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“I’ve gotten some comments from people — including people who claim they’ve followed me for years — telling me it’s “ridiculous” or “not important” for me to cover the Britney Spears situation as it’s not relevant, important or it’s simply a distraction from other events going on right now.

Britney Spears is a trafficking victim, period.

My work has primarily focused on exposing trafficking specifically in Hollywood for literally the past 5 years.

The situation with Britney ties directly to Pizzagate, and the exposure of what happened to her can potentially lead to the bigger exposure of the epidemic of trafficking of stars in Hollywood, the rampant pedophilia, Project Monarch & so so much more.

What happened to Britney is horrific and an absolute atrocity, no question.

On a positive note, I truly believe Britney will not only win her freedom, but, also, get the opportunity to expose so much of the evil that goes on in Hollywood that SO many of us having been fighting to expose for many years.

Her story is a big deal. Sadly, it’s a microcosm of what goes on in Hollywood, but, it needs to be told. And getting Britney’s story out will not only save her, but, it will also save & liberate so many other Hollywood victims who have been enslaved & abused by the same Satanic Hollywood machine! So please keep this story going & pray for Britney! 🙏🏻

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Wilcock, per insiders he has been in contact with, claims that the device works much like the pineal gland in the human body, which is able to create a highly coherent energy vortex or torsion field under certain conditions allowing an individual to receive information by non-physical means. This is essentially describing the ability to Remote View, wherein an individual can become cognizant of objects or locations using mind-clearing techniques and theta states of consciousness.
According to the alleged insiders, The Looking Glass technology was apparently used to look backward and forward in time, using the consciousness of an operator as a type of steering mechanism. The operator would sit in a chair that was apparently recovered from a downed extraterrestrial craft capable of interfacing with consciousness directly. When the device was turned on, strong toroidal fields of energy cycled about a pouch of water at the center, which acted as a sort of resonator for in-streaming energies from the point of focus maintained by the operator. The data was collected and projected onto video monitors at incredible speeds, which later needed to be de-interlaced to reveal discernible images.

What’s interesting, is that the biases of the operator would have a direct effect on the images collected. For example, if one were to look back to the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, if the person doing so was an atheist, they may not see anything at all. But if the person was a Christian, they may see the infamous crucifixion event.