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(Submitter's Note: the phrase “extreme accountability” is a Peters-ism for, “public executions of people whose only crime is I, Stew Peters, personally do not like them.”)

“We need to make church the state’s business again,” (Stew) Peters said. “We need to bring Jesus Christ to the state, and we need to eradicate any form of government that is oppressive to the individual rights, individual liberty, prosperity, peace, liberty, property, of anything, our God-given inherent, unalienable rights, and replace that with a form of government that’s representative of the people and God’s law.”

“We are the church and we run the state,” (Kandiss) Taylor replied. “Even if they don’t believe it to be so, it is a fact. And if they keep pushing around with American people, and they keep playing all these games, they’re gonna find!”

“How are they gonna find out?” Peters asked. “How are they gonna FAFO [fuck around and find out]?”

“Extreme accountability,” Taylor answered.

“I love it,” Peters gushed. “You’re speaking my language.”

Rev. Joel Webbon #fundie #wingnut #elitist rightwingwatch.org

Joel Webbon is a Christian nationalist pastor at Covenant Bible Church in Texas[…]
Webbon also hosts a podcast called “Theology Applied,” which he uses to promote his far-right theology, as he did during a recent episode[…]
[quote=RightWingWatchWebbon says Americans are “degenerates” and therefore the Constitution doesn’t work anymore, so this nation needs a Caesar-like dictator who “Constitution be dammed, just rules with an iron fist”
—Right Wing Watch May 8, 2024

Last month, Webbon delivered a sermon called “Why Many Christians Don’t Want A Christian Nation”[…]
“Men must be governed,” he continued. “[…]Ideally, men would govern themselves … but when you don’t have a populace that is capable of self-governance—when the fruit of the Spirit that is self-control has left the building for decades and nobody seems to have it—then men must be governed”[…]
Webbon said that “must be governed” by someone who will “outwardly legislate in accordance with God’s law” and grant “special privileges and favor for his people.” When that happens[…]it will influence all the weak, ignorant people in the nation to begin to identify as Christians and “start putting a Christian flag in their bio on social media because they’re not free thinkers, they’re not courageous, they’re not intelligent”[…]
Webbon asserted that throughout human history, the proper form of government has always consisted of God appointing “some kind of ruler who is unapologetically Christian and he comes in with a sword and says, ‘I’m sorry, but lawlessness and wickedness will not be tolerated anymore'”

“He doesn’t go around forcing conversions,” Webbon insisted, “[…]what he does is he forces external morality. He doesn’t force a change of heart; only the Gospel can do that. But what a king can do is he can say, ‘Whether you’re regenerate or not, you’re going to pretend'”

Mark Meckler #psycho #racist #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

Mark Meckler is the president of the Convention of States Foundation said

“I don’t think there’s any way to solve this permanently without military action,” Meckler declared. “[We need a buffer zone] like the DMZ between the Koreas. It needs to be a kilometer of cleared territory that is a no man zone; you come in here and we believe you have hostile intent, we’re going to clear you out.”

“That would require military action,” Meckler added. “I think that we ought to acknowledge that the cartels have declared war on the United States of America. Whether they say it or not, in their actions they’ve declared war on us.”

“They control our border,” he continued. “We have to have operational control and the only way to do it is militarily. I think that the federal government ought to go in and make military strikes against the cartels. We know where they are. We know where they’re headquartered. We know where their people are. We need to do it in this country in a mass coordinated fashion because the cartels are well ensconced in this country, pretty much in every major city and most of the minor cities in this country. We need to round them up, throw them in prison, send them back to Mexico.”

“We need to exterminate the cartels and that means going into Mexico,” Meckler asserted. “Now people would say, ‘You’re violating a sovereign country’s territory.’ Well, Mexico is not a sovereign country any longer. Mexico is a failed narco state. The federal government is not in control of their military. The federal government is not in control of their police Their state governments are not, their local governments are not in control of their police forces. That is a failed narco-terrorist state and so we have to treat it as such.”

“Let’s clean out the cartels,” he said. “Let’s do what has to be done. Prop up a government that is actually a government that is going to be friendly the United States and is going to continue to work with us to limit cartel activity in Mexico. If we don’t do that, we’re gonna have a terrorist state—which we have right now on our border—forever. To me, this is like Gaza. They’re invading our country. They’re invading our country every day. They’re killing our people, and we have to go in and use maximum force to oust them and create a buffer zone along the border. If we do that, we’ll have border security. It’s that simple.”

Rev. Ché Ahn #fundie rightwingwatch.org

Dominionist pastor Ché Ahn appeared at an event in Oklahoma last night that was organized by the Christian nationalist program “FlashPoint,” where he bragged that several members of his congregation are on the ballot for the November elections in California

Ahn, a leader in the New Apostolic Reformation and head of Harvest International Ministries ?based in Pasadena, California, was active in the right-wing effort to keep former President Donald Trump in office after he lost the 2020 election, appearing at a rally on Jan. 5, 2021—one day before the Capitol insurrection—where he proclaimed that Trump would stay in power and that they would “rule and reign through President Trump and under the lordship of Jesus Christ”

Even though Trump did not remain in office, Ahn is still intent on seeing his fellow right-wing Christians “rule and reign” over this nation

“It is time for the church to rise,” Ahn told the FlashPoint audience. “We have the answers. We are the ones and we can’t just wait for the government—you are his ekklesia, you are his legislative body of the Kingdom of God and you need to be involved”

“We’re encouraging people to run for office,” he continued. “For the first time in my network of churches … we have had seven people run in the March 5 primaries. They all ran because we gave them money to win and now they’re facing the election in November. They all won (their primaries). Not one lost”

Rev. John MacArthur #fundie #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

John MacArthur, an influential right-wing megachurch pastor and author, told an audience at his church last week that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was “not a Christian at all.” MacArthur described the pastor and civil rights icon as “a nonbeliever who misrepresented everything about Christ and the gospel”

MacArthur, considered one of the most influential evangelical preachers in modern times, has been under fire in recent years for having “repeatedly shamed or ignored victims of abuse while protecting their abusers.” He has a history of preaching what Baptist News has called “cringe-worthy” things about race and slavery. He made his most recent appalling comments during Black History Month while he was criticizing a now-defunct evangelical pastors conference for having honored King several years ago, which MacArthur described as evidence of “the impact of the woke movement.” Video of MacArthur’s comments was posted on social media by a Christian podcaster and reported by other Christian outlets[…]
MacArthur, who heads Grace Community Church in southern California, has long mixed his preaching with right-wing politics. In 2018, MacArthur led an effort that rallied thousands of conservative evangelicals to denounce the pursuit of social justice as a threat to the gospel, and criticized churches that address racism as a social justice issue. That same year, MacArthur’s Master’s Seminary was placed on probation by an accrediting agency, which cited a climate of fear, intimidation, and bullying among faculty and staff[…]
MacArthur flatly declared his opposition to religious freedom. “I don’t even support religious freedom,” he said in a 2021 sermon. “Religious freedom is what sends people to hell. To say I support religious freedom is to say I support idolatry. It’s to say I support lies, I support hell, I support the kingdom of darkness.” He added, “No Christian with half a brain would say, ‘We support religious freedom.’ We support the truth”

Nick Fuentes #racist #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Fuentes’ unabashed racism and his love for murderous tyrants who use the power of the state to brutalize and imprison their perceived enemies was on full display during a recent livestream broadcast in which he longed to see China invade New York City, start killing Black people, and send them to concentration camps

“What if China took over New York City?” Fuentes fantasized. “Wouldn’t that be awesome? Wouldn’t we support that?”

