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Personally, I do not hate niggers at all, I just correctly understand that they are not human and treat them accordingly. They are nothing more than wild niggers running around loose and one must act accordingly around them. A hundred and fifty years or so ago, people in this country treated niggers accordingly and kept them contained and controlled. We made them useful by managing their numbers, containing them, and forcing them to work and be somewhat productive. But the natural empathy of the White man caused him to unrestrain a species of animal (niggers) largely due to the fact they they mimick humans in their behavior and dress. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, he can't be put back in and we're stuck with living around 30 million wild niggers.

I am never surprised when I hear stories of TNB; stories of niggers raping, torturing, murdering and beating White people. Stories from Africa of them raping babies, toddlers, and goats; drinking lizard pee and smoking their own shit to get high. The rampant disease and famine there and watching their nigglets die off by the millions while their mammies get gang-banged in the bush to pump out another litter. Nothing about niggers surprises me at all because I do not compare their behavior with that of humans.

The only way to hate niggers and to justify the old, tired whigger accusation that racists are full of hate and spread hate and all that nonsense is only if you consider niggers human. It WOULD fill me up with hate and want to get revenge if a group of humans acted the same way niggers do and created so much misery, pain, and suffering in the world. But if you consider them as the animals that they are - a separate species from human - their actions do not surprise nor cause hate at all.

But it does fill me with a sense of bewilderment as to why we allow the nigger herd to run around completely unchecked and unmanaged. The destruction and drain on society they cause is appalling.

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.com


The short answer to your question consists of two reasons: feminism and political correctness.

Feminism and political correctness have castrated masculine traits in our society and even brainwashed men to reject or minimize their own natural inclinations of masculine traits and thoughts.

Think about it: What are racist thoughts? What are thoughts of ‘hate’ and in judging someone or something based upon the overall actions of the group they are in? It is the masculine trait of aggression and protectiveness. The assertion of will: the assertion of one’s opinions and in learned experiences. It is a particularly masculine trait. People from the countries you mentioned do not come from a society that has been affected by feminism and in the suppression of masculinity. Therefore, they feel no remorse or self-consciousness in expressing masculine traits, behaviors, or thoughts. And one of those thoughts is to bash a nigger over the head with a baseball bat if he tries to pull a knife on you and rob you. It is a protective, masculine response.

To me, it is patently obvious that niggers are retarded, violent apes. All one has to do is look at one to plainly see that. Turn on the news at night, go to any prison, drive through any nigger neighborhood and the thought that niggers are slovenly, violent criminals is only re-enforced. If anyone honestly and objectively considered niggers and compared them with all other groups, it’s the only conclusion they could reach.

So why do so many people toss aside the obvious and what they naturally feel to allow these niggers to run amuck among us and cause so much suffering and pain and such an economic drain? Because feminism and an overall atmosphere of pansy-assed political correctness causes them to second guess what is reality and reject any such thoughts that are aggressive or violent or one that puts anyone as less than equal in their minds.

The society that gives us such euphemisms as “mentally challenged”, “African American”, “womyn”, “sight challenged”, “deferred success”, etc. etc. also allows niggers to run wild and commit their crimes, slovenly behavior, and get more free handouts and social transfer payments than any other group in history in any other country or setting.

I don’t want my message here to be a condemnation of feminism, per se. But I think that feminism has gone amuck in that it is now demonizing masculinity and is nothing more than women wanting to be men and at the same time, feminizing men. Just consider that every single President of the National Organization of Women (NOW) has been a self-described lesbian. I doubt that most women want a lesbian representing their interests or speaking for them! Could you imagine if a national organization for men that was representing ALL men was run exclusively by gays? Do you think it would be taken seriously?

In the beginning, women did have a need for an organization and to stand for their rights. They had to fight for the right to vote, to have the police help them in domestic abuse cases, to have access to the same jobs men have, etc. But once that was achieved, feminism has now turned into a militant group of lesbians or bitter middle-aged, usually overweight women trying to demonize and castrate men.

I’m willing to bet there are more male racists than female racists percentage wise. Women don’t have to protect their families as much as men or provide for them. They are not as aware of physical threats around them or of the predatory nature of the world or of those they come in contact with. Men are. We think about it on a constant basis and every time we are out with our families. And nothing gets our guard up like a group of niggers congregating for no good reason at the corner. But since feminism has brainwashed men into thinking that masculine traits are to avoided and suppressed, many men discount their natural thoughts. And unfortunately, many end up with the shit kicked out of them being held down as niggers gang rape their wife and children. (happens every day in America, on an almost constant basis).

