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Roger #fundie lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

You guys are ducking the HBD angle. HBD says that IQ and athletic ability are largely heritable, with group differences and policy implications. The same can be said for personality traits, and they are almost as important as IQ. Isn’t it possible that Chinese students have personality traits that make them less desirable at Harvard?

The NY Times gives the impression that personality is just a bogus excuse for discriminating against Asian-Americans. But what is the truth? Is it possible that the Harvard admissions folks are accurately judging real and important traits?

Denying the reality of these traits seems just as absurd as denying the reality of IQ. On the other hand, I have no idea whether Harvard can judge these personality traits reasonably.

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Curie #fundie lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

The important distinction is that Seattle and Portland are obnoxiously PC because they don’t have many NAMs (or haven’t traditionally, though NAMs are migrating to the cities South of Seattle). There is an inverse correlation in obnoxiousness to one’s distance from a problem. Southerners are least obnoxiously PC because daily observable reality makes PC peter pan-ism too great an exercise in cognitive dissonance. In Seattle, with a black population of just over 7% and an Hispanic population just over 6%, your average Seattle SWPL need have no real contact with undesirable blacks and thus has fewer daily experiences that would disabuse them of their peter pan beliefs. Southerners, by comparison, have no real way to avoid coming into contact with undesirable blacks. It is also worth noting that northern blacks are, on average, more intelligent than southern blacks. Likely because the smarter of the group figured out how to leave Dixie back in the day.

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JS #fundie lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

NYC is a zoo and it is, given the fact that there is a large NAM population mixed in with a White demographic.

All of us normal New Yorkers will come to grips that our city under the Giuliani and Bloomberg eras was only a status climbing phase, not that of a status de facto one.

A guy whom I encountered recently, who was from San Diego visiting the Big Apple for a month, told me that NYC is an overpriced dump, with large pockets of mediocrity at best, and larger pockets of dysfunctionality, as he was referring to Manhattan and the NAM areas surrounding it.

The only 2 SWPL friendly cities, free from liberal perversion are San Diego and Minneapolis.

TUJ (The Undiscovered Jew) will probably change his tune about our town, when more NAM problems begin to surface, making NYC a less desirable place to live, all thanks to Bill de Blasio.

How about SWPLs settling in neighboring Indianapolis, which is a basically the prole version of the Twin Cities?

There aren’t many desirable areas left in America; you have to put up with bad weather, proles or NAMs, and in the big liberal cities, a dose of everything that makes your day.

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Michael Kantor #racist lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

But you will find aboriginal Australians in the outback, because that was originally their natural habitat. The aboriginal Australians are very interesting from an HBD perspective. They have the lowest IQ of any humans. Blacks in America may be one standard deviation less intelligent than whites, but the aboriginal Australians are at least one standard deviation below American blacks! They are tiny in number (less than half a million) but make up 30% of Australia’s prison population. My impression (from the other side of the world, so it may be a wrong impression) is that they are less violent than American blacks, except when they get drunk, which they do quite a bit. Otherwise, they are recalcitrant with respect to becoming productive citizens despite a huge amount of money spent by the white population of Australia to help them better themselves. They’d rather spend their lives stealing stuff from whites, getting drunk, and fighting with each other while they’re drunk. Of course, as believers of HBD, we know that the aboriginals are genetically incapable of becoming business executives and computer programmers (or whatever else SJWs think they are supposed to be doing instead of living off welfare).

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JS #fundie lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

I say the Spaniards learn their lesson that multiculturalism/multiracialism is a poison that destroys civilizations. After all, the Reconquista and the Inquisition was to rid of the Jewish and Islamic elements from the Iberian peninsula so that Spain could become a unified nation with one set of norms. Colonizing Latin America was a mistake on their part, hence a moment of delusional greed that turned out to be a disaster. Unlike England and the Anglosphere world, which continues to march on to the multipolar drumbeat, Spain has distance themselves from the New World, and restricted 3rd world immigrants from coming in.

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Wants Young, Thin, Hot! #sexist lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

HBD students know why plenty of East Asian women are attractive. And any idiot can see that in today’s America fewer of them are fat slobs compared to white women. And as Roissy will remind you, men chiefly want young, thin, hot– other considerations pale. So of course some “alt-right” men get “asian” women– they choose a nice armload ahead of a racially-chosen harridan with a FUPA.