“What if we had Chinese soldiers on every corner and if Black person started spazzing out, they took a sword out and cut his hands off … and then they cut his head off,” he continued. “What if that happened? That would be awesome!”

“China would do a better job running our country than we do,” Fuentes stated. “What if they did to Harlem and the south side of Chicago what they’re doing to Xinjiang to the Uyghurs? Is that not ideal?”

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

Never in all my years in politics have I seen ever anything like the way the gates of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump. This isn’t just an old-fashioned attack, it isn’t random. This is a coordinated conspiracy to destroy Trump. This is a high-tech lynching. This is a crucifixion!

And that’s why we must all support President Trump. If we don’t back Trump now, if you don’t back Trump now, it’s all lost forever. It’s time to fight like a cornered wolverine. It’s time to fight like it’s the end of America, because it is. We can’t go back in time and save Sir William Wallace. We can’t go back and save Jesus Christ from being nailed to that cross. But we can change the future course of history today. There is still time to stand with Donald Trump against the forces of evil.

Nick Fuentes and Vincent James #elitist #pratt #wingnut #racist rightwingwatch.org

Vincent James and Nick Fuentes: The Rosa Parks And Martin Luther King Jr. Of White Nationalists

James: “We’ve reached millions of people. There’s a big benefit to that but it’s something—I’m not saying that I regret it, I’m just saying that it’s not easy. It’s not for the weak, that’s for sure. To go through the things that we [have]—journalists stalking us and shit like that—it’s not for the weak.”

“The fact that we have sort of paved the way and made it easier for people to talk about these things, you’re kind of jealous. It’s like, ‘What the fuck man?’ It’s like, ‘Dude, I lost my job, all these things happened to me, I lost my bank account to say these things.’ It’s kind of like, almost, you know, Martin Luther King in a way, kind of, or Rosa Parks.”

Fuentes: Yeah, We’re the first ones. We’re the ones getting beaten down and firehosed.”

James: “Yeah, it’s kind of like that, It’s almost exactly like how those Blacks were hit with fire hoses.”

Larry Klayman #wingnut #racist rightwingwatch.org

Far-right activist and legal gadfly Larry Klayman announced this month that a “citizen grand jury” had indicted President Joe Biden and members of his family, and that a “citizens’ judge” has handed down felony convictions after a “trial” in Boise, Idaho

“BREAKING: The Bidens Convicted!” was the subject line of an August 24 email sent by Klayman’s group Freedom Watch to readers of the right-wing publication Human Events. Klayman has also talked about the Biden “conviction” in online videos, where he has also posted clips of “evidence” being presented to the fake judge in the fake trial

Klayman said that “sentencing of the corrupt Biden plan” will be held August 29. “We will then commission established law enforcement and the military to take Biden and his son and his brother into custody if they don’t turn themselves in, and frankly, put them in the slammer,” he said in a video posted on YouTube. He has promised future trials of public health official Anthony Fauci and other perceived enemies of the MAGA movement

Klayman’s cosplay has no legal standing, but could inspire violent behavior from one of former President Donald Trump’s passionate supporters. Klayman denounced the “Marxian Jewish left” he said was persecuting Trump, calling for a “counterrevolution.” He called the judge in the Georgia indictment an “anti-white racist.” He said he believes that someone in Trump’s orbit will be harmed, which would set off Trump’s supporters

Klayman’s escapades in the past have included a citizen grand jury that “convicted” then-President Barack Obama of fraud, and a failed rally at the White House that was meant to force Obama out of the White House

Klayman is using his new version to raise money for Freedom Watch, a group he founded after falling out with the leaders of Judicial Watch, which he also founded

Anna Perez and Elijah Schaffer #wingnut #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Right-wing commentator Anna Perez reacted to the latest indictment of former President Donald Trump—this time for his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election—by suggesting that an armed uprising and revolution is the only proper response[…]
She was being interviewed Wednesday night by Elijah Schaffer, an equally bigoted broadcaster who used to host a program on The Blaze network until he was fired for reportedly drunkenly groping a female colleague, about Trump’s latest indictment, which Schaffer proclaimed to be “tyranny”

Perez agreed and suggested that the proper response is to take up arms

“Here’s the reality,” Perez said. “The [America] Revolution was an insurrection. What else would it be? What happened is people stood up against the tyrants that were basically controlling their every move. … They were living under absolute tyranny, and what did they decide to do? They decided to take up arms against the government. They formed militias in their communities, and they took up arms against the most powerful military in the world”

“Are we not living under very similar circumstances here in America?” she asked. “Does this not call for the same, if not a similar response, to that situation? Why else would we have a Second Amendment? They specifically put the Second Amendment in there because we didn’t ever want to have to come to this point, to be quite honest”

“I’m not calling for violence,” Perez unconvincingly insisted while simultaneously declaring that the American people must “realize that there is a Second Amendment for a reason”

John Amanchukwu and Stephen Strang #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia rightwingwatch.org

John Amanchukwu: We are seeing those who support special interests push their agenda upon children… [letting kids have access to LGBTQ-friendly books in school is] indoctrination. I use that term often; oftentimes I call it grooming as well. But a more appropriate term for what’s taking place, Stephen, is that it’s mental rape. It’s mental rape because it assaults the soul, it stains the brain, and it robs children of their innocence.”

Stephen Strang: It’s also kind of normalizing this. You know, it used to be considered shameful. In fact, in our language, we called it “being in the closet.” So if people were like this, they hid it in the closet. I guess that’s where the term came from.