But an immigrant from Korea, unaffected by lesbian feminists, would gladly shove a .45 in the nigger’s face and blow his monkey head off before he even has a chance of touching his family. There’s the difference, no hesitation and no remorse. No feminization, political correctness, or brainwashing. He trusts his natural, protective masculine inclinations and acts upon them. That’s why you’re more likely to see a news story about a Korean or Russian shop keeper beating a nigger robber to death with a baseball bat one night and another story about how a white American family was robbed, beaten, and raped just a block away on the next night. The American man is unwilling to trust his instincts and fight back. He’s been brainwashed to think that his own instinctive reactions to the nigger beasts is to be suppressed and rejected. When he sees a group of nigger punks coming toward him in the middle of the night and feels his adrenaline flowing and his instinctive reaction to fight come up, he rejects it as racist and unfortunately, he ends up in the gutter getting his head kicked in.

The brainwashing and pressure on American white men is so great and so widespread that news reporters routinely leave out the race of violent criminals or wanted men in their descriptions. If a nigger commits a rape and their description is given, they will announce it as: “the suspect is described as 5 foot 9 inches, heavy set, wearing a brown jacket and white tennis shoes”. But if he was white it would be “the suspect is a white male, 5 foot 9 inches, heavy set, wearing a brown jacket and tennis shoes.” And no one mocks it, makes fun of it, or even complains. It has gotten THAT bad. Reports of nigger crime and behavior is so completely censored that even news reports of crimes are being censored. And anyone who expresses or even thinks that niggers are more violent or prone to violence as any other group is immediately branded a “racist”, a “hater”, or “spreading hate” and all sorts of politically correct cut downs

In that kind of twisted atmosphere, it’s easy to see why so many men are pussy-assed, politically-correct whimps and why niggers are getting away with so much today.

What we need in this country is more MEN. More men unafraid to express their masculinity and unafraid to put their boot up a monkey nigger's ass when they get out of line.

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.com

Thank you, Douglas.

It's important to educate your family as to the true nature of niggers before the politically-correct school system gets a hold of them and brainwashes them into thinking that niggers are human. You must teach them that niggers destroy everything they come into contact with, are a constant drain on society and the economy, that no good comes from being around niggers, and that they are 50 times more violent than any other group on earth.

This will undoubtedly save your family and loved ones from much trouble, destruction, financial loss, violence, and possibly even save their lives.

Just as we teach our children not to pet wild animals, we must teach them to stay away from niggers.

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.com

It is funny and ironic that whigger and liberal programs and policies for dealing with niggers ends up keeping them ignorant, poor, and separate. Passing them through school without requiring the same standards of knowledge as the other students or work only hurts them in the long run.

The best way to help niggers is to correctly realize that they are animals and treat them accordingly.

Niggers were the happiest and most-productive when they were slaves.

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.com

When considering the actions of niggers, don't ever forget that they are retarded; literally retarded. They have very limited IQ's and maturity. If not for the threshold of retardation being lowered in the 50's, more than half of the niggers in the U.S. would be classified as mildly retarded and receiving special education and disability. (the threshold, by the way, was lowered because too many niggers were being put in special education classes that the procedure was called 'racist'.)

It is a common for people to shun others around them who try to be more successful and there are a number of reasons for this: Envy, jealousy, a fear that it will challenge them, etc. And since niggers are retarded and unable to control or manage their emotions or analyze them, this causes them to act up on even their most destructive and negative of feelings and impulses without any aforethought at all. If a nigger goes off and gets a college degree, the other niggers will become angry and seek to destroy him when he returns.

And remember too that niggers have a basic and primitive jungle mentality so things such as violence and physical strength are looked upon as highly desireable while intelligence and cunning are looked down upon. That's why a nigger basketball player or criminal is looked up to while a nigger doctor or engineer is a sell-out to whitey. In fact, practically any nigger who works a regular job and tries to live a clean life is looked upon as an Uncle Tom and shunned by other niggers.

This behavior is just another manifestation of the fact that niggers are more akin to animals than they are to humans. After all, what separates humans from animals is the ability of the mind and intellect, not our ability to run, jump, or physical strength.

Ultimately, the nigger problem boils down to the mistaken belief that niggers can assimilate and get along in a civilized society or exist on an equal basis, they can not. Their diminished mental capacity and animal traits are ill-equipped to succeed in modern society and culture.

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.com

Thanks for your email.

Bear in mind that the niggers you speak of - the doctors, lawyers, etc. - all have white blood in them, especially in America. There was a lot of race mixing going on since the days of slavery and white Irish slaves were forced to breed with nigger slaves as a mixed-race slave was more valuable. Over the years, most niggers are probably 20% white.

