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These are not clouds. They're manmade steams of chemicals being sprayed on us by those who want to keep us sick or kill us!!

Chemtrails target the endocrine and respiratory systems, among others. Chemtrails contain nanotechnology and some people experience morgellons, which can appear like thin wires coming out of their skin.

Chemtrails can also be used to cut you off from the sun. Everyone knows how much better they feel in summer rather than winter. It's because of the sun, and not just because of the vitamin D. The sun is an energizer, it energizes your mind body and spirit. Sunlight is the energy we thrive on and frankly if we weren't constantly staying inside our houses or office buildings, we wouldn't burn from it. Suntan lotion is full of chemicals and ANY CHEMICAL is no good for a biological human or animal. You've been sold a raw deal taking chemicals for medical treatment.

Clouds don't look like straight lines. People say they're contrails made by planes but when you see a dozen or so of them crisscrossing the sky, you can't say commercial traffic was flying that erratically. Planes fly dedicated routes, not willy nilly all over the sky.

Chemtrails are sprayed in lines, as below, then billow out into what passes for clouds. They appear unnatural as they have no holes, just a thick blanket of "clouds" cutting off the sun.

Natural clouds are not a hole-less sheet of clouds. They come in bunches, have holes in between, taper off, and make different shapes. The difference is obvious!