Oregon State Rep. E. Werner Reschke (R-55th district) #fundie rightwingwatch.org

In November, the National Association of Christian Lawmakers announced that Republican state Rep. E. Werner Reschke had been named the organization’s “state chair” in Oregon[…]
Reschke appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Rapert’s “Save The Nation” program and made it quite clear that he shares Rapert’s radical vision

When Rapert asked why it is important for Christians to be “involved in government and voting and be a part of the authority in our country,” Reschke pulled no punches

“What drew me to it was primarily looking at our history, and the men and women who were part of that history and building this nation,” Reschke said. “Whether it’s George Washington, whether it was [James] Madison, whether it was Abraham Lincoln, whether it was Ronald Reagan—who was the first president I got to vote for—you go back through history and you look at the men and the struggles that they faced and the faith that they had”

“Those are the type of people that you want in government making tough decisions during tough times,” Reschke continued. “You don’t want a materialist. You don’t want an atheist. You don’t want a Muslim. You want somebody who understands what truth is and understands the nature of man, the nature of government, and the nature of God”

“If you don’t understand those things, you’re gonna get things wrong,” he concluded. “In Oregon … we have a lot of people who are godless, unfortunately, leading the way and it’s the blind leading the blind”

Edward Szall #fundie #transphobia #homophobia #forced-birth rightwingwatch.org

“We’re gonna limit internet access,” Szall declared. “You know who taught me this lesson recently? The frickin’ Taliban.”

“We export a lot of things here in the West,” Szall continued. “We export our sin. The first thing we do [when] we go into a country, we try to make sure they have abortion legalized, and we try to make sure that they’re not able to criminalize homosexuality. Well, the third thing we do is we export the internet to them, internet access.”

“We make a lot of bones about China being tyrannical and terrible,” he added. “China limits the access of their citizens to the internet. … North Korea is actually a very conservative society. There’s no such thing as a homosexual, an open homosexual in North Korea, no such thing as abortion. The North Koreans are very conservative; they’re tyrannical but conservative.”

“What we’re exporting, what we’re making available to people is a gateway to sin,” Szall proclaimed. “We need to, in the wake of a mentally ill epidemic, limit the access to the drug. One of the drugs here is more information about where you can change your gender, change your identity, think about life differently. No, how about we limit the access of free thought in this respect and instead raise children up in the way they must go?”

Isabella Riley Moody #homophobia #fundie #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

The Log Cabin Republicans[…]announced that far-right commentator Isabella Riley Moody had been named to its 2023 class of Outspoken Ambassadors
While Moody openly proclaims herself to be a “homophobic bitch,” she also claims that she is “not really homophobic” and that all of her bigoted language and attacks on anything she deems “gay” are nothing but a “troll”[…]
The disconnect between Moody’s various stated positions was on full display when she appeared on “The Stew Peters Show” Tuesday night to try to explain[…]
Moody claimed that she was asked to serve an an Outspoken Ambassador by her friend, David Leatherwood, who “thought it would be really funny” because of “how homophobic I am online”

“There’s nothing conservative about about being gay,” Moody said. “It’s anti-God, it’s anti-Christian, you can’t multiply, you can’t actually reproduce, so it’s going against God and nature”

“To be an ambassador is kind of like a troll,”[…]“I do think homosexuality is obviously a sin. I don’t condone it at all. I have a couple friends that are gay, and they know this. People can hate me for what I say, but I’m not going to change my tune depending on who I’m around. Honestly, I think it’s a funny headline. I’ll do it, but I’m never going to say that being gay is OK. Indulging in this sin and living in sin and marrying a guy—even though that should not even be a thing at all—or engaging in the sexual conduct with other men if you’re a guy and all this gay behavior, I don’t condone. However, I will kind of make a headline out of it, and I think it’s funny to troll the left in that sense”[…]
Peters[…]assured Moody that she was allowed to use the word “f*aggot”[…]Peters then demonstrated that point when he said that what the Lob Cabin Republicans are promoting is “f*ggotry”[…]
Moody replied.“The contradictions in all this pro-Log Cabin Republicans stuff, it really just grosses me out and makes me want to vomit”

Lauren Witzke #sexist #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

When the “red wave” that many thought would sweep Republicans into power across the nation in the midterm elections failed to materialize, right-wing activists immediately began looking for someone to blame[…]
These results prompted Lauren Witzke[…]to declare that giving women the right to vote in 1920 “was the worst thing that ever happened to America”

Last Thursday, Witzke appeared on Elijah Schaffer’s “Slightly Offensive” program, which has recently gone independent after Schaffer was fired from The Blaze for reportedly drunkenly groping a female colleague. During her appearance on the show, Witzke apologized to the nation “for the rest of my fellow female voters because they are voting our country away”

“In regards to women voting, that was the worst thing that ever happened to America,” Witzke said. “Women overwhelmingly vote on their emotions and liberals are very good at appealing to emotions, ‘Oh, look at these migrant children, they have nowhere to go, look at this pregnant migrant woman, she has nowhere to go, we have got to open up our borders and give her cash assistance for the rest of her life here in America.’ And women vote for that. They vote to have weapons taken away, our Second Amendment rights taken away”

“Women used to not vote because their husband would make the choice for them,” Witzke continued. “Now, if just our husbands and landowners were voting, we’d be in a much better place than we are now. We’d have closed borders. We’d have no infringements on our Second Amendment rights. Red flag laws would be a thing of the past. And we as women wouldn’t have such authority and power over who gets into elected office because we don’t deserve it. The way that women vote, it’s been terrible. I’m apologizing as a female voter for the rest of my fellow female voters because they are voting our country away, and it is extremely dangerous”

Wisconsin State Rep. Chuck Wichgers (R-82) #fundie #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

Sean Feucht continues to travel across the country with his “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour, which is a joint project he launched with right-wing youth organization Turning Point USA[…]
Later in the worship service, Republican state Rep. Chuck Wichgers appeared on stage, where he praised those who had gathered to pray for helping him fight the “demons” at work within the capitol

“When it comes to this building, there’s demons in those walls,” Wichgers told the crowd. “The only way they go away is by this [prayer]. That’s the only way. And when you’re not here, those demons are laughing at you for not being here. They’re saying, ‘Go away, we’ll give you the laws that you want, we’ll violate the 10 Commandments, we’ll do whatever it takes to make you guys think you’re happy'”

“Mental disease is on the rise,” he continued. “It has proliferated this nation. It’s the number one issue in the state of Wisconsin and in this country. How did it get that bad that fast? Godless laws that Republicans and Democrats are giving you because that’s what you wanted as a society

Paul Blair #fundie #elitist rightwingwatch.org

Founded by religious-right activists Dan Fisher and Paul Blair, Liberty Pastors hosts multi-day retreats around the nation where local pastors and their spouses are instructed[…]on how to become members of a modern-day “Black Robe Regiment”[…]
Last month, Blair appeared on a Truth & Liberty Coalition broadcast where he revealed that these gatherings are financed largely by religious-right activist Art Ally, founder of the Christian investment firm The Timothy Plan, and explained their purpose