Audrea Lim is almost comically folk-marxist and desperate to fit in with her chosen social circle of crooked Democrat politicians, angry lesbians, sneering queers, and soy-boys. She hates Jews (wrote an entire book on it), resents whites, and probably hates Chinese men because most of them are contemptuous of her politics and couldn’t care less about her scribblings, and the rest are limpdicks. East Asian men are notably less interested than White men in the intellectual accomplishments of women. Many White men enjoy witty conversation with women– Asian men not so much.

Lim probably would like to be the Amy Chua of the Left but is headed for Ellen-Pao-hood instead.

Poor Lim. She has chosen a social circle where all the straight men are Ta-Nehisi Coates or Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner. She doesn’t want to give up leftism after working so hard to master its catechism, so she want the non-Leftist men who make her loins tingle to come over to her side– and foolishly thinks race-baiting them is the way to accomplish that. Her crazy plan is classical SJW: slander everybody on the right to scare attractive people into conforming to the left. The problem is that the most attractive men– those with manly qualities– won’t fall for it. They naturally resent the blackmail. So the harder Lim works, the more she ends up in rooms full of race hustlers, faggots, and creeps.

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Rexxous #racist lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

The writer of the NY Times article summed up her own purpose best: “…I have acted out in all manner of ways to dispel the “model minority” image.” Obviously, she wrote the article simply to hit as many buttons as possible.

Since this discussion has included talk of Asian women generally… I can offer a little of my own experience. I’ve dated Chinese-Americans (3), Vietnamese-American (1), and Japanese (1). The Japanese woman was an exchange student in the US temporarily. The others were raised in the US.

My experience is that Asian women can be attractive from a distance but less so up close and personal. They meet a lot of today’s beauty expectations naturally – slim petite figure, long hair, low volume voice. Those qualities can be kryptonite for a lot of men. It’s usually not till they hit their 40s that their bodies balloon out and they start cutting their hair short. When younger, their slim body shape is not something they work at – it just happens. For example, the Vietnamese girl weighed only 102 pounds (unusually thin) but really thought she’d look a lot better at 105 pounds for some reason. This was extremely important to her. But no matter how much she stuffed herself her body would revert to 102.

Unfortunately for the writer of the article, a lot of the attractive qualities are built into the biology of Asian women, and that isn’t going to change.

On the other hand, the behavior of the Asian women could be difficult, to put it mildly. While all were low-key and quiet under normal circumstances, they could be tough as nails when it came to demanding their own way. The Chinese-Americans, in particular, had a hard edge, and often had little empathy for others. That included little empathy towards white men, by the way. When angered or upset, they all got loud quickly, with their voices having a screechy quality.

There were differences among them depending on the country of origin. That factor seemed to affect even the US-born ones. Not all Asian women/cultures are alike.

One other point: There’s a stark difference in self-regard between Asian women raised in the US and Asian women in Asia itself. With the former, they soon learn as girls in school that they are special to white boys and later to white men (which in fact they are). Asian women raised in Asia, by contrast, are surrounded their entire lives with other women of the same body type (slim when young), and hair (dark and long). Thus the latter don’t necessarily grow up thinking of themselves as special. Like the average white woman in the US, she has no reason to think of herself as particularly attractive compared to other white women.

What is the point of all that? If you’re going to date Asian women, maybe Asia is a better place to meet and date Asian women than the US. Also, pick your origin-country carefully, even for US-born Asian women.

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Destructure #racist lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

I disagree. It’s not good to mix genes that didn’t evolve to work together. It breaks down coadapted gene complexes. In fact, the negative effects actually get worse with successive generations. That’s one of those things that experts don’t like to talk about because it’s “racist”. But studies show mixed people have much higher rates of genetic disease; physical diseases but especially mental illness. Which is what one would expect since genetic studies show the human brain has undergone the most evolution over the last 10,000 years.

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Garr #sexist lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

Man attracting attention: “Look at how awesome this thing I’m doing is!”
Woman attracting attention: “Look at how cute I am doing this thing I’m doing!”

