at schools and colleges. Kids should hear both sides of the issues, particularly controversial ones like evolution and global warming.

-Introduce a strict voter ID law and investigate widespread voter fraud in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, etc. If the investigation deems it necessary, the federal government could conduct the election in those cities in place of corrupt local authorities. We must maintain the integrity of elections.

-Reform the electoral college based on the Virginia plan: 1 electoral vote per district won plus 2 elector votes to the winner of the most districts in the state (split 1-1 in case of a tie).

-Appoint emergency managers to run troubled cities on the brink of bankruptcy.

-Launch a full investigation of the IRS targeting of conservatives. Make sure those responsible are held accountable, no matter how high up they are.

-Introduce a "Right to Work" amendment to the U.S. Constitution so that no one can be fired for refusing to join a union.

What do you say? Do I have your vote?

Gigahart_gaylor #fundie gamefaqs.com

If you want gender equality you aren't a feminist. Feminists are for female gender superiority, and it's also used as a defense for some women to get away with stuff other people normally wouldn't put up with.

As if females can do no wrong.

CoiledViper #fundie gamefaqs.com

church and state my ass

seeing as how the country was founded by christians, and marriage is about as christian as you can get.

You wanna play the two men or two women getting married is the same as getting married to a fetish. You can't change the fact its the same as being married to a taco.

Marriage is just as much religious as it is a legal contract.

The fact is this: gay "couples" aren't legally or naturally as God created us, legitimate.

Be happy with the fact I put up with your un-natural behavior, I love all people. But I ain't gotta like it. Or treat you special.

OrangeWizard #fundie gamefaqs.com

(In response to people asking how representatives of every species on Earth at the time could have fit into Noah's ark)


Seriously. Anyone who brings up "How did they fit all the species into the Ark?" demonstrates a gross ignorance towards history and science. The people you're criticizing are laughing at you, doubled over in pain because you don't know your Aristotles from your Aphrodites.

Species weren't classified yet.

Aristotle was the one who started the classification of what a species is, and he wasn't born yet.


And seriously, most of you guys asking this question say you believe in Evolution, and lord your alleged scientific understanding over us small-minded theists. But you don't even know the BASICS about science, biology, or history.


symach #fundie gamefaqs.com

Alot of people find homosexuality unnatural and gross. How are the people who believe this any less entitled to their opinion than those who find it hip and cool? Tolerance is a two way street. And if you want to come on here preatching tolerance, maybe we should start talking about tolerance for people who um, want to be with animals too lol Let people believe what they want to believe, and stop throwing around the intolerance card, you call people who dont support your views of homosexuality intolerant but what does it say about "you" when you are as intolerant of their views as they are of yours. Something to consiter.

OrangeWizard #fundie gamefaqs.com

[regarding someone wanting to look at other theological beliefs]

(Maybe he's just trying to see the world on his own terms, without bias, maybe? I mean, have YOU done that?)

No I haven't done that. I also haven't shoved a nail up my smallest orifice and I don't think that's deserving of respect either.

It's not worthy of respect, it's stupid. It's dancing around naked in a battlefield.

Slipknot2430 #fundie gamefaqs.com

It doesn't matter if your a christian or not to get to heaven. All that matters is that you accept the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart and truly believe in him and that is all that matters. You don't have to be a Christian in order to do that.

Ininja2000 #fundie gamefaqs.com

[Discussing Wii Fit's "Lotus Focus" minigame]

Also if you want to know what I think is so bad about lotus meditation is that trying to empt your mind and have an out of body experience opens spiritual doors to demonic things.

I do believe in meditation, but I believe in meditating on the word of God, though I still can't imagine that making a very fun video game, but is rather something to be taken seriously.

mortal_snow #fundie gamefaqs.com

Maybe you haven't ever seen supernatural forces, TC, but millions of other people have. They clearly exist, because if they didn't, no person would ever describe miracles happening in their lives (and many people have), no person would claim to speak in tongues and many do and I've heard them and I've had people pray in tongues over me. It was real. A biology teacher at my high school witnessed a demon trying to suppress him once. These things are real. You can keep denying them all you want, but these things have evidence whether you've seen it or not.

TheGreatJiraiya #fundie gamefaqs.com

{RE: The Biblical verse about socialism.}

This is important, so everyone pay attention. It is the difference between what Jesus promoted and what the democrats promote.

That verse doesnt say "And so we should kill our other brothers who have lived longer as a sacrifice so that those who havent lived so long can live a little more". Giving my money is one thing: giving SOMEONE ELSES MONEY is where I draw the line. I wont steal from someone else. Also, if I do want to give everything I have to the poor, it wont be to the government. The government has mishandled almost everything its ever been asked to do, it spends absurd amounts of money on simple projects and takes forever getting anything done. Christian capitalism says "do what you want with your money, but Im using mine to help those around me" and "I want to set up an economic system that will cause people to be happier and more prosperous so there are less people who need my help so that the money I donate can have a greater percentage of impact on the problem". The above verse, is true, but lets not forget that the Bible also says:

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. -2 Corinthians 9:7

Agingknight #fundie gamefaqs.com

Without God, there is no point in living or anything else for that matter. To be honest, if I was certain there was no god and I'd have zero consequences in an afterlife... I'd probably be a mass murderer or who knows what. Without God, we would have no conscience, no remorse and we'd do whatever the heck we wanted to because this would be a lawless world because all laws of Earth began with the 10 Commandments. I don't care what any evolutionist/atheist thinks--you wouldn't have things like a conscience and remorse from evolution. Those, among many other things, God gave to us so we'd be different from wild animals.