The gatherings are limited to 100 pastors so that attendees have an opportunity to interact with the speakers personally “and that really helps with this transformation of their ministry,” Blair said. “Over three days at a luxury hotel, we have 20 hours of their time where we literally teach them biblical principles of civil government”

Liberty Pastors held an event in Texas in August that was dedicated entirely to the issue of economics, at which Blair asserted that according to the Bible, the government should have no role in creating a federal welfare system[…]
“2 Thessalonians, chapter 2 said, ‘We commanded you that if any man is just lazy and refuses to work, then don’t let him eat,'” Blair said. “You know, there’s a proper place for charity, but if somebody is just a slug—as [Benjamin] Franklin said, ‘Hunger is a great motivator'”

“Here’s God’s design,” Blair continued. “It wasn’t for a federal welfare system; the family is supposed to care for the family. Parents raise their children and provide for them as they’re young, and then as parents get older, their kids are to honor their parents, which means to provide for their needs as they get old. Throughout Scripture, slothfulness and laziness is condemned as sin. As I said a moment ago, [the Apostle] Paul agreed to Ben Franklin or Ben Franklin agreed with Paul: If a man doesn’t work, don’t feed him”

Henry Hastings #fundie #wingnut #psycho rightwingwatch.org

In the wake of[…]Trump’s loss[…], the “Elijah Streams” program has become increasingly focused on promoting far-right conspiracy theorists and self-proclaimed “prophets”[…]
Tuesday, Enlow served as a guest host on “Elijah Steams,” where he interviewed Amanda and Henry Hastings, who run a biblically based tactical weapons training program called Shoot, Move, Communicate. Henry Hastings is a former special forces commander[…]“supernatural encounter” in which God reportedly told him to start training up “modern-day Minutemen”—emphasis on “men”[…]
“Jesus certainly wasn’t a pacifist,” Hastings said. “If you go to the Book of Revelation and you really get to know who the Lord is, he’s definitely not an anti-war pacifist at all”[…]
Hastings then claimed that the Constitution and Bill of Rights place “supreme authority” in the local sheriff who has the power to establish militias under the Second Amendment to remove “domestic enemies” from office[…]
“When we have elections where people have not been legally or lawfully elected, we have domestic enemies in office and our Constitution gives us the authority to remove them”

Hastings warned that the nation is heading to another Lexington[…]
Hastings later read a prophecy from the non-canonical Book of Enoch to proclaim that “the kings and the powerful ones will perish and will be surrendered into the hands of the righteous and the holy”[…]
“These wicked people who have dug a pit for the Lord’s anointed; I’m going to name them right now: Fani Willis, Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, Merrick Garland, Adam Schiff, and soon to be Katie Hobbs if the state of Arizona files an indictment against the Lord’s anointed. I am telling you, every single one of them will fall into the ditch that they have made, they will fall into the pit that they have dug unless they repent, but time’s running out for their repentance”

Nick Fuentes #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

Fuentes was predictably outraged that Trump was arrested Tuesday on charges of falsifying business records, which prosecutors say he did to deceive the public ahead of the 2016 election and cover up hush money payments made to women with whom he allegedly had extramarital affairs. Fuentes used his livestream Tuesday to assert that as the once elected “sovereign of America,” Trump is entitled to permanent immunity from prosecution for nearly all crimes, including murder

“On the question about charging Trump and him being above the law or something, actually, yes, there is a different consideration for a former head of state,” Fuentes said. “Absolutely”

“The president acts in the stead of the entire nation on the world stage,” he continued. “The president acts on our behalf. The president, being delegated authority by the Constitution, is standing in as the sovereign of America. The idea that the sovereign of America would be put in jail or dragged before a court for a low-level misdemeanor or even a felony is a joke”

“The only thing that a president should ever be charged for—ever—is things like corruption, treason, murder,” Fuentes declared. “And I would even say maybe not even murder. The only crimes a president should be charged for are crimes against the country because at that point you’ve ascended to a different level”

“Once you become the president, you never unbecome president,” Fuentes insisted. “Once you capture 25 percent of the population voting for you—60 million, 75 million votes—and then you go out and represent the American nation to the world and domestically, you then are entitled to live in esteem for the rest of your life”

Fuentes said the fact that Trump is being prosecuted while so many other crimes go unpunished is why this nation needs fascism

“This is why you need fascism,” he said. “I don’t call myself a fascist, but that’s fundamentally what this is about”

Sherri Tenpenny #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #magick #quack rightwingwatch.org

“The stated goal is to depopulate the planet and the ones that are left, either make them chronically sick or turn them into transhumanist cyborgs that can be manipulated externally by 5G, by magnets, by all sorts of things,” Tenpenny said during an appearance on “The Stew Peters Show” Thursday night. “I got dragged through the mud by the mainstream media when I said that in May of last year in front of the House committee in Columbus, [Ohio]. Well, guess what? It’s all true.”

“The whole issue of quantum entanglement and what the shots do in terms of the frequencies and the electronic frequencies that come inside of your body and hook you up to the ‘Internet of Things,’ the quantum entanglement that happens immediately after you’re injected,” she continued. “You get hooked up to what they’re trying to develop. It’s called the hive mind, and they want all of us there as a node and as an electronic avatar that is an exact replica of us except it’s an electronic replica, it’s not our God given body that we were born with. And all of that will be running through the metaverse that they’re talking about. All of these things are real, Stew. All of them. And it’s happening right now. It’s not some science fiction thing happening out in the future; it’s happening right now in real time.”

Rachel Hamm #wingnut #fundie #psycho rightwingwatch.org

In 2022, Rachel Hamm decided to run for secretary of state in California because, she claimed, “Jesus himself” appeared in a closet in her home[…]
Certain that she had been anointed by God, Hamm repeatedly warned that nefarious forces were going to try to “steal” the election from her. When she did inevitably fail to make it beyond the primary, Hamm predictably insisted that the election had been stolen[…]
Hamm has since become convinced that she is destined to serve as press secretary for former President Donald Trump, whom she believes God has “anointed” to be president again. She has urged her viewers to pray daily for Trump and against the people she says are partnering with Satan to keep him from getting elected again[…]
In March, Hamm released a video in which she claimed to have learned that “globalists” plan to kill most of humanity, which prompted her to ask God how she should respond[…]
“[An angel] said, ‘I’m here to tell you your prayers and decrees have been heard and the date has been set. The death angel will visit the Capitol in the month of May,'” Hamm announced. “I’m here to tell you that an angel came to our house and told us that the death angel is visiting the Capitol in the month of May”

When most of May passed without the prophesied deaths taking place, Hamm posted another video in which she literally prayed that God had not changed his mind and would, in fact, send the “death angel” to “kill these globalists” as he had promised

