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It is also striking to notice that atheist believers (Atheism is also a religion by the way) who believe in Dark Matter and Dark Energy are so worried and make such a big fuss of inoffensive religious believers who happen to believe that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago.

Shameless bloodsucking "scientists" are telling a lot of lies about nutrition. They always refuse to investigate the effect of basic simple diets like eating without cooking, like all the animal are eating. But they have credibility, because they use science as PR, even though they are not actually practicing science.

Arguably, a religious society can be much better than the current atheist and materialistic society. Because the religious people have some moral values, while the current society is always teaching you to be more selfish and greedy and to take advantage of others. Umar II and the Islamic Golden Age stand as a good proof for that.

Sometimes I prefer to live between religious people who have some limits instead of keeping to be part of this society that is going down spiraling into more and more greed, corruption and abuse - towards disintegration. Being an Amish farmer with weird beliefs is actually much safer and healthier than to be part of this economic system where you are never good enough and therefore you have to live a life in misery and humiliation "for good (and scientific) reasons".

In any case, the question remains: if the non-religious people are so smart then why the secular society is such a big disaster? Where is the reason and the logic when the scientific and "rational" people have no problem with the perpetual situation of increasing the taxes for the poor and reducing the taxes for the rich?

I want to see the scientific people getting together and building a functional and fair society. They are clearly incapable to do that, so where is their reason, logic and intelligence? Intelligence means being able to solve problems, therefore they are lacking intelligence, logic and reason.

How can the scientific community have credibility when it is actually so corrupt?

The catastrophic results of their actions show that the secular and the scientific people are actually not using reason and logic.

Whatever system (religious or not, weird or not) that helps the people to have a decent life without hurting others is actually more logic and reasonable and intelligent than the current system that locks the poor people into poverty and confusion (with the help and participation of the "scientists").



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