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Phyllis Schlafly Eagles is honoring the courageous members of Congress who took part in the fight against the certification of the 2020 fraudulent election with a special 74 Million Club Eagle Award.

“We need outspoken members of Congress who don’t cower to Communists or comply with the Deep State,” said Ed Martin, president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. “We need real leaders who are willing to fight for liberty, for transparency, and for We the People. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fits the bill and her boldness has already made her the chief target of Nancy Pelosi and her Marxist cronies in less than 30 days in office! Patriots and proponents of America First must recognize Rep. Greene’s courageous defense of the Constitution and our electoral integrity. We are proud to do that with this award.”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia’s 14th District has been in office only a short time but already made waves for not yielding to the swamp. She fearlessly backed President Trump’s America First policies and promised to be a voice for We the People in Washington. Despite overwhelming pressure, she delivered on her campaign promises and used her first votes in Congress to fight the stolen election of 2020. For her courageous votes on January 6 and for her grit to defend the republic, Rep. Greene deserves to be honored.

Martin continued: “We are thrilled to give Representative Greene this 74 Million Club Eagle Award and we will continue to back her vocal defense of the Constitution!”

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The hundreds of thousands of Americans who rallied for Trump on January 6th disrupted the carefully laid plans of the Trump-haters. America has a rich history of disrespectful, raucous protests dating back to the Boston Tea Party.

It is the mockery of the sanctimonious officials which incurred their wrath against the mostly peaceful, even fun-seeking, protesters. Nobody likes to be ridiculed, and the self-centered political elite in D.C. dislike it most of all.

…The protestors gave us powerful images that should become a rallying cry against the imperial Congress. The image of a jovial man playfully lifting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s podium is a priceless symbol of how Americans feel about the D.C. elite, as is the picture of a peaceful commoner from Idaho sitting in the feckless Vice President Mike Pence’s chair.