“Lord, please don’t change your mind,” Hamm prayed. “Lord, even now we do agree in Jesus’ name, please send this death angel to kill these globalists who have told us they want to kill 85 percent of us. And so, Lord, we need you to intervene. We need you. We need you. We’re completely lost without you. We need you to step in and send the death angel, in Jesus’ name”

Vincent James #homophobia #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Near the end of 2022, far-right streamers Vincent James and Steven Franssen hosted an episode of their “White Boy Wednesday” livestream during which James said that he would be more than happy to live in a society where “they throw gays off buildings”[…]
During the “White Boy Wednesday” broadcast, James grew exasperated by those who criticized FIFA for holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a nation that harshly oppresses and persecutes LGBTQ people

“Who cares how they treat homosexuals?” James said. “Why do we have to measure things based on how they treat homosexuals? Can’t we measure things based on everything else? Why does that always have to be the most important thing? Oh, they throw gays off buildings? So? How does their train system work? Is my train going to be 12 hours late? Oh, no? Oh, OK. Well, I’ll look the other way while they’re throwing some gay dude off a roof”

“Which one would you rather have: trains to be on time [and] society to function or … society to be completely dysfunctional and totally homosexual and they’re turning your kids gay?” James asked. “I’d say I choose the functional society where they throw gays off roofs and make women wear wear [hijabs]”

Rev. Kent Christmas #wingnut #fundie rightwingwatch.org

Right-wing pastor Kent Christmas used the Sunday sermon at his Regeneration Nashville church to rail against the Biden administration, declaring that the “authority of the kingdom of God” is the only legitimate power on Earth and therefore everything else “is an illegal authority”[…]
During his most recent sermon, Christmas warned that his political enemies will soon “bow at the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”

“The enemy cannot tell the truth,” Christmas said. “When liberals talk, they lie”

“You are on the side of Jesus Christ, or you’re on the side of the devil,” he continued. “You aren’t in between. You’re not an undecided. Undecided means you have already decided, you’ve already made the decision. The court of Heaven today only recognizes the authority of the Kingdom of God. So, every other power that is in the Earth and every other authority that exerts itself outside of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is an illegal authority. That means it has no right to enforce what it wants to enforce. So, much of what you’re seeing today, God does not recognize”

“Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus,” Christmas bellowed. “Barbra Streisand is going to bow at the deity of Jesus Christ. George Soros is going to bow at the name of Jesus Christ. Joe Biden is gonna get on his little feeble knees, and he’s gonna bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Nancy Pelosi will bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ. Every liberal Supreme Court judge will bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ”

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson #fundie #transphobia rightwingwatch.org

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is an unabashed Christian nationalist[…]On Wednesday, Robinson appeared on religious-right broadcaster David Brody’s “America 180” program[…]
“The last time I checked, the Bible hasn’t changed,” Brody said. “And this whole gender stuff … has nothing to do with the physicality of gender and what God created. So how do you kind of navigate those roads for you personally and professionally?”

“Well, on a professional level, I have to remind myself that this is a constitutional republic, it’s not a theocracy,” Robinson replied. “We have to operate by allowing people to have their constitutional rights, and I certainly intend to do that”

“But on a personal level, I am going to continue to speak at churches and to church groups and to other Christians about the dangers of the things that we see in our society today, the dangers of this transgender movement. It’s fine if you want to be a transgender person in your home and you want to be that in your personal life, that’s fine. But you cannot come to me and tell me as an individual that I have to accept that, that I have to go along with that delusion”

“Here’s where I absolutely draw a hard line,” he continued. “These folks need to leave these children alone. Leave my children alone. Leave other people’s children alone. That is not your domain. … Stop dragging children into this and stop forcing this on the children. In North Carolina, I’m going to do whatever I can to protect the children in this state from the wiles of these folks that are trying to push these highly sexual topics on them and sexualize children. As far as I’m concerned, it’s child abuse, it’s child molestation, and we will not stand for it”

“That is absolute perversion is what that is, and it is against the law, and we need to do everything we can to continue to push back against that”

Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) #fundie #wingnut #crackpot #dunning-kruger rightwingwatch.org

Sen. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is expected to officially announce that he is running for president later this month. As part of his nascent campaign, Scott traveled in April to Iowa, where Republicans are poised to hold their traditional first-in-the-nation presidential caucus in February 2024

While traveling across the state, Scott reportedly participated in a “Faith Wins” event at Rising Sun Church of Christ in Pleasant Hill[…]
While Right Wing Watch was unable to find any video of the Faith Wins event, we did find a video of Scott preaching at Rising Sun Church during its April 23 service. After Scott delivered a sermon, he was joined on stage by Rising Sun senior minister Steve Rowland, who read off various questions that had been submitted by the audience

During the question-and-answer period, Scott declared that the Constitution dictates that the government should be “bowing the knee to the church”

“As Christ is being shoved out in America through media and government and being replaced by evil, even evil gods, how do we change that?” Rowland asked

“Number one, we have to recognize that the Constitution of the United States affords each and every one of you your First Amendment rights to exercise your faith wherever you go,” Scott replied. “We are supposed to have the government bowing the knee to the church, not the church bowing the knee to the government”

Wayne Christian #fundie #dunning-kruger rightwingwatch.org

Christians Engaged broadcast a panel from the organization’s 2022 conference in which several elected officials discussed how their Christian faith shapes their work in office

Among the participants was Wayne Christian, who serves as Texas Railroad Commissioner[…]Railroad Commission of Texas does not actually oversee the state’s railroad, but rather wields jurisdiction over the state’s oil and natural gas industry and infrastructure[…]
“How does your Biblical understanding of Christian principles translate into this conversation and apply to this conversation about energy and resources and how we are stewards of God’s earth?” asked the moderator, Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer

“Well, the most important thing is it’s God’s gift to man,” Christian replied. “God told us real quick that man was the one that was supposed to take care of this and it was our responsibility to do it”

“The biggest scam in history—I’ve found in the six years I’ve been as your Railroad Commissioner—is this Green New Deal”[…]
Christian went on to mock concerns over rising global temperatures, declaring that even though temperatures have increased, “we’ve decreased environmental deaths by 98 percent” thanks to oil and gas which he said “has kept us warm and cool during hot and cold times”

“We’re going to fix it by doing away with the protections God gave us the last 100 years?” Christian sneered. “Does this sound like a logical process? …. We think—as they have been teaching us for 40 years, from Al Gore’s time—that Mother Earth if it weren’t disturbed by man would be in perfect balance, and anything man does messes that up. So, anything we do is bad. If we make water cleaner, stronger, better available, that’s wrong because that’s disturbing Mother Nature. Now that’s the same thing that I read in the Bible as worshiping Baal. We worship Mother Earth”

“Why would God have created the Garden of Eden if Mother Earth was so friendly outside?” Christian then concluded, triumphantly

Mark Burns #fundie #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

Mark Burns, a MAGA pastor who is running for Congress in South Carolina, is an unabashed Christian nationalist who openly declares that “any policy that is contrary to the word of God” needs to be made illegal.

