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Webster’s dictionary defines Truth as (1) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality

True, in its turn is said to be: being in accordance with the actual state or conditions; conforming to reality or fact; not false.

These, and all other definitions of both Truth, and True, are factual, true, but wrong. They are wrong as they are only partially revealing.

The difference between ‘fact’, and ‘true’, is an emotion.

A ‘fact’ just lays there, it takes a human putting an emotion to it to create a Truth.

Not all things that are facts are truths, and certainly in these wokian times of ‘personal truth’, many, if not most truths are not factual. These days this is a more factual, more ‘true’ rendering as the wokian theology has changed the social definition of ‘true’ over time.

Lies have suffered the same redefinition as Truth. Lies, according to wokian theology, can be factual, and not true simultaneously.

It is a fact that Biden takes bribes from the CCP who are selling Uighur organs into the global medical marketplace, including ‘fresh harvested’ from both prime adult and CHILDREN ‘specimens’. But this is not true to the progressive or wokian. It is only a factual ‘lie’.
Hunting prophecy led naturally to exploring other areas of reality with this same tool. All manner of systems were devised by humanity to probe Universe. As with all things, Prophecy dropped in the trending stats.

Even within a whole generation of prophets, my work stands out as my exploration of prophecy took things further than others. My computer software Emotion Reduction Engine was designed to explore prophecy occurring in near-real-time via examination of the free flowing language of humanity hitting the internet.

Prophecy is all about reading signs and portents of the future within the context of the emotions of humanity at that time. Prophecy is not future-telling in the sense of being able to predict which rock will tumble off the hillside next.