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Natural sexual activity are those acts between an adult male (preferably 25 years of age or older with reasonable financial stability and maturity) and a female who has reached an age of sufficient maturity to responsibly bear children as God wills (husband and his wife).
Procreation may not by intent be excluded whether by natural means or artificial means. Scriptural limits are set upon the days of a woman's cycle when sexual intercourse is permissible. Probable fertility occurs at the beginning of the permissible duration for moral intercourse as shown in the story of Bathsheba's pregnancy.
All focused ejaculations of a human male must be deposited within the vagina of a mature human female. The activity may not have been intentionally rendered infertile either by the male or the female. A woman may only receive sperm from a human male in the approved natural manner. All other two party (human or lower animal) sexual activity wherein one or both participants are human is condemned as unnatural. All sexual activity between near relatives or where one is a minor is condemned even if otherwise considered as natural.

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The following are morally either murderers or accomplices therein:

1. Every abortionist. (71% of all abortions were provided at abortion clinics, 22% at other clinics, 5% at hospitals and 2% at private physicians' offices.)
2. Woman having an abortion unless she is literally being forced to have an abortion against her stated or what should be her presumed will.
3. Entire staff of an abortionist including security personnel.
4. Anyone who pays for an abortion.
5. Anyone who, when possible, fails to try to deter a woman known to be seeking an abortion.
6. One who drives or accompanies a woman to have an abortion.
7. Directors, givers of financial support (individual, institutional, and governmental), personnel of organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Alan Guttmacher Institute.
8. One who approves of a wife, girl friend or other sex partner, daughter, or granddaughter having an abortion.
9. Pastors and other ministers who do not openly and effectively teach against abortion.
10. Doctors, associates, and participants in in vitro fertilization.
11. Fetal experimenters.
12. Sperm and egg donors.
13. Cloning researchers and other forms of research that does not have natural child birth as an end result 100% of the time.
14. All government officials who promote, accept, or protect any of the above practices.
15. Voters supporting the candidacy of persons as above or are indifferent to their positions on abortion, etc.

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To vote for anyone who does not oppose abortion or sodomy, including same sex marriages, is a sin so serious that if one should die without proper repentance they would spend eternity in the never ending flames of Hell.

No humanistic consideration, including avoidance of starvation, better living conditions, health care, etc. is sufficient reason to go against God's commands that warrant the death penalty.

The Democratic party and the Republican party are controlled by Freemasonry and associates. The United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Turkey, France, England, Italy and many other countries are largely if not entirely controlled by Freemasons. Many religions, including but not limited to Catholics, Baptists, Jews, Muslims and others are highly influenced by Freemasons.

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9/11 is only the beginning for an unrepentant nation !

[Snip Bible quote]

Paul Jennings Hill [who killed two people, and seriously injured a third] is dead by lethal injection; Murdered in prison near Raiford, Florida. He was convicted of the crime of defending defenseless innocent human beings. Many have falsely judged minister Hill by erroneously understanding and quoting the commandment "Thou shall not kill."

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women gain knowledge through natural training, education, and life experiences. She learns what is readily received and endeavors to keep learning because she does not understand what she has already learned, and is trying to comprehend the knowledge she has acquired. This occurs because she is without depth of comprehension (that which enables a person to go beyond actual learning experiences and place things into proper perspective). Since she does not understand, and wants to do so, she proceeds with an unending search for what she cannot obtain in this life. Satan is working in her keeping her from doing what is productive for the eternal kingdom.

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A woman must accept that man's depth of understanding is superior to her own. Does this mean that she does not have equal standing with man under God? No, she does enjoy equal association with God. But, in relationship to God she must fulfill, as man must fulfill, her duties, her obligations according to the will of God. No two people have identical challenges in life though they are often similar in nature.

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The importance of procreation cannot be overemphasized. Many women do not realize the value of the service they do in bearing children as gifts to God in unity with the activity of the Holy Spirit. No act of a woman that is apart from motherhood or in support of motherhood, at least indirectly, is of value to God.

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Almost every president of the United States, including George Washington, has been a Freemason (this is kindred to being a Satanist – some high order Masons are infant and adult murdering Satanists). Washington D.C. is laid out on Masonic patterns. Masons control high level and major lower level political candidates in many governments. Many Presidents and world leaders since the 1920's have also been members of the Bohemian Club who worship the god of child sacrifice – Molech.

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Federal and State governments (and many local governments), the United Nations and the governments of many other nations are controlled by financial bankers who in turn are controlled by Freemasons and related organizations such as B'nai B'rith. It is perhaps notable that both Ben Shalom Bernanke (the current Chairman of the Federal Reserve) and (the prior Chairman) Alan Greenspan - birth name, "Grynszpan" (August 11, 1987 to January 31, 2006) are prominent Jews known as money brokers.

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Space Shuttle Disasters ?

Frances Coleman, the editorial page editor of the Mobile Register, wrote an angry column regarding a comment I had made in an article (Distillation and Doom) concerning a possible chastisement from God relating to a sequence of historical and contemporary events.

One of the references referred to the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger with the key figure -- who was being used to promote the flight -- a woman who was to teach from space (an area considered by many to be the realm of God). A recent news article reports that another woman is to be given the dominant position aboard the space shuttle Columbia scheduled to take off in December 1998. According to the Bible* (1 Tim 2:12) a woman is never to be given authority over a man.

The Challenger never made it into orbit. But, perhaps because of the value of the advanced telescope being deployed (a valuable asset to space exploration) the Columbia may make it into orbit. The question is, "will God allow it to return safely with all hands aboard?"

Lt. Col. Eileen CollinsLt. Col. Eileen Collins has been promoted by Hillary Clinton. Can she be seen as a form of clone of Hillary's? Both have had their token child by heterosexual union. Both have sought careers instead of building a family. How many of their own children have the president's wife and Col. Eileen killed or had murdered? In a switch from the usual practice it was H. Rodham Clinton who made the official public announcement of Collins's appointment as space shuttle commander, as her husband and NASA administrator Daniel Goldin stood at her side.

Additionally, Mrs. Clinton promoted feminism when she said that NASA's newest space shuttle commander will take "one big step forward for women." The president's wife also denigrated the order of the importance in creation when switching it by saying, "the next generation of girls and boys." It is hypocrisy when her and her husband make pretense at being Christians.