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3. If you don't kill yourself, you are going to get old. The older you get, the more you're going to look like an old man in a dress. Have you thought about what life is going to be like as a 60-year-old tranny? You won't be caking on the make-up and heading to nightclubs to fool young men. People will just see you as a weird freak Women at that age are no longer sex objects; they find fulfillment in their families and social groups. You will be ostracized from all social groups. And you'll have no family, of course.

4. Your failure to pass means everyone will look at you with disgust The most social affirmation you will ever get is from cat ladies who use you to status-signal to other cat ladies, but they don't actually like you or see you as a woman. The only men who will ever date you are either fags or total losers. The world around you will react with discomfort and horror whenever you go out to just buy some fucking toothpaste or whatever Humans need to be socially connected; and your failure to achieve that will convinces you that life isn't worth living.

We hate trannies and are disgusted by you here at MPC, but we don't want you to kill yourselves. That means we actually care more about you than the Jewish doctor who charges you 10,000 dollars to cut off your penis and tell you you're a pretty lady. If you're reading this and still have your dick, ITS NOT TOO LATE Sure, your base fetish for playing dress-up can't be "cured”, but the need for any addiction (because that's what this is; you aren't "a woman on the inside") will indeed diminish the longer you deny it fulfillment

You've found hatred; bigotry, and most importantly, help. So go out, buy some jeans that fit you correctly, throw away your make-up, stop hanging out with nerds, and stop being a tranny-

Unknown 4chan Poster #pratt #transphobia i2.yuki.la

Are you a tranny? You need to be told something important.


Okay, like one in a thousand of you do; and that's some guy who's 57", has a slight build, and always had a weak chin and even he doesn't have a 100% pass rate.

You delude yourselves into thinking you might pass some day by sharing photos online, where you spent two hours on make-up, hid your massive man-hands, threw your shoulders back and took about a dozen different shots until the angle masked enough of your masculine features that a decent percentage of people's brains were tricked into thinking "female" due the lipstick, eyeshadow, and hairdo. But here's the reality, and I see it every couple of days where I live.

1. No tranny has fortitude to make himself up like a blow-up doll every single day, because no woman does, either. And even when he does, you know what? He stands out because real women only doll themselves up like that for special occasions. So when I see a dolled-up tranny, I always notice. A real woman can put on jeans and a T-shirt and head to Home Depot to pick up some paint brushes, and nobody will think she's a guy. But when a tranny isn't dolled up, he just looks like a dude with a pony tail and purse. Your average woman doesn't go through that exhausting regimen every day. She can look cute and appealing with 15 minutes of prep and clothes that fit. You can't. You will look like a fucking tranny if you do that

2. Even if you think you fooled some guys with pictures online; guess what, your male skeleton will never move and look like a female skeleton. Men are attracted to secondary sex characteristics, all of them, and you can only mimic a few. We will notice your masculine gait, your broad shoulders, your wide forehead, your flipper-like feet; and your enormous hands. Even if a guy doesn't figure out that you're a tranny; he'll have a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort he can't quite explain and instinctively recoil from you