In contrast, remember that a pure-blooded, Sub Saharan African negro has not advanced or progressed in thousands of years. They have yet to develop a system of writing on their own or even invent the wheel. Think about that. No other 'race' has never progressed, only niggers. To this day, they still live in straw huts and barely even use rudimentary tools. The ONLY time they accomplish anything is when you introduce white blood in them.

And even then, their accomplishments are dubious at best. Just how many competent nigger doctors, lawyers, and professionals are there? Very, very few. In fact, there are not enough niggers in the U.S. with an IQ high enough to graduate a university to fill the quotas of companies and corporations for management positions! Thus, many niggers are shuffled through these schools, hired by companies, put in a corner office, and given monkey work to keep them busy.

Niggers as a whole, are the single most drain on the United States and will ultimately result in its ruination. As of now, entire sections of our cities have been destroyed and it's only getting worse.

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.com

["Common Pro-Nigger Arguments"]

White Bitches Just Love to Have Sex With Niggers

When all else fails, they send porn pictures of interracial sex. I'm not quite sure what message this is supposed to convey but apparently, it's important to them because I get them all the time.

I see pictures of White women having sex with dogs and horses too. Am I to consider dogs and horses superior or equal now? Or shall I just correctly surmise that the woman or couple is engaging in a fetish and most likely chose niggers because they are more like an ape and it's more slutty and dirty for her to be with one?

There are very few marriages between niggers and whites and that low percentage has remained about the same since the Civil War. When you read data about increasing interracial marriages, they mix in all the White man/ Asian marriages and Hispanic/White marriages. Very few white women marry niggers and when they do, it invaribly leads to trouble.

You have to ask yourself: What is she thinking choosing a mate that is 50 times more prone to violence, 200 times more likely to abandon her and the kids, and on average earns the least amount of money?

The nonsense that the white race will breed itself out of existence because all the White women can't control their desires to have sex and babies with niggers is ridiculous. If you factor in increasing populations and actual interracial births, the number is extremely low.

And beyond that, if their wild fantasy is true, remember that the population of America is only 12% nigger, so the only ones breeding themselves out of existence would be the niggers themselves.

(the niggers in Africa are steadily dying off by the way. 30 million of them have AIDS already)

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.com

I'm willing to bet that most whites are racist and don't want to be around niggers. This is best evidenced by the fact that no whites want to live in nigger neighborhoods or even go near them.. In fact, it's very rare. Ask any real estate person. How many times has a white couple seeking to buy their first home and raise a family asks for a nigger neighborhood?

It's unheard of. Why? Because nigger neighborhoods are violent, filthy shit holes and everyone knows it.

Now, to address the niggers and whiggers who post pictures of low-life whites living in trailers, I would ask you to compare them to the average nigger existence in Africa. At least the 'low life' whites have running water, electricity, access to schools and modern hospitals, and can read and write. Our lowest of whites enjoy a higher living standard than your highest class niggers in Africa. In Africa, they are living in straw huts sucking nectar from a cow's ass for breakfast.

Tom Shelly #racist niggermania.com

Niggers don't just have a darker tan than the rest of us, they are a failed ape species:

Their brains are smaller, their hands and feet are larger, their arms are longer, their skulls are angled 10 degrees more like an apes, their nose bone is fused together, their eyes are yellow, their hair is nappy brillo-pad shit, etc. etc. Just take one look at them next to an ape to see what I'm talking about.

This is the one nigger defense arguement that I have a real problem with; that we simply hate niggers because of their skin. What an assinine notion. I think I speak for most niggermaniacs here when I say that we could care less what colour their skin is. They could be blue, orange, yellow, green, or plaid and pinstripped and it wouldn't make a lick of difference. What we are primarily concerned about here is their behaviour, or more accurately their lack there-of.

You see, we didn't just wake up one day and think to ourselves "gee, these guys have a different colour skin than me, I think I'll start speaking ill of them now" like the liberals and nigger apologists would want to believe. Oh no.

We woke up one day and realized the truth. We realized that niggers are violent. We realized that niggers are mysogenistic and hypersexual. We realized that niggers are leeches who will take anything offered to them with no remorse, and still beg for more. We realized that wherever the nigger is, misfortune for himself and all around him will follow.

This is why we hate niggers. Not because of their skin colour, but because they have proven time and again that no matter how much effort is made to assimilate them into society, they fail time and again.

The colour of their skin is simply a very handy way of easily spotting them. I honestly believe it's nature's form of a warning system, much like the yellow and black strips on a wasp.