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What is a Loosh Energy Farm?
A Loosh Energy Farm is a spiritual energy farm built on the astral plane to harvest energy from the dead or suffering of any living creature (mainly humans) on Earth. The energy is then harvested by trans-dimensional beings.

Upon the death of a human or a living creature, these beings will then feed on their life energy to extend their lifespan.

Loosh Energy Farm was founded by Robert Monroe, who was an expert in astral travel. He said he used “Matrix Glitches” glitches in our planet and reality to have interactions and explore other worlds and dimensions.

Monroe claims that he has more than 1000 travels and contacts with other dimensions and he was doing that for more than a decade. In one of his journeys to another dimension he discovered something sinister.

In the last months of his life he came out with the theory that planet earth is a big energy (loosh) farm, Humans represent live stocks that produce loosh when they die. All planets are under the control of the beings named “The Archons” They are feeding and assimilating energy that the human body releases when humans die.
Loosh is created by constant fear, materialism etc. It is also created with indefinite wars, poverty, natural disasters, diseases and all situations where people die or suffer to consume their energy.

Also the plants and animals are also positioned on earth because of the same reason. That’s why animals are predators and eat each other, when any human being dies on planet earth “The Archons” feed on their loosh.
9/11 and the Loosh Energy Ritual
There are theories that the 9/11 attack on the world trade center was a giant Loosh Energy Farm ritual.

The amount fear and horror that came from the event created a huge amount of Loosh energy that the Archons then harvested.

The twin towers were said to be created to then be destroyed. Leading up to the world changing event that shocked America.