Compare male and female fitness models on billboards advertising kickboxing schools:
Man: “As a result of lots of kickboxing-exercises done in this here school I can defeat you in a fight!”
Woman: “As a result of lots of kickboxing-exercises done in this here school I’m super-cute!”
Man: “My shoulders are powerful enough to drive this here fist right through your face!”
Woman: “Look how flat my tummy is! Don’t you just want to impregnate me right now?”

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fortaleza84 #sexist lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

(Professor charged with sexual harassment)

When he goes to work, he’s treated with deference and respect. At home, it’s just his nagging wife.

Besides, it probably happens now and then that his advances are welcome. Maybe not so much any more at age 79, but academia has it’s own casting couch and a lot of young female graduate students are eager to flirt and more with established male professors in order to get a leg up on the competition. Having someone like this guy make a few calls on your behalf is like gold and could easily mean the difference between a tenure-track position at a respected university and adjuncting in Nowheresville U.

The popular narrative is that there is an epidemic of powerful men abusing their power to prey on unsuspecting young women. Which is partly true, but is only part of the story. There are also legions of young women taking advantage of their sex appeal to get opportunities out of established men. Women have been doing this for so many thousands of years that it’s probably in their DNA at this point.

I say this as a man who is a successful political activist. I regularly get approached by attractive young women looking for “advice” Why is it that young men never do this?

It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that the woman in this Columbia lawsuit took a much more active role in her relationship with this professor than is set forth in her legal filing.

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Garr #fundie lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

“It’s always just groups of DUDES who are involved in this” — I would hope so. Women should stay out of the public realm.

“White male losers who just want an excuse to hang out with other dudes and be stupid and belligerent” — this would apply to the armies of William the Conqueror and Genghis Khan as well.

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JS #racist lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

Liberals don’t mildly dislike Asians; they have feelings of both resentment and condescension towards them because Asians don’t fit the liberal paradigm and Asians are genetically disposed to be less “pro-social”. It is the same reason as to why working class Whites get the same treatment, but the dislike of Asians coming from liberals is more apparent due to racial dynamics.

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JS #racist lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

IQs among the later generation of Chinese and Asian Americans are not significantly lower than the average Ashkenazi.

Jews are a lot more successful because they are good at value transference fields such as Academia, Finance, Law and Politics. To truly succeed in these fields, it takes extroversion, knowing how to deal with people when situation calls for it, and social networking in general, behavioral traits that are sorely lacking in most Asians. If blacks had higher IQs, no doubt they would be more successful than Asians, because they are just better at socializing and networking.

Just to reiterate, to call Asians the “New Jews” is damaging and dangerously misleading.

I was watching the video of the 2nd presidential debate again from last year, and I noticed that the only 2 Asian attendees didn’t say a word addressing their concerns. The other minorities did have their representatives who stood up to ask the candidates of Black and Hispanic issues. Jeremy Epstein, who is Jewish judging by his last name, was asking Obama and Romney if he would get a job when he graduates. He instantly became an online celebrity and got several job offers subsequent to the debate. If you follow the video from the beggining to end, you will realize that the Asians seemed rather nonchalant about the whole event, as to not wanting to be part of the spotlight. Again, Asians are predisposed to introversion, which makes them less effective to get their voices heard, something that Jews and other minorities have been doing in order to bring social progress.

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map #conspiracy lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com

It’s ironic because the only reason why a gay population exists is because of closeted, conservative policies. In the past, families discovering a child was gay would simply tell the kid to man or woman up, get married and have grandkids. This policy led to the continued spreading of the gay gene which is why homosexuality keeps appearing within every generation of human beings.

Now that homosexuality is out in the open, homosexuals can sort assortatively among themselves. The result is an eventual collapse of the gay population due to the collapse in couplings with unwitting heterosexuals. The result is a future with far fewer gay people, at least among whites.

Who will mourn their disappearance?

I feel sorry for gays because they do not understand how they are being used. Gay marriage is all about reducing the costs women face from being caught being unfaithful. Gay marriage is supposed to usher in the “no fault” open marriage, where women can take lovers into their marriages all they want and men cannot deny them any resources. Divorce if initiated by a man in such circumstances will never result in a denial of alimony, child support or split assets to the woman. It is the final nail in the coffin of hetero marriages, at least for those still inclined to marry.