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Declare Your Independence From The Global Uganda

I have been sympathetic to the idea of expating, but I haven’t really seen its value. Most men who do it think they can find a different type of woman outside of the US or outside of Western countries. While that may appear to be the case for now, women are the same everywhere. Some countries and cultures are just more openly misandrist than others. The ones that are less openly misandrist are rapidly becoming openly misandrist. Unless there are some unique local problems that you need to escape, there is no point to expating. Wherever you go, there you are in a misandrist nation and culture.

I have realized what the problem is with expating. The problem isn’t with the concept as such. The problem is that most men’s view of expating is way too limited. Even more radical expating ideas like seasteading, cities in Antarctica, etc. still are too limited. It’s too easy to travel to anyplace on Earth so such places can’t be used to escape women and manginas. While such places can be used as temporary stepping stones, we have to look to space to escape women and manginas. Even then the Moon, Mars, and anywhere else in the solar system probably still won’t be enough (although they too can be used as stepping stones for further expating/escape). We need to look to other star systems and beyond.

The problem is that Earth (and possibly even the solar system) is equivalent to the Great Rift Valley in Africa. The Great Rift Valley is the home of humanity in planetary terms just as Earth is the home of humanity in galactic or universe terms. At the alternate history forums, it was pointed out that the Great Rift Valley or in national terms, Uganda, is the home of humanity but hardly the best example of humanity.

Uganda is the home of humanity. It is laughed at, poor, and not the best symbol for humanity, but it is still inhabited. Earth will eventually be one giant Uganda.
Africa is a very matriarchal place. A lot of Africa is under the control of women with manginas as the front men doing the work. This is why so much of Africa as well as places like Detroit are such basket cases. It has nothing to do with race as the white vagina worshiping nationalists would have you believe. Any differences between Africa and other places in the world are simply due to the matriarchies running them being slightly weaker. The differences between the first world and Africa are minimal. The whole world won’t just be a giant Uganda in the future. The world currently is a global Uganda, but you don’t notice because you have nothing to compare it to. You don’t know what a truly matriarchal free state and culture looks like.

While Earth isn’t going anywhere, the real future lies elsewhere far away from the global Uganda of Earth, far away from women and manginas. We need to look towards a place like the Tau Ceti star system. Places like that are where we can develop a civilization completely free from matriarchy. While the planets around Tau Ceti may not be ideal for us, this isn’t a problem. Terraforming will take care of some of it. The rest can be handled by genetic engineering and/or becoming cyborgs. This is a good thing because we need to remove genetics that predispose us to be manginas anyway so we might as well make more changes while we’re at it.

You may think this is some far off future that you will never see in your lifetime. While it will be a long time before there’s an exodus to another start system like Tau Ceti, other parts of this vision are already in progress. For example, the development of cyborgs in primitive form is proliferating in areas such as finance. Anti-aging medicine is on the verge of several breakthroughs that will radically extend our lifespans. While no one is going to be getting on a spaceship to another star system tomorrow, this is a vision we can realize.

Today is Independence Day in the US so declare your independence from this global Uganda we are all living in. Just as our ancestors had to choose to leave the Great Rift Valley a long time ago to find a better life, we must do the same on a larger level. It’s going to take a long time and a lot of work, but we must do it. It’s the only way to build a better human civilization.

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Women having agency is the most dangerous idea in the world right now, dangerous to women and manginas at any rate. If a person has agency, then that person is responsible for their own actions. If a person doesn’t have agency then that person is not responsible for their actions. If you want to avoid being held responsible or accountable for your actions, then you need to convince the world that you have no agency. And that is what women did (except for MRAs and MGTOW). The idea of women having agency is dangerous because if enough men start believing it, those men will hold women responsible for their actions. Women will be forced to deal with the same standards of accountability as men. This would be an outright disaster for women because they would be exposed for the frauds, feral children, and in some cases criminals that they are.

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If The Second Coming Happened Today, Jesus Would Be In The Same Situation As Bill Cosby

With today being Easter, I was thinking about how the Community of the Wrongly Accused pointed out that Jesus is the most famous falsely accused man in history. That’s true, although if the second coming happened today, Jesus would have much more in the way of false accusations to deal with.

In Christian churches, many women treat Jesus not as their savior as such, but as they’re boyfriend. It “works” for them since they’re dealing with someone they are only imagining in their heads. However, it creates a huge problem for Christian men since no man can compete with the Jesus boyfriend women have inside their heads. To Christians, Jesus is God, and no man can compete with God, much less what women have in their own heads with treating Jesus as their boyfriend. The Christian dating advice industry doesn’t deal with this problem and won’t even admit it exists.

If Jesus were to come back, millions of Christian women would have their illusion shattered that Jesus is their boyfriend. This would lead to women falsely accusing Jesus of rape to get back at him. The same false accusation bandwagon effect that happened to Bill Cosby would happen to Jesus.

Just remember, not even Jesus can avoid false accusations from women. If the son of God can’t, then you won’t be able to either if you spend enough time with women.

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As we know conspiracy theorists refuse to believe women have any agency. They blame Jews, or the Rockefellers, or demons, or aliens, or the Illuminati, or pretty much anyone but women themselves for the actions of women. They refuse to hold women accountable. I realized that there is a corollary to this. Conspiracy theory implicitly denies the existence of manginas.

When conspiracy theorists describe Jews, Rockefellers, the Illuminati, or whoever, they effectively only include the men in those groups. What this means is that conspiracy theorists assume that a group of men is the primary agent behind women’s actions and that women are simply automatons doing the bidding of these men. This goes along with how conspiracy theorists believe in a “commander” overseeing a massive top down command structure where all of the lower levels do the commander’s bidding without any disagreement or push back. Manginas can not exist in the conspiracy theorist paradigm because they believe that men are always in charge. Maginas serve women, not the other way around, so that goes against everything conspiracy theorists believe in.

However, this is not how reality works. Manginas do exist, and we see them all the time. One of the reasons why that women are able to get away with murder (both figuratively and literally) is because manginas assist them and block those who would old women accountable for their actions. One thing manginas are not is in charge. Manginas are subordinate to women. While women have a lot to answer for, so do manginas.

By blaming groups of men for women’s actions, conspiracy theorists are manginas. (And they need to be held accountable for assisting women like any other mangina.) This is why conspiracy theorists don’t believe in and don’t want to talk about manginas. If they did, they would be pointing the finger at themselves in addition to admitting that conspiracy theory is a lie.

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What is civilization? There are many definitions of “civilization”, but IMO the most important definition of civilization is controlling female behavior, all of which acts against civilization. Civilization was created as soon as ways of controlling female behavior were developed. Before civilization men had to constantly deal with female behavior so they never had the time to develop science, technology, etc. When female behavior was put under control, then men didn’t have to spend so much time worry about women. Men could spend time inventing agriculture and later other forms of science and technology. Keeping women and their destructive behavior under control is the key to civilization.