Burns appeared on the Real America’s Voice program “The Water Cooler” Monday, where he proclaimed that “the gospel of Jesus Christ should be [at] the center of American politics.” When asked by host David Brody what he meant by that, Burns declared that “any law that is against the word of God” must be overturned.

“Laws that are contrary to God’s word that are actively legal or laws today need to be overturned,” Burns said. “Any law that is against the word of God, that is clearly against what God has said in his word—in a nation that is a Christian nation, a nation that has the majority of citizens who actively believe that Jesus is the Messiah, that he is coming back again with omnipotent power in his hands—if it’s against the word of God and it’s actively a law today, then it should be overturned. We should have a moral compass, and right now in America, we’re losing that moral compass. The liberal left is slowly [chipping] away.”

Burns was a proponent of the movement to keep former President Donald Trump in power. He has made numerous calls for war, including on the eve of the Capitol insurrection when he riled up Trump loyalists at a Stop the Steal rally by telling them, “We’re ready to do war!”

Nick Fuentes #fundie #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

Nick Fuentes[…]declared during a livestream Tuesday night that he is going to spend the next two years raising up an army of thousands of far-right “soldiers” who will be ready to take over the government should former President Donald Trump be reelected in 2024[…]
Those who filled the ranks of government under Trump, Fuentes griped, were too concerned about their own lives and the welfare of their families to be willing to sacrifice it all for the cause[…]
“We need to raise an army of soldiers, not an army of pussies that have the right opinions,” Fuentes bellowed. “We need to raise an army of soldiers, and if you’re meek or weak or you’re a bitch, you need to hit the bricks because it’s finished, that movement is dead”

“This is my mission statement,” he continued. “My mission for 2024 is to raise an army of at least 1,000 groypers that will infiltrate Capitol Hill and the Trump administration as staffers and bureaucrats[…]
“I’ve recognized my role,” Fuentes said. “I’ve got an audience of young people. I’m respected. I’m a role model, and I’ve got an audience of energetic, zealous Christian American patriots. My exclusive mission in the next two years is to get as many of them as possible trained, vetted, testified, fortified, tested, and plug them in to Washington, D.C., or various other institutions, plug them into Capitol Hill, plug them into the White House[…]
“It’s our job to create an entire generation, a true movement, a cadre of 50,000 people to take over the government and create a lasting MAGA institutional revolution at every level of government,”[…]
“We got to come back in ’24 with the vengeance,” he declared. “Not care what the media says, not care what your friends and family say, not care what anybody says. It’s got to be, ‘Trump 2024: Make America Great Again Or Else.’ Like, at all costs. ‘America First At Any Cost’

Pete Santilli #wingnut #psycho #mammon rightwingwatch.org

When news reports first broke that former President Donald Trump was likely to be indicted[…]Pete Santilli reacted by calling on the military and law enforcement[…]
Santilli used the Saturday program of his “The Pete Santilli Show” to lay out a plan that he said will result in Trump being restored to the White House by the end of the month. Santilli’s plan revolves around having 150 million United States citizens send $1 to Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign as a pledge of their intention to vote for him. Once Trump raises $150 million in individual $1 donations, Santilli asserted that this would conclusively demonstrate that there is no need for a presidential election in 2024 at which point the military would immediately restore Trump to office and execute his political enemies

Santilli said this would be a “constitutional restoration” that he likened to the execution of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceau?escu in 1989

“Every single one of you that’s wearing a badge and a gun, be forewarned: We the people are rising. Serve us”[…]
“I’m escalating things because they’re escalating taking away my freedom,” he continued. “I wanted to wait till 2024, but no, they want to meddle in my election in 2023. Not sooner or later, now!”[…]
“You in the military, you need to work for us and protect us,” Santilli said. “Ceau?escu was taken to the concrete wall and executed as a symbol of what I’m talking about. I want to set up a scenario where the military and the police have no choice but to execute Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton—through proper process. I’m not in charge of that. … I think I share a lot in common with 150 million other people that don’t want communism, and if we come together and we say that the military and police are to set up a law that requires when you get overthrown by we the people and a constitutional restoration happens, that you should be swiftly brought to a concrete wall and hold a little hearing and fire away”

Pastor Johnny Enlow #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot rightwingwatch.org

According to Enlow, the Trump campaign did not want to win the presidential election outright because that would have foiled its plans to expose the widespread fraud. And Enlow knows this, he claims, because God told it to him.

“It was a sting operation,” Enlow said. “They knew [the Democrats] had to cheat, and they knew they had to cheat a lot. They already knew they were going to cheat at least 15 percent, because that’s what they did last time. What they ended up having to do is to cheat by every means known to man. They had to do the Dominion software, they had to enter into the new algorithms, they had to freeze the election, produce new ballots, pull them out of suitcases. It’s the most flagrant cheating in history.”

“Until we see at least 88 million votes show up for Trump and 45 states, it will not have been [legitimate],” Enlow added. “The numbers are actually greater than that. I don’t know why the Lord gave me two sets of numbers, but he just says, ‘You’re not even seeing close to the truth unless you see at least 88 million.’ He told me in a weird way: ‘If you don’t see at least as many votes as he has followers on Twitter’—88.6 million followers on Twitter, and that has been squelched as well. And then the states, he went through just one by one with me and was telling me who was where. And so here’s the big news: California and New York both went red.”

Rick Scarborough #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

In 2021, Rick Scarborough[…]set his sites on taking over school boards in three Houston-area school districts. Scarborough was optimistic about his chances of having conservative Christians take over the school board because, he said, “most people don’t vote”

“We’re gonna win this Houston school board if the church shows up,” Scarborough bragged, and indeed candidates he backed were ultimately able to defeat two board members

Inspired by this showing, Scarborough announced in late 2022 that he had begun preparing to target school boards all across the state in 2023
On Wednesday, Scarborough’s Recover America Action organization released a video promoting his campaign to defeat the “godless educrats” and rescue the children of Texas who are “being groomed by homosexuals and the trans perverts to be recruited into their evil lifestyles”

“This is an SOS call to all Christian patriots”[…]
“For over 30 years, I’ve been trying to awaken pastors to the growing threat that teachers and others in education who reject God and his word pose to our children,” he continued. “Just look around. Perverted teachers have infiltrated our public schools and are brainwashing our children with critical race theory lies about America, filling their young minds with hatred for their country. These teachers are also normalizing immoral and abnormal sex acts, sexualizing our children with pornographic materials”[…]
“Our children are being groomed by homosexuals and the trans perverts to be recruited into their evil lifestyles. These children, starting in pre-K, are being taught that evil is good and good is evil, but they’re not being taught how to read, write, or learn math proficiently. Now, wicked drag queens are being given access to perform for our children in public schools and libraries, grooming them for pedophilia”[…]
“I’m pledging to you that with God’s help, I will end this demonic assault on our school children in Texas”

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

Wayne Allyn Root: Like Jesus Christ, The ‘Forces Of Evil’ Are Trying To Crucify Trump

Right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump–obsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root kicked off his radio broadcast yesterday by reading his latest commentary in which he calls on conservatives to rally behind the president against those who seek to “lynch” and “crucify” him.

