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He should have used the XY sex-determination system to back up his opinion and not the religion card. He is a doctor but also doctors are dealing with science in medicine. IF they are also researchers in medicine apart from doctors/healers then they are true scientists.

Females typically have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX), and are called the homogametic sex. Males typically have two different kinds of sex chromosomes (XY), and are called the heterogametic sex. Exceptions to this are cases of XX males or XY females, or other syndromes.

But these are exceptions and very rare so they should be treated as exceptions. If one has indeed a chromosomal disorder then it could choose whatever chromosomal disorder it's sex represents. Sex is not "assigned" ideologically like these people do. Sex is something you get not at birth, but before birth when your organs are developing. You can be two things and two things only: Male or female.

If you are a male with no chromosomal disorder and claim to be a female your claim is purely ideological and not valid. You are simply a cuck.

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I'm not a supporter of feminism, the biggest victims.of feminism are women. It results in many women being single in their 30's and 40's, not being able to have babies anymore making them very frustrated and ultimately depressed. I know so many frustrated and depressed single women in their 30's and i feel bad for them.

I'm happy that i will leave Europe once my work here is done, i don't want to start a family in a society where feminism thrives, because i know it will end up in a divorce (the divorce rates being so high here) I believe feminism will ultimately be one of the main reasons for the downfall of western societies.

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Sorry, some people are going to be pissed. I got nothing against gays, just confuses me how gays are considered normal thing.

Clearly, its not meant to be. Humans are meant to reproduce.

You cant do that with the same gender as you. Some people say, "Well some animals are homosexual". And? Like nature cant have beings that are mentally ill?

Again, I got nothing against homosexuals. I've known a few homosexuals.

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How to cope/adapt/deal with a ghetto/urban/trashy environment?! I'm completely serious with this topic. And before anyone says anything, I don't care if what I'm about to say is offensive.

So, here's the deal: I recently started cosmetology school about 4 weeks ago, and suffice it to say, it's been a complete culture shock. (Well not necessarily a 100% culture shock as you'll see when I explain further). But to put it bluntly, the school is majority Black. And honestly, these people really do act stereotypically ghetto, trashy, and uneducated.

Oh, let thee count the ways: Let's see, 1) they don't speak proper English, 2) they speak with a 'ghetto accent' (freaking AAVE), 3) they can't pronounce big words, 4) I can't prove it but I believe they are subliminally racist of Whites, 5) they're obsessed with rap/hip-hop/r&b, 6) even the very few White girls are 'redneck' or worse 'urban', there's no 'normal' White girls, and last but not least, 7) they have all already severely outcasted me (surprise, surprise). This is all extremely irritating and stressful for me, as far as I'm concerned. Not to mention, I'm a very obsessive person.

As far as the speaking goes: I believe it is perfectly understandable if a person is from another country or English is not their first language, and therefore they do not speak English with a perfect American accent. But for the life of me, I cannot stand 'trashy American accents, such as 'redneck' and 'ghetto' in particular. (Both of which are the trashy accents I am regionally exposed to here in Houston, Texas).

This whole entire situation is giving me a plethora of PTSD, paranoia, flashbacks, nightmares of my childhood in elementary, middle school, and the youth group at church in which I was a quote-on-quote 'White Minority' and received severe bullying and racism from Blacks and Non-White_Latinos just for being White and/or looking White. Ironically enough, I may not even be 'White' depending on who you ask since in all technicalities I am half European half Middle Eastern descent. But since I look more European and since we live in a society that treats you based on your looks, certain Non-Whites think it's okay to give me what they believe is a justified dose of 'Reverse Discrimination'.

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White population continues to decrease (% wise) worldwide and whites only make up around 10% of the Earth's population. There are currently 30 million non-whites in Europe, America is only 60% white (lowest population % wise wise since America's census began), white babies are a minority in America, and ethnic Europeans are starting to become minorities in their own city. Interracial relationships (i.e miscegenation) is at an all time high. Non-white immigration to Europe and other majority white countries is still occurring in large numbers. White people have generally low fertility rates overall.

It seems like the extinction of white race is inevitable at the way things are currently going and if drastic action isn't taken soon it seems to be the white race's unavoidable fate. So the question is no longer 'are white people going to go extinct' but "how long" until they perish from this Earth? I would like to hear other posters thoughts on this forum pertaining to the extinction of the white race.

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I would love to have a crazy gf she could tie me up in her basement and threaten to kill me if i left her too bad most women i meet are wayy too normal i just ish i met a cray cray who beats me up and tells me she loves me bc im her punching bag

[ Not sure if troll or if people actually think like this

Er, if you're not a troll... you deserve to get whatever you want...... ]

not a troll, actually i did have a friend who i was in love with who kinda was very verbally abusive and sometimes physically too. but i loved it, at one point she stopped and was all nice than i told her i prefer she was mean to me, i prefer it over a boring uninterested partner

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Last winter was pretty cold as well. So what's happened to global warming? Have the EU, BBC and the leftards been pulling our plonkers for the last 10 years? If so, for what purpose? To enable more EU interference and de-industrialisation of Britain? Why have our children been indoctrinated with theis pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo?

As brass monkeys thoughout the land are running around shouting 'Can anybody do a welding job?', the powers that be have got some explaining to do.

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[On Britain giving aid to Pakistan]

Sending them money , are you kidding me ???
So they can kill Christians humanitarian ?
I hope the problem will get worst down there, a meteorite strike would be nice, plagues of Egypt is fine too !
Yes please God and on the mecca too !!

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[On Obama supporting the mosque two blocks from Ground Zero]

well well .. whats the bet that obama ends up with lead in his head ....

JFK died a true hero, he died because he believed in freedoms, america has changed so much since JFK. If obama is shot like JFK he wont die a hero .... he will die a villian and not many people will shed a tear ..... i wonder what the cia have planned for this moron .....

sooner he goes the better tbh ... america needs to vote him out or he needs to be removed by force !