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RE: Sweden Goes From Being One of the Safest Countries in Europe to the Second Most Dangerous

Sweden's citizens need to dump their idiotic, self-hating, feminist leadership and vote in people who have some balls (either men or women). Like the Dimocrats here in the States, these a-holes are hell bent on destroying their nation in order to remake it into their socialist, intersectional utopia.

(Joe Eliott)
I love when swedes say they are welcoming to immigrants so they can't understand why immigrants are not nice to them. Pathetic fools. Leftists basically have the intellect of children. They believe all these fantasy notions while reality is completely different. Keeping your head in the sand has never been a good strategy for success.

Wahmens have ZERO use as politicians.

(Robert Grant)
Once the muhumadums fully take over, the feminists gays alphabet soup androgynous creatures etc will be thrown off tall buildings, and Satan's children the muhumadums will rule until judgement day.

American Democrats... "Hey... this is working so good in Sweden... let's bring more "refugees" from the Middle East. MS-13 won't mind sharing the ghettos with them. And we better defund the police so that the "refugees" aren't profiled."

(Harry Truman)

Those women leaders in Sweden have done such a good job haven’t they? Sweden is so fxcked.

Women leaders of Sweden, don't count on us males to fight for you. Go protect yourselves from the evil you have allowed into your home.


It is sad to see the land of the Norsemen so emasculated.

Once a nation puts Leftists in power, it's only a matter of time until the only testicles to be found in that country are on women's jewelry.

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Sweden has gone from being one of the safest European countries 20 years ago in terms of gun crime to the second most dangerous.

Sweden is the only country on the continent where shootings have increased substantially since the start of the century.

After having been ranked 18th out of 22 countries for gun crime from 2000 to 2003, Sweden now ranks in second place, behind only Croatia.

Authorities refuse to even consider mass immigration as a factor.

It is insane to even entertain the thought that these people, who have fought different factions within their own religion, since the creation of Islam, would somehow come to a different country and just blend in with any other religion, that their Koran tells them to kill or enslave!
Oh, and they don't just stop with factions, you know, that Shiite vs. Sunni crap, they are also tribal, which would explain the numerous successive generations of inbreeding.
Fools, you should be glad they only rape and rob you, that is their form of being merciful!
You know how they say, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!"? Well the same applies to, Import trouble, you get trouble!"
Well, at the risk of being called a "Conspiracy Theorist" (I think that ship may have sailed!) by those who couldn't spell it, I'm thinking these uncivilized mongrels are being brought into all free nations, in a deliberate attempt to destroy all that is good in this world, an effort to wreck havoc and chaos as a means to usher in the New World Order! Just saying!