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[From "ABOUT"]

Justice For Chinese (JFC) is the brainchild of Andrew Kwong also known as (aka) Joe Canuck, aka The People’s Artist. The main objective of JFC is to seek legal redress and monetary compensation for all Chinese peoples from the Rothschild Jews who destroyed China and the lives of an estimated 600 million Chinese who were addicted to their deadly opium

The Rothschild Jews have a fortune estimated at 500 trillion U.S. dollars and much of that originally came from the sale of their deadly opium in China 200 years ago. Jews are masters of deception and genocides and I would be dead if not for the grace of God. I have already been harassed by the police and received death threats

Like most people, I would have preferred a peaceful if boring life. But since I have been threatened, my best defense is an offense. If the Jews want to kill me, then they will have to do it with me screaming and kicking. I will not go down in silence. I will not die without a fight

If I am not assassinated, then it will be a long protracted legal battle. The Courts and Tribunals are all essentially under the control of the Rothschilds. Is there a conspiracy? Indeed! While Jews make up only about 1% of the population in the West, about 60% of the lawyers and judges in the West are Jews. It is therefore essential that this case be heard in a neutral country
Malaysia is the only country to condemn Rothschild’s private kingdom called Israel for crimes against humanity in a War Crimes Tribunal. Do you know how the Jews responded? They shot down 2 of their airplanes (MH370 & MH17) in less than 6 months. The odds of two airplanes from the same airline going down within 6 months are astronomical. It has never happened before. They were not accidents

Joe Canuck #conspiracy #racist joecanuck.wixsite.com

[From "JAPS & JEWS: A MATCH MADE IN HELL. The Rape and Destruction of China by barbaric Japs was financed by Jews."]

Jews backed the Japs to destroy China[…]Rothschild and Sassoon Jews pushed their deadly opium only in China not in Japan. Jews financed Japanese Imperialism: first in the War of Jiawu[…]then in the Russo-Japanese War[…]and lastly in the invasion and rape of Manchuria in 1931 all the way up to and only ending as late as December 7, 1941
As a result of losing the War of Jiawu, China was forced to cede Taiwan and Korea in the Treaty of Shimonoseki[…]Without Jewish finance, Japan would have remained a 3rd-word country unable to feed her own population

Without Jewish finance, the barbaric Japs would not have killed 20 million Chinese, wounded and maimed another 15 million and destroyed the lives of millions more in World War II
In early 1905 the Russo-Japanese War for the domination of Manchuria was at a standstill, but this standstill was actually in Russia’s favor. Japan could not sustain a long-term expensive land war and the Russians knew this. Moreover, the Russians had the support of other White nations
What is never mentioned in our Jew-printed and Jew-censored history books is that the Japs were backed by Jews. The Japanese war effort against Russia was financed by Jews to destroy Christian Russia
The Japs managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards[…]Jews were eager middlemen in the Far East. Contrast this to other Whites from Europe who wanted no part in the rape and destruction of China
Just about every Chinese living today will know about the brutality of the Japs and their rape and destruction of China in the 1930s and in World War II, but not a single one of them will know that it was the Jews who financed Japanese Imperialism and the Jap War Machine and its heinous war crimes