Ininja2000 #fundie gamefaqs.com

{Thread title: People misunderstood Pat Robertson}

So I was watching fox news, and they were bashing Pat Robertson for his statement for not being compassionate. This is not true at all. Pat Robertson was saying why he thought it happened, he DID NOT SAY that he didn't care or didn't feel bad for the people. Heck, I'll bet that he's going to be a major sender of aid to the country.

It's the same thing with salvation. I'm sure Pat Robertson would say people are going to hell because they're wicked and sinful, yet he would love them and care for them enough want for them to get saved, and tell them how to get saved.

As for if it was God's judgment, I am undecided, but even on 20/20 they were saying how currupt Haiti's government had been, and that "it seems as though they are almost cursed".

OrangeWizard #fundie gamefaqs.com

Matthew 24:7 says that one of the the signs of the conclusion of this system of things would be earthquakes.

I did the research and more people lost their lives (from earthquakes) in one decade after 1914, than a century worth of earthquakes prior to that date.

Oh, and 1914 was the year Satan was thrown down out of heaven to the earth.

Coincidence? I think not.

YAWisthefuture #fundie gamefaqs.com

LOL, ever wonder why you people say there's evidence supporting evolution but never share it with the rest of us? It's because evolution isn't as solid as you claim and you are merely using old and tiresome textbook arguments for evolution that have been found to be wrong.

SoilentGreenz #fundie gamefaqs.com

(Thread Title: I am boycoting the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco they promote evolution.)

So I took my lovely wife and our 3 beautiful children to the Steinhart Aquarium ( California Academy of Sciences ) in San Francisco last weekend while we were attending the marriage of a friend. It turns out that the Aquarium is pushing a massive agenda of trying to proselytize to children that evolution is real, as in we evolved from single cell organisms and not from God. They also claimed that the universe was created from a single unit of Dark Matter and not divinely created by our lord God. They had noted Liberal Whoopie Goldberg narrating the explanation for the creation of the universe during the Planetarium show. They would not allow people to leave who were offended by the show either, they forced us to continue to watch the lies.

On top of all this they also had a huge exhibit about global warming claiming that it is going to kill us all when the reality is global warming is a lie as revealed by the emails of the scientists fabricating evidence.

As a child I remembered going to the Aquarium and marveling at all the exhibits and animals and wanted to share the experience with my children, unfortunately after their renovations they removed most of the animals and made it a huge billboard for spreading liberal anti god bias in a format that is aimed towards children.

I wish I could find an Aquarium or Zoo that address the divine aspects of creation and existence instead of constantly forcing squares into circle slots.

Is anyone else tired of 'science' presenting these theories ( some of which have been dis proven like evolution) as absolute fact to our children?

TheOpposite #fundie gamefaqs.com

You say it is none of my business and that it is a non-issue, whereas everything I believe in says otherwise. We're talking about a lifestyle which I believe will cause a person to burn in Hell for eternity and you're saying it should be a non-issue to me? When will people realize that not everything in this world revolves around them alone? I care about people living a lifestyle God calls an abomination. I care about whether that lifestyle is taught to our kids as something that should be accepted. You want to be accepted? Stop practicing homosexuality. People who do wrong and then turn around and expect others to embrace them for it and even call it right never cease to amaze me.

Crish10_White1_ #fundie gamefaqs.com


Scientific evidence shows that speaking in tongues really is the work of the Holy Spirit, who is the third member of the Christian Trinity.

(1 post down.)

Atheists don't care for spiritual analysis. They want scientific data that's repeatable and testable and concrete, which is what I have provided

(When called out)

What you see on TV is just a scam. A lot of it is, anyway. But a good friend of mine went to Israel and was understood by the locals there when he was praying in tongues. It isn't always gibberish.

And yes it is often not understood correctly by the majority of Pentecostals. Speaking in tongues is only useful if there is someone that can interpret it. Otherwise, it's only for personal use. Note that there's a difference between speaking and praying in tongues. When it's meant for the whole church or for nonbelievers, that's when it should become speaking rather than personal praying.

EpicGoofy #fundie gamefaqs.com

Its called science and logic.

I find that a poor excuse. Science and logic are fallible, just like every other thing we study. Look at some of the crazy stuff scientists in the past believed in. Earth being in the center of the universe was perfectly logical, right? It was excepted science centuries ago, just like evolution is excepted science now.

We laugh at past generations for their faults and mistakes, and soon future generations will laugh at us. Science =/= evolution.

azure_temper #fundie gamefaqs.com

However, I do believe that it would be a tragedy to our society if we would reduce marriage to what it would have to be in order to justify homosexual marriage. I don't write this with the intention to sadden you or ruin your day. I just really don't see why homosexuals can't either produce an argument that shows how a marriage is fruitful or why they can't just live together without the license.