Root says that Trump, like William Wallace and Jesus Christ, is a champion of the people and is now “facing one of the most intense, over-the-top attacks ever seen in world history,” orchestrated by the “deep state,” the media, and “disgusting, disgraced people” like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“They have to stop him at all costs,” Root said. “Not just stop him, destroy him. Lynch him. Crucify him. They need to send a clear message, so no one ever tries to educate, enlighten, or empower the people ever again. That’s why the gates of hell have been opened on President Trump. That’s why Trump is facing a tsunami, earthquake, tornado, hailstorm all in one.”

“They need to kill Trump,” he said, “whether it be character assassination or the real thing, aka murder.”

DeAnna Lorraine #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine criticized President Donald Trump on Tuesday’s edition of her Infowars program for promoting the soon-to-be available vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, declaring that she will never accept the vaccine even “if Jesus takes it.”

Lorraine, a full-blown Trump cultist who translated a failed congressional campaign into a career spreading wild conspiracy theories as a right-wing commentator, has been a COVID-19 denier since the early days of the pandemic and has frequently taken issue with Trump whenever he’s done anything to suggest that the virus might be real or potentially dangerous.

“Apparently Donald Trump just said he’s willing to take the vaccine also live on TV,” Lorraine complained. “I don’t like this. You know, Trump, probably 80 percent of your base does not want that vaccine. They are not willing to take a foreign, rushed substance and jab it into our arms. I don’t care who takes it. I don’t care if Jesus takes it, I’m not taking the vaccine.”

“It’s weird, and it makes me feel uncomfortable that President Trump is jumping on the bandwagon with [Barack] Obama and the Clintons and Bill Gates and now [Anthony] Fauci and [Gov. Andrew] Cuomo, saying they’re going to take this live on TV,” she continued. “We don’t care. In fact, you know, the more you guys do this weird, desperate attempt to try to convince us that the vaccine is safe that was rushed at warp speed, the more uneasy I feel with the vaccine. So, President Trump, if you’re smart, if you don’t want to lose your base of support, please don’t keep jumping on this vaccine bandwagon and saying you’re gonna join these clowns and take the vaccine live on TV.”

Alex Jones and DeAnna Lorraine #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot #transphobia #ufo #kinkshaming #fundie rightwingwatch.org

[DeAnna] Lorraine and [Alex] Jones repeatedly referred to Michelle Obama as “Big Mike” as they suggested that she is really a man or possibly pretending to be a man as part of a “psy op.”

“Do I think she has a swinging you know what?” Lorraine said. “Maybe. I think she might. I think she might, but it does look suspicious.”

“There’s videos of her where she looks like she’s got a flaccid eight-inch rubber snake in her pants,” Jones replied. “We’re talking like a foot-and-a-half long thing. She’s adjusting it. It’s flopping around. It’s halfway to the knee. And the word is, you know, she’s pitching, he’s catching.”


Later in the program, Lorraine insisted that “elites” like Bill Gates “seem like they have very manly looking wives,” which prompted Jones to asset that Gates may be a woman, or possibly an alien.

“These aliens, and I think that’s what they are—I don’t get into like flying saucers. As a human, my first thing is that’s not a human,” Jones said. “There’s something wrong with these people.”

“There’s something very, very wrong with these people,” Lorraine responded. “It’s from the inside out. I think when they trade, they make a deal with Satan that we’re going to do some satanic work here on Earth—they’re exchanging their soul for it.”

Ali Alexander #magick #god-complex rightwingwatch.org

House select committee shut down its investigation into the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol[…]
Among the transcripts released was an interview with far-right activist Ali Alexander, who played a central role in organizing the so-called “Stop The Steal” movement[…]
When the select committee shut down without Alexander facing any charges stemming from the insurrection, he unleashed a wildly egotistical rant during a Telegram livestream, bragging that he had “raped the January 6 Select Committee”[…]
Ali bragged on the livestream[…]“I am the father of dragons. The father of dragons! I red-pill celebrities. I create nationwide movements. I make members of Congress shake”[…]
“Just dare me. Because for the first time in a 15-year career, I owe no one nothing. Nothing. And I have access to everything. They thought that they could contain my power level. I am playing dumb. I am playing crazy, a lot like Jesus did. People will come to learn the truth. And guess what? Frankly, that’s what I need to crucify me. That’s why you’re gonna see both sides try to come together to crucify me. Here’s the difference: Jesus was a carpenter, and I’ve got motherfucking machine gun”[…]
“These motherfuckers thought I would talk to them,” Alexander said. “I was talking to the future because I’m a fucking time traveler! I wasn’t talking to the fucking committee; they’re dead. They’re like, whoosh. These people died a while ago. I came back in time to talk to dead people. So, here I am talking to the future, and they didn’t even realize I knew how to talk into the transcript[…]I knew when it would frustrate the court reporter[…]I knew when to say something they thought that they can lick their lips on, and then finish the sentence with, ‘I don’t know’[…]or start a sentence, ‘I don’t know’[…]If I had to form an opinion today it would be: brrrraattta ta ta ta ta ta ta ba boom!”

