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I would agree that something wicked is stirring right now. Scripture is clear there are things unseen, both good and bad. We should be perturbed at the rise of mass shootings, the renewed aggressiveness of abortion rights advocates, the censorious demands of LGBT activists and more. We should also be perturbed at the number of Christians who think they need a strong man in the White House to protect them when they claim to worship the God of the universe.

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They have their own kind of evangelism going on. They consistently celebrate the rise of atheism with the misguided belief that Atheism = Rationality.

It is assumed that once everyone is Atheist and "Rational" then society will be perfect. Been poking around and they are open if not excited for religious tests for public servants and preventing "indoctrination" that religious parents would do by teaching their kids about their faith.

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godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
What a fatuous remark. You're most likely a tubby lib who would call the cops if someone insulted you, but still find the time to criticize their response time.

NIGELTEAPOT godisdog • 2 days ago
you are a devil worshipper and a rather typical communist "useful
idiot" (as you push towards communism via "secularism"). I understand why you love m*rder and tyranny. but why are the other people here hypocrites?

godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
Devil worshipper? Can you spell? In any event, I cannot worship something I do not believe in, such as your silly jesus or any of the other gods you imbeciles yammer about. And I am certainly no communist, not that you have the IQ to grasp economics anyway

NIGELTEAPOT godisdog • 2 days ago
Yes, demon, I can.

you are a pretty textbook devil worshipper. of course you hunger for death.

Why are many here on your side?

godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
We are legion .............