godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
What a fatuous remark. You're most likely a tubby lib who would call the cops if someone insulted you, but still find the time to criticize their response time.

NIGELTEAPOT godisdog • 2 days ago
you are a devil worshipper and a rather typical communist "useful
idiot" (as you push towards communism via "secularism"). I understand why you love m*rder and tyranny. but why are the other people here hypocrites?

godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
Devil worshipper? Can you spell? In any event, I cannot worship something I do not believe in, such as your silly jesus or any of the other gods you imbeciles yammer about. And I am certainly no communist, not that you have the IQ to grasp economics anyway

NIGELTEAPOT godisdog • 2 days ago
Yes, demon, I can.

you are a pretty textbook devil worshipper. of course you hunger for death.

Why are many here on your side?

godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
We are legion .............



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