Arkansas state Sen. Dan Sullivan #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

When the National Association of Christian Lawmakers held its annual conference at Liberty University earlier this month, members of the organization held a “para-legislative session” at which state legislators and religious-right activists proposed and discussed various resolutions and proposed pieces of sample legislation

Among those participating in this session was Arkansas state Sen. Dan Sullivan[…]
Sullivan has been seeking to cut library funding for a while, and while he has not succeeded in doing so yet, he was still quite pleased with a law that was recently signed by Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders that allows for the removal of books and the possible prosecution of librarians for “disseminating a writing, film, slide, drawing, or other visual reproduction that is claimed to be obscene”

“The libraries are an institution—often like higher ed—that are far left, and they have been a bastion of the left wing,” Sullivan told his fellow NACL members. “They’re the ones holding the drag queen shows. They’re the ones promoting Pride Month. Our county library last year had huge Pride signs and flags and books; this year, they backed that off and had very little because we took their money away”

“You learn as a legislator really quick, if you want thing to change, take the money,” he added. “I love the libraries. They’re fantastic institutions. They’ve been taken over by the far left, and it’s time for us to take them back”

“When we come back to session in two years, we’re going to eliminate all the funding for public libraries that have the American Library Association in their policy,” Sullivan vowed. “We’re going to take a shot at them because that’s where it’s coming from”

This pledge was met with a round of applause from the other NACL attendees

Ali Alexander #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

“Stop the Steal” leader Ali Alexander appeared Tuesday on a [url=https://cozy.tv/bakedalaska/replays/2022-10-18_1program[/url] hosted by far-right streamer Anthime “Tim” Gionet[…]
Alexander, who recently openly advocated for Christian fascism[…]said that the next three months are likely going to be among the top five most important moments in American history

“It’s all about willpower,” Alexander said. “Are you willing to set yourself on fire for what you want? To win? And our side has got to be a higher concentration of ‘yes.’ Right now, [Democrats are] willing to break the Constitution, break the law, imprison prison political prisoners, act like Soviet punks, and do all of that. We have to plus-one that. We have to jail Democrats. We have to censor their asses. We have to make them beg for a peace treaty with us, for an understanding. There’s no point in coming to an understanding before we have buy-in from them, so we’ve got to make them hurt”

Gionet, who goes by the moniker Baked Alaska[…]readily agreed

“That’s right,” Gionet responded. “You said that so well. We have literally gone through hell in these last few years. The political persecution; how the Jan. 6 people have been treated like absolute terrorists—I mean, they literally call us terrorists. Wow, I mean, I’m just looking forward to when I get my bag right, suing the fuck out of CNN and all those pieces of shit, dude. It’s terrible what they’ve done to us, all the income we’ve lost from being banned from social media, all the relationships. Like, I am ready to go ham on them, but you know, I gotta get my money right, got to finish my legal shit and all that”

Ali Alexander #wingnut #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #psycho rightwingwatch.org

Far-right activist and so-called “Stop the Steal” founder Ali Alexander went on a manic rant during his podcast Monday in which openly advocated for Christian fascism and “a violent Christian crusade” against his perceived political opponents

Buoyed by reports that Elon Musk will purchase Twitter and that Kanye West was photographed wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt[…]
“I refuse to walk into a future where it is commonplace to have sexual perversion in public,” Alexander declared. “It’s just not going to be the norm, not where we’re going. OK? You can call that whatever the hell you want. You can call that Americana, you can call that America First, you could call it fascism, you could call it a theocracy, you could call it Christian nationalism[…]
“We will not live in a future where violence doesn’t meet widespread perversion. Period,” he continued[…]
“All the good faith that we have allowed our oppressors to be assigned, it’s gone,” Alexander said. “I’m not gonna bomb an abortion clinic, but if somebody did, I’m not denouncing it. I’m not calling for violence. I’m not calling for death. I’m explicitly saying, ‘Don’t do that,’ but if it happens, c’est la [vie]. OK? C’est la [vie]. You know, if they can poll a bunch of moderate Muslims and they don’t feel the urge to denounce radical Islam, guess what? This guy—Ali Alexander and Ali Alexander alone—but guess what? I’m going to be joined by tens of millions, maybe a couple hundred million Americans[…]
“I’m not gonna get beatified for this,” Alexander asserted. “I’m not going to reach sainthood, but I am here to say, ‘Fuck them.’ Fuck their nuclear war. Fuck their World War III. Fuck their rejection of peace. And if they don’t deal with the middle—the Elons and the Kanyes—then they should meet—I’m talking about the whole world—they should meet a violent Christian crusade. I mean it,100 percent. … And we’ve got to start conditioning each other for these mental models”

Kingdom In Politics and Aamon Ross #fundie #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

An outgrowth of a prayer movement that began in the wake of the 2020 presidential election when religious-right activists began to gather together several times a week to pray for God to intervene and overturn former President Donald Trump’s loss, the World Prayer Network has since transformed into a bi-weekly livestream[…]
Wednesday night’s program featuring a conservative Christian political strategist named Aamon Ross who runs a political consulting business called Kingdom In Politics, the purpose of which is to “prepare and inspire believers to take an active role in politics”

Ross revealed that he got involved in politics in 2016 after literally hearing the voice of God instruct him to do, prompting him to team up with his good friend Kevin Stitt to run Stitt’s successful campaign for governor in Oklahoma[…]
Ross’s reference to putting “godly leaders in positions of authority in the political sphere” seems to be a reference to Seven Mountains dominionism[…]
Ross then revealed that it is the goal of his organization to recruit “1,000 churches to commit to run one person for school board” and to “raise up 100,000 believers to run for office over the next 10 years”

“They are trying to cancel Jesus,” Ross declared. “We want to be leaders, and we want to set the tone and set the country on a path to kingdom [principles]. The Lord’s Prayer, right? Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. How does that happen if we’re not the ones bringing Heaven to Earth? … What if the world of politics is the next big mission field? What if we viewed this as we’re sending missionaries into city council, we’re sending missionaries into the state House or Senate, we’re sending them to Congress. If we started viewing the world of politics like the next big mission field, I think we could make a dramatic difference in just a couple of short years”

[Original livestream here]

Laura Loomer #wingnut #conspiracy rightwingwatch.org

Far-right activist Laura Loomer declared herself “a full blown accelerationist” in a Monday night Twitter post[…]
In her Monday night post, Loomer responded to a fan who admired her “patience” in responding to students protesting her appearance at a recent Uncensored America event at the University of South Carolina

“I don’t have patience for anything or anyone anymore to be honest,” Loomer wrote. “I’m a full blown accelerationist now. I invite all of you to join me in admitting that our country is never going to ever again be what it used to be. We need a rapid & drastic change of scene in our country”[…]
This wasn’t the first time Loomer suggested she was an accelerationist. In a Jan. 6, 2023, Twitter post, Loomer joined the chorus of far-right voices calling for someone more extreme to replace Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House. If McCarthy won, she said, “Millions of Republicans will leave the party & some will never vote again”

“I will personally lead the charge to make this happen in Florida if Kevin McCarthy is elected as Speaker of the House,” she continued. “I would rather be an accelerationist than be a part of a party that’s corrupt to its core & doesn’t even care to pretend to listen to the concerns of its base”

On Jan. 21, 2023, Loomer again said in a Twitter post that she was an accelerationist

“Elections in our country are an illusion,” she said. “Republicans screwed the pooch by advocating for diversity & amnesty. Open borders combined with voter fraud, and big tech election interference has ruined our country. I’m personally an accelerationist now. We live in hell”