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When we arrived in the center of the Earth, I saw thousands and countless of souls in a queue before a gate, upon which it was written, “The Gate of Hell.”

I saw that these numerous souls were holding in their hands something that looked like a computer disc (CD). And before the gates of Hell, there was a demon in the name of Nickel; he is the destroyer Apollyon. This demon was holding a huge book with the names of the lost souls standing before him in the queue.

The demon was seated on a throne and calling the names of the dead. I saw that these people who had died and landed before the gates of Hell were overwhelmed. They were stunned, dumbfounded, and in terror; they were restless and complaining, they could not accept that they had died and had fallen into this place. These people that were surprised by death could remember their loved ones and families, their homes and children, and life on the Earth. They could not accept that they had died and separated from their loved ones.

Brother, in Hell you will remember your wife and husband, your family and friends. I saw that whenever this demon called the name of a soul in the queue, the disc was taken from his hand and his whole life was projected on a huge screen.

The Lord said, “This CD you see in the hand of the deceased souls is called a testament of existence before the birth of men on the Earth. God gives souls of men this testament of existence and He instructs all the souls coming to Earth to keep His law for all their deeds will be written and recorded in a testament of existence. It is this testament of existence that allows the world of Satan to broadcast peoples’ lives and actions on the screen.”

Beloved, among the people in the queue. I saw a child of nine years old. He was crying and saying, “I am a child, I should not be here.” The child was crying the names of his parents. Quickly the demon took the disk from his hand and the life of the child was projected. I watched on the screen his life on the Earth. I saw a scene where his mother instructed him to clean the place. He had finished eating, but the child refused to do so and went to play. It is when he went to pee after playing that he slipped in the bathroom and fell. He was hospitalized and he died in the hospital. The Lord could not receive his soul in Heaven and he fell to this place. After this demon had broadcast the life of this child on screen, he threw his soul in Hell.

Stephen Dollins #fundie spiritreports.blogspot.com

From the message on YouTube by ex-satanic high priest exposing the symbols, Stephen Dollins. A lightning is a symbol of Satan in Satanism. Jesus said in Luke 10:18 “I beheld Satan fallen as lightning from heaven.” The Satanists took it as a symbol of Satan from the Bible. The double SS or Z is used in the occult world and it represents a spirit of destiny. It was - also taken by Hitler, who was in the occult and a follower of Satanist named Aleister Crowley. In Satanism, the double SS means: a king in Satan's service. All the cartoon figures represent different occult powers and secret satanic powers and the children are taught to believe that by collecting the pictures of these figures, they will possess special powers. Stephen Dollins talks about a child who was playing with his cards during a class who attacked his teacher because she took his Pokémon cards away from him. The boy said that she was stealing his powers. Hundreds of children in Japan had to be hospitalized when the Pokémon movie was first released in Japan because they had epileptic seizure attacks while watching, even though none of them had ever had one before. Stephen Dollins says it’s a real demonic attack on them because of the satanic message of symbolism in this evil selfish cartoon character which appears innocent outwardly.