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(on Black Lives Matter)

1. Despite labeling itself as "pro-equality", it has began to move away from its original intent of fixing racial injustice in the legal system towards African Americans and has focused more on oppressing and demonizing white people and the police, this is especially common after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.
2. Like Social Justice Warriors, there are people in the movement that follow the "with us or against us" mentality, meaning that doing so much as to disagree with the movement could result in getting called "racist", blacklisted, etc.
In fact, most of them are Social Justice Warriors.
3. They enforce terrible ideologies such as "all white people are racist", "there are no good cops", and even "you can not be racist against white people".
4. They oversimplify the issues of police brutality, claiming it's because the police has a secret plan to kill all black people.
5. After George Floyd's unfortunate death, many involved in BLM began to riot and turned cities like Seattle, Portland, New York City, Chicago, and Minneapolis itself into utopias of violence that went on for months and even allied with Antifa to destroy property.
6. As a result of the rioting (and actual peaceful protesting in some places), it is possible that they caused cases during the then ongoing Coronavirus pandemic to increase as some reported that they had tested positive for the virus while ignoring social distancing and not wearing masks, as well as burning and looting in public areas forcing people to remain outside where the virus could have spread in large occupied areas.
7. They are extremely against the police, even going as far as calling for them to be defunded (which will cause many officers to be laid off and limit what crimes they can respond to) or even abolished entirely. Yes. Nobody to stop criminals, allowing them to run free and cause mayhem or worse yet have the military taking over the Police roles. If you want show why military taking over police jobs is a bad idea look about the Peterloo massacre.