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In this recent inter-glacial warm period, the banished aryan E.T.'s inseminated the Chaldeans, Assyrians and the Sumerians by conquest with their hate,fear and avarice. So generation after generation of so called "Western man" has kept going West, never treating the planet as if it was their home, never treating the different colored humans already here as family.
The onslaught was momentarily halted at the Western edge of Europe, historians politely called the aryans "Indo-Europeans". After a brief rest the genetic criminals sailed across the Atlantic, took a foothold on North America and proceeded to decimate the indigenous peoples, giving them smallpox and killing millions of their bison foodstock. Reaching the Pacific ocean, undaunted they forced the Japanese into a corner, the Japanese attacked, and the aryans wiped their Earth with nuclear innocent population killing bombs.

Before the aryans arrived, societies would build monuments to harmony such as the pyramids, after the aryans arrived, humans have been kept busy building fortifications around their cities and armaments with which to kill each other.