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A Michigan Republican candidate for governor recently said that rape victims who become pregnant shouldn’t get abortions, according to a video of the comment that went viral Monday.

Garrett Soldano made the remark on the right-wing podcast “Face the Facts with April Moss,” and a liberal news site, Heartland Signal, tweeted a video of the conversation Monday.

Soldano, a chiropractor running in a crowded Michigan race, said that he wants to promote a culture that inspires pregnant women to have their babies and lets them know "how heroic they are and how unbelievable that they are, that God put them in this moment. And they don’t know that little baby inside them may be the next president, may be the next person that changes humanity.”

Soldano shared a story about how one of his mentors was adopted and learned that his birth mother had been raped by several men in a subway station.

“It kind of like tore out his heart when he found that out, but then he started to really appreciate and understand what his birth mother went through, that she had the courage to deliver him,” Soldano said, adding that his mentor went on to help thousands of people improve their lives.

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Mark Burns, a MAGA pastor who is running for Congress in South Carolina, is an unabashed Christian nationalist who openly declares that “any policy that is contrary to the word of God” needs to be made illegal.

Burns appeared on the Real America’s Voice program “The Water Cooler” Monday, where he proclaimed that “the gospel of Jesus Christ should be [at] the center of American politics.” When asked by host David Brody what he meant by that, Burns declared that “any law that is against the word of God” must be overturned.

“Laws that are contrary to God’s word that are actively legal or laws today need to be overturned,” Burns said. “Any law that is against the word of God, that is clearly against what God has said in his word—in a nation that is a Christian nation, a nation that has the majority of citizens who actively believe that Jesus is the Messiah, that he is coming back again with omnipotent power in his hands—if it’s against the word of God and it’s actively a law today, then it should be overturned. We should have a moral compass, and right now in America, we’re losing that moral compass. The liberal left is slowly [chipping] away.”

Burns was a proponent of the movement to keep former President Donald Trump in power. He has made numerous calls for war, including on the eve of the Capitol insurrection when he riled up Trump loyalists at a Stop the Steal rally by telling them, “We’re ready to do war!”

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A Republican lawmaker in Montana said that LGBTQ people who get beat up for holding hands in public are receiving the “normal consequences associated with the choices they made” and said that LGBTQ people “recruit young people” – a reference to child molestation -in a speech this week.

State Sen. Theresa Manzella (R) was speaking at a “God, Country, Family” event in Clinton, Montana about “the LGBTQ agenda” Wednesday night, defending real estate agent Brandon Huber. Huber is facing an ethics complaint with the Missoula Organization of Realtors for “hate speech” against LGBTQ people after he wrote a letter to his church denouncing a food bank’s Pride fliers.

At the event held at Huber’s Clinton Community Church, Manzella defended the real estate agent/pastor, saying that the Missoula Organization of Realtors “made an awfully big mistake because our founding documents make it clear that he most certainly has the right to stand on his sincerely held beliefs” by even entertaining the complaint, which will be adjudicated next month.

“My right to live a righteous lifestyle based on my sincerely held beliefs does not end where their choice to live a perverse lifestyle begins,” Manzella said, getting applause.

She didn’t stop attacking “alternative LGBTQ lifestyles” while defending the real estate agent, going so far as to accuse the LGBTQ population wanting to “recruit young people,” a reference to child molestation.

She said LGBTQ people “play the protected class card” by complaining about violence against them. She brought up how some queer people are afraid to hold hands with someone of the same sex in public out of fear of getting beat up.

“I’ve got to tell you, I think those are normal consequences associated with the choices they made